Dia de los muertos en Los Angeles

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Activate subtitles for your language you can find them in YouTube settings Today is the Day of the Dead If you are not Mexican But you want to know what I’m talking about Day of the Dead It’s like a Mexican party It is celebrated throughout Mexico It is most celebrated in the center And in southern Mexico It is celebrated by all people of heritage
mexican Particularly where I mentioned you Since in northern Mexico It began to be celebrated after 1950 I am explaining this to you because This is a very old celebration. Supposedly historians say This celebration has about 3000
years of antiguaty A celebration since pre-Hispanic times This is what an altar of the Day of the Dead looks like There are pictures of people who
they have already died Today we welcome you In this day You should know that today is not a day
sad for us Today is a day of celebration. Today we welcome our ancestors For them to come back to live together
with us Today there are many parties There in Olvera Square Here in this church And over there in that cultural center Here is a mural of when the Spanish arrived The story of when the Spanish arrived
is interesting They arrived more than 500 years ago When they arrived and saw this celebration It seemed that the Aztecs made fun of the
death They found this celebration strange Celebration of more than 3000 years It seemed too strange a celebration
and they got scared They considered this celebration a blasphemy And they banned it because they got so scared There are many offerings to our ancestors The classic in an offering Cempasúchil’s flowers Dead bread Seasonal fruits Photographs of those who have passed away Flowers and many flowers The offering The offering is the altar to the dead It represents the welcome To the souls that departed And they come back To the memory of the living This is a celebration that has more than
3000 years And with the passage of time It has been changing the way we celebrate 3000 years is a lot But The basis of this celebration remains
the same Remember our ancestors For you, you are not from Mexico Don’t confuse this celebration with other things. For example in some places in Europe They confuse the day of the dead with religion
to the holy death They are two very different things Holy Death is a type of religion Lately it has been expanding a lot In some places in Mexico Especially inside prisons This religion has nothing to do with it.
Day of the Dead They are two totally different things Nor confuse this celebration with the
Halloween That party, tradition or celebration that
Americans do That celebration comes from England Our Day of the Dead celebration It has been for 3000 years Precolumbian era I already told you that Sometimes I repeat things I’m just a poor crazy But that’s how I am Walking and talking what I can think of But as I tell you Don’t confuse this celebration with other things. Now that we are in Olvera Square It is a way to celebrate for Mexicans
that we are in Los Angeles Not to lose our traditions and customs In Mexico there are also many places where
get together to celebrate They put altars They do dances and presentations There are food sales and all that kind of stuff But for example in Mexico The most common way to celebrate. It is to go to the pantheons There family and friends gather Around the graves of our beings
dear ones who have passed away Even in some places they stay all
the night It depends on what part of Mexico they are Celebrate different There are communities or towns that have their own
customs Since Mexico is very large Step on it This celebration involves family members and
friends They gather to pray and remember To friends or family who have already died It is the way to help or support them in their trip
spiritual Well actually In mexican culture Death is seen as a natural part.
of the human cycle This is our reason to see this day. It is not a day of sadness Nor is it a day of mourning It is a day of celebration Our loved ones who have already died They come to celebrate with us That’s why it’s not a sad day It’s a happy day We welcome those who have already left They come to visit us If you want to compare this celebration There are some similar celebrations But they are not the same In many parts of the world Guatemala, Salvador, in some parts of
South America In many parts of Asia I’m gonna put an example The Japanese have Obon festival This is a Buddhist celebration. It has almost the same meaning It is to remind ancestors that already
they died This is practically the basis of our
celebration Remember our ancestors I explain a bit for those who are not
Mexicans For you to learn a little about our celebration The day of the Dead I think it’s all I’m going to put you short of small videos The way of celebrating from different parts
from Mexico Here in the Olvera square We meet Mexicans from all over
our country A little is celebrated in every place in Mexico
different Is all for today See you later Thanks for watching the video First person videos Exploring Los Angeles


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