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Hello everyone. My name is Derrick Edwards
and I’m a tour guide here with Free Tours by Foot. What makes me a unique tour guide?
Well, you know. Even if before I started doing this, when I went to other cities and I was
with friends, I would always see the tourist attractions, but I was always making nuanced
observations about things that were going on and wanted to know why things were happening.
Mingle and interact with the people and really come out with a feel of what it would have
been like to be there, and that’s what I give you on a tour. I don’t just talk outside of
stuff, I go in the things that most other tour guides can’t get into and I become a
part of the neighborhoods I go into, talk to people on the street, interact and they
may tell you stories of or vive off of me. You are going smell it. You are going to taste
it. You are going to feel it. I do a lot of things folks, but I don’t do boring. If you
are looking for a good time, and the different tours I give, believe me, we’re going to bring
the funk and we’re going to bring the noise.

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