Divest New York: Anything is Possible #FossilFree

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the city of New York filed BILL DE BLASIO, MAYOR OF NEW YORK
a law-suit in federal court against five investor-owned, fossil fuel companies most responsible for global warming. They are: Exxon Mobil, BP,
Conoco Phillips, Shell and Chevron. It’s time for them to start paying for the damage they’ve done. JAMIE TYBERG, NY COMMUNITIES FOR CHANGE
The divest New York campaign began years ago I remember personally leafleting in the streets of midtown Manhattan in the Summer of 2015. I think that first divestment movement was very much climate organizations and climate groups coming together. We started ramping up a ton of events. We had a huge huge huge, like over 5,000 people came out to march for the 5th anniversary of Sandy, and I think that was emotionally powerful. RACHEL RIVERA, CAMPAIGNER
I was home in Bed-Stuy. I heard a cracking noise. I took my daughter out of her bed and the ceiling caved in: I almost lost my daughter. Organizers like NYCC help us see that this is actually systemic, and that my liberation really is bound up with yours. And then you start building power with your neighbors, with your communities. And so today we announce, that the city of New York will divest from fossil fuel reserve owner-companies. We, 8.5 million strong, will no longer participate in a system that endangers our very own people. Winning divestment certainly was a testament that the only sort of transformative change comes from grassroots, comes from the bottom comes from the people, and this movement was the people saying this is what we want, this is what we need and you have to do it because we will vote you out if you don’t. MICHAEL JOHNSON, CAMPAIGNER
You know the story about David and Goliath? To win [against] somebody that huge, it’s emotional. What you have been fighting for wasn’t a losing battle. I want for her to know that we were fighting for her future. The lawmakers, they do have children too, so we’re not only fighting for ourselves but we are fighting for their children as well. This is really just the beginning, I think. We are waging a war on fossil fuels and we’re coming for them, and they know that, and I think they’re a little scared. WE CAN BUILD A FOSSIL FREE WORLD LEARN HOW TO GET INVOLVED VISIT GOFOSSILFREE.ORG Learn how you can get involved.
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