Disabled homeless veteran living on the streets of Los Angeles.

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  1. Headline today, "Ranks of homeless veterans keep swelling in LA"
    Here is, YET, Another example of how, Out-OF-Touch, the democrat party is. This democrat party is forcing; Illegal Aliens, Islamic/Muslim immigrants and Visa Violators into our country, but refuses to take care of it's own citizens. It is time to kick-out all democrats, and RINOs out of Washington!

  2. For one, if you're a Veteran, and give them your Social Security number, they can get your records, and verify that you served in the Armed Forces. This is all on record, regardless if you lost your ID or not. I am a Veteran, and my dog tags were lost. I gave them my Social Security number, DOB, full name, and this was verified on the computer.I applied for a home loan, and told them I was an honorably discharged Veteran, and gave this data to the company, and within a few minuets it was verified. This man is giving everyone a bunch of bullshit. Ask them what their MOS was, where they were stationed, and when. Most can remember this, if they're a Veteran, I went to FT. Leonard Wood (FT. Lost in the woods misery) Jan. 1982 My MOS was Combat Engineering

  3. Another one. Look on my channel. I went to Santa Cruz and put this man that was trying to raise funds for the homeless Veterans. Out of respect for the homeless Veterans, having been one myself, I uploaded this. Just be sure if you donate that your donations go to the fund of your choice,and not in their pockets. Sincerely, and respectfully, Hoss

  4. Think about it. If it wasn't for Veterans, you would not be here. Veterans kept America the land of the free, it was not voted into the land of the free. Many sacrificed their lives for us. I can relate to Post Dramatic Stress Disorder. Once you have to kill someone, you never forget this, and it runs through your mind every day, especially when you're alone!

  5. 18 yrs that ridiculous..the fact he belongs to the human species surely qualifies him for some respect from the government.
    I despair at this homeless lark I really do..no one should be homeless..no one.

  6. Not having proper identification on you can get your arrested. It's against the law. Anyone can get their ID replaced, and have this temporary identification given to them the same day at the DMV. You an also get a 30 day free delivery at any USPS. I have.
    The Los Angeles Police must have been well aware of Mark. The L.A. Police would and could even verify him to the DMV. He's lying. If you're a Veteran, most will notice this. I know this form being one.

  7. Invisible People, do your really believe that this man is a Veteran? Are you a Veteran Invisible People? If so, you'd realize the flaws to all of this interview. He's a liar.

  8. Bull. Shit. Bullshit. He ain't no veteran. The reason why he's 'being harassed by the cops' is because the 'cops' are most likely tired of his lying and bullshit. He's no veteran, just a walkin' talkin' colestony bag.

  9. Invisible People, why do you post so many bullshitters on your channel? I mean, you seem REASONABLY intelligent. You can't tell the truth from bullshit? SMH

  10. Mark… The VA is now taking the veterans word, knowing record destruction from that fire. He should apply for benefits again.

  11. I'm not meaning to be rude in any way, but this homeless guy looks like that pirate in pirates of the Caribbean

  12. I feel sorry when I see people like this , the sad fact is that he’s Homless for 18 years is that he’s stuck, and he probably partied to much when he was young, and he might just have been skating like a jigalo
    And aged out…..
    A hundred years ago someone like him would have been locked up in a asylum ….
    We build hotels and mega resorts all over for tourists, sadly no thought is given to the little people
    Who also live all over
    I’ve long thought that in the future, everyone will be living in those hotels and mega resorts that were originally built for tourists

  13. go to the branch of service you was in and get the paper work from them got to va will give you a address you need to get said documents

  14. Mark is so full of lies he has forgotten what truth is! There's nothing lower than lying about service to your country, he is just a drunk or junkie or both! Shame on you!

  15. Very very sad that LA has the most wealthy in the 🎥 n music industry….while the homeless, helpless struggle to survive. Life is truly unfair!

  16. Sorry for my ignorance, but is it so hard to re-issue the ID? For Christs sake, in Brazil, where I live, it's very, very, very easy to get new documents, when people lose or get stollen. And it's feeless also!

  17. They ALL say they're 'veterans'. Total disrespect toward REAL veterans who truly deserve assistance when they need it. I don't believe that this guy is a vet, just a sympathy ploy. SMH

  18. wow, some people here are trying to distinguish in the comments whether he's a veteran or not. How hard is it to believe? It came out of the man's own mouth. If I were to put on paper that I was a veteran because I applied to the service and was dishonorably discharged or whatnot, you'd know I was bullshitting all the way. Quit being judgemental assholes and let every man have his story. sheesh!

  19. These guys always have some bullshit story just be honest you are not a vet maybe it's the crack judging by the teeth

  20. They have everyone's records! Not saying he's stolen valor, but there's alot if fake veterans that never served that uses the records fire as a excuse! Just saying!

  21. Gonavygreg: I completed my own disability paperwork. I'd be willing to HELP this guy, for nothing..I got my 100%, first time, he needs help, here it is, free..

  22. Disabled veterans usually get benefits. This guy is full of shit. Records are normally kept at remote sites just in case of fire or catastrophic issues. Fucking liar !

  23. The SYSTEM and those who are in charge of it, to save a buck, many times, unjustly and deliberately work against homeless people, in many ways. That's why, it is one of my wishes,, that every elite job holder, everyone have a Twilite Zone night of homelessness.

  24. I'm a combat vet. 2 tours. Co co 2/6 Infantry. Disabled. Ptsd. Left ear getting worse with tinutis. Everything sounds muffled. Injured left knee in the military. Social anxiety can be crippling most of the time and I still go to fucking work. Pay my mortgage, my bills. No drugs, a beer or two once in a while and NO FUCKING EXCUSES!!! I keep going, surviving. Fuck these bullshitters. Greetings to all you real vets on the grind. I salute you

  25. He is full of shit probably not a vet the VA will help him I know for a fact that they can get any vet a copy of their dd214 in about 5 days!!!!!!!

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