DJI Osmo Pocket | Why I love New York City

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Ive been to new york city more times in the last 6 months than I have in my entire life and each time I go, I still find myself looking up like i’ve never been there before. it’s crazy how you can live there your whole life and still feel like a tourist sometimes. Every time I’m there I try to go to a different part of the city to try and experience something new but it doesn’t matter because new york city is changing every second. Sure you pick up on things each time, like which subway to use, or to think twice next time a guy dressed in a robe asks you to contribute $20 to build something in his home country. And yes that’s actually happened to me, but learn from my mistakes. Regardless of what happens, I’m still going to come back because there’s nothing like New York City anywhere else in the world. So if you’re thinking about coming here, stop putting it off. Book the trip and see all that New York City has to offer.


  1. Broooo still envious of your voiceovers 😂😭. Killer shots for an action camera man. You’ve got a great eye

  2. It's a deeper, granular level that you see NYC from Tom and as a person who is familiar with the city I get a real soulful feeling from your video's – you just capture IT whatever IT is, but IT's a million ways that NTC is unique and captivating – another great video Tom !

  3. You've crushed this…starting to make it your own. Matches your ethos of your channel, absolutely love it

  4. Tom, love the video! I miss the city, I spent 6 weeks there for an internship. What kind of other projects are you working on as of now?

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