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on London real we like to push the [envelope] on pSYchedelics We went in and we drank ayahuasca on and it was the real deal Ayahuasca requires us to confront the truth about ourselves The psychedelic experience is one of the most clearly the most influential profound experiences of human existence Now we explore dimethyltryptamine Pure DmT powder and Smoke that and this just I mean this is [just] a direct route straight to the spirit world How would we change this culture and it felt to me like LSD and pSychedelics were the way? London real Presents DmT before and after Let’s do this Class will never be [the] same again Mmm, all right here we go Welcome to a very special edition of London real. I am here with Mr.. Alexander [ward] who you would have seen? Originally about a year ago Was episode called the chosen one when he talked about ayahuasca documentary and he was most recently guest host when we had Dr. Robin Carhartt Harris, and he was a he’s a doctor who’s doing MrI studies on the effects of scylla Simon mushrooms and on MDMa in the brain and Today Alex and I are going to explore dimethyltryptamine Also known as DmT and the spirit molecule. Yeah, that’s often a nickname it’s been associated with the spirit mall can I right indeed okay, and Dr.. Carhart, Harris said that The chemical difference between scylla Simon and DmT they were very very similar chemicals I believe yeah, yeah, Incredibly similar And I think [that] can be attested to with people who have had kind of first-hand experience between these Various different psychedelics that there is a huge overlap, and you know many people report just how many the exact same Experiences, but right even with you psychedelic and DmT is the active component in ayahuasca. Yeah, that is many what is responsible for the kind of amazing experiences people go through with the ayahuasca the main component of that is the DMT and Yeah, you can get the extracted Synthesized form of DmT which is what we’re here to talk about right, so we are going to do something Maybe a little controversial today is something alexander. I have talked about for a couple months and something that we are going to do today We are going to discuss the the Basics of dimethyltryptamine and then alexander And I are going to make a quick plane trip to the continent where we will smoke DmT my first time alex has done this Four or five times all right then we’re going to come back to London and later tonight We’re going to plug in and give you our experiences I Really don’t know what to expect. I am a little nervous How are you feeling? I’m okay with it. I think Anyone who goes through this they can not stop their hands from shaking Know if they go into a DMT experience because it is such a great unknown And it’s a perfectly natural to be quite intimidated by the experience yeah I think Terrence McKenna said that there’s a reason that when people go and take pSychedelics Sit there they have fear and he said you don’t see a lot of people that are going to meditate when their knees [are] not That’s writing because and I say to people often times when they’re Gonna go into their first ayahuasca ceremonia I say you should be scared because There are a lot of unknown things that you’re probably going to confront so I think it’s a healthy thing Either especially with the psychedelics you’re forced to deal with things that are quite Very very deep within you and I think in a certain sense people notice about themselves there’s kind of hiding some things about them and Through the psychedelic experience everything in the unconscious is just brought right up into the conscious and your fortune Forced to deal with certain things about yourself that you may not be looking forward to yeah And so for the next half hour alex, and I’m going to talk about About DmT because I know a lot of people hearing that we are going to go and smoke some controlled substance in order to you know have a 15 minute Mental experience are going to look at it as a narcotic and and we are here to discuss Why we believe it’s not it’s actually something called an entheogen or things that are actually going to improve your life And I’ll talk a little bit more a little bit later about That we also as much as I dislike the fact that this this is an illegal thing to do in the uk I do respect the laws in the Country I live in we both do so we are going to be traveling somewhere else to do this And we also don’t necessarily recommend you do this yourself without doing some research, but um before we get into that I was wondering Alex could you tell us a little bit of a Little bit more about DmT and the relationship that DmT in ayahuasca have Sure, I mean the the foot the reason why I started to look into the actual extract of DMT was I was trying to look for similarities between the Ayahuasca experience and DmT and Not only did I find it I came into the exact same states of mind, but I actually Continued on with a unresolved ayahuasca experience that I had in the jungle about a few months prior, okay? So was it you basically had an ayahuasca experience three months later. You smoked DmT and you went into that ayahuasca experience. Yeah You know I did go through this ayahuasca experience, and I talked about it when I was on London real ones But there was this instance with the ayahuasca where I’m surrounded by these kind of bum Shamanic entities some some sort this is all within my n around This is not actually in the external reality But in this vision with the ayahuasca these shamanic ladies that kind of dip in this cup into me And what they’re [doing] is they’re observe in this essence of me that’s made up of all my past experiences, and it’s kind of this sum total of kind of who I am and Within this they were just kind of observing it, but during one kind of [a] dip into this essence they kind of noticed that there was this kind of darkness within it and we never really got any kind of conclusion about what that was, but it certainly affected my own in a world and When I went through the DMT experience with the smoked extract It was kind of a continuation of that same experience. I was surrounded by the same entities and they were saying you know really gotta try and figure out what this is in new and so we’re gonna trying to go [in] [to] really find out what this kind of darkness was to me and it had certain things to do with a kind of self-Doubt man self-doubt mentalities which can often lead to kind of a sort of self-hatred and so we’re trying to pull that out because we do all have these kind of inner dimensions to us and Demons do yeah, you know when people encounter demons. They are visual manifestations of Negative emotions, they hold within themselves because we all hold kind of certain emotions within us and when we kind of keep hold of those negative emotions and going to run riot and through the Ayahuasca you get this kind of visual representation of Those are I think well a lot of the the public whose isn’t informed or educated about? psychedelics they hear a word like Magic mushrooms And they hear the visions people have and they tend to associate it with a very recreational type experience And maybe it is for some people but for for me. I’m at my one year anniversary since I first took ayahuasca which I was terrified to do I was really not comfortable with confronting my demons, but It is affected my character. I’ve done three ceremonies It was March august in December But it’s affected my character such a positive way because I think I confronted these demons that I was holding inside and that I was Often times when I’d feel pain I think I would you know you know drink too much to medicate yourself a lot of people do this I? Distract yourself from what the real problem is inside, and yeah I mean, there’s a lot of substances and things like alcohol or a way to sort of get you away from yourself But I wasc is a substance that makes you face things about yourself I think it’s the main difference right it’s like yeah They said that certain drugs help you tune out the Ayahuasca makes you tune in maybe to a Way that you’re just not ready for cuz ya find it to be very overwhelming for people yeah as I said It’s like putting a mirror up to your soul and your get to see how you’ve been treating the rest of the world and usually It’s not good news yeah, um that’s the way I kind of describe it but for me It’s it’s made it a big development in my life. I mean I was 40 40 40 years old before I ever Moved in with you know another woman or became like more of a family person And I attribute it all to ayahuasca My better half will say it was her But I have to say that the ayahuasca is a pivotal experience in my life particularly the second one And I think it makes me more calm today. It makes me more loving of others. It makes me more accepting of Things that I can’t control and so it’s it’s very powerful stuff [Sharona] It’s been very encouraging for me cuz I’m being on my travels for the past eight or so months and I’m getting a lot of contact with people who are working with this medicine and just seeing the kind of transformations people are going through You know become more compassionate people and you know there is [this] whole emmalin element as well with pSychedelics? That is used in kind of post-traumatic stress disorders, and yes, no I’ve had people contact me say they were able to deal with certain Traumatic childhood experiences and all this and You know and it is an interesting thing to when you consider. This is a banned substance I think it’s kind of that in America It’s scheduled Wasnae Jewish the definition of is well. One of the conditions of making it scheduled one is it has to have no? Therapeutic use whatsoever, and I think as we’ve seen through testimonials of other people and with a lot of scientific researchers coming out now It’s that that’s not the case, and it seems the most ridiculous thing to hear me to say of course yeah Because ninety-nine ninety-eight percent of the people I’ve ever met who we’ve had you know sillas Ivanore ayahuasca experiences I Think they’re better people because of it you know and then they act Maybe a hundred percent you know And maybe this is a throwback from the banning of LSD in 1966 in the States when maybe it was [just] a backlash of fear that Kept out of the public eye for research for 30 or 40 [years], but as we’ve [seen] now with Dr. Carhart Harris, and if you haven’t seen that up So please watch it because he’s doing real clinical research where he is actually showing that that these? Substances can help in depression and can help in a lot of repetitive behavior patterns like I’m sure everyone listening This it felt himself in a cycle. They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting two different results yet We’ve all done it and in Dr.. Carhart Harris who is a researcher? He’s not a he’s not a user of these substances. He has said it’s a Definite way to break a cycle of behavior. Yeah, it’s really great to see [Kinda] he does a lot of scientific studies on actually what happens in the brain when you go through I think it’s a lot of His research with the silicide mushroom, but again these things have a big overlap and I like the way he described it when he said in the brain there are these certain hubs of information and they collect information from various different parts of the brain into one cohesive whole and what he said is the [scilla] siren kind of lowered the Activity of these hubs and he explained it as long as as if a conductor left the room in an orchestra So now you’re kind of dealing with a kind of unfiltered Information and he says this is the way How people find it very freeing and liberating and also how people have this disillusion of ego? Which is sort of how they be conditioned to think about the world is kind of getting rid of that baggage? I mean conditioning that you’ve been brought up with and kind of Being a bit more experimental with the information that’s in front of you It’s like almost everything that goes through your mind is processed. How that relates to my ego if you see something It’s like okay does that make me feel good does that make me feel bad does that validate my personality does it not so I think What with some of these substances [is] Carhartt Harris is talking about it? Removes that and then you can like you said process the raw information for what it is Yeah, and I guess that’s also why people see themselves For how other people might see them as well. They step outside if they’re I’ve often said it took me out of How I thought about the world and actually how it was instead I was just kind of my condition and acted as a kind of filter For life and to take that filter away and kind of see things from a different perspective You know it’s something that’s simon powell talked about with the scylla Simon solution and something Dr. Carhart Harris talked about where maybe someday there will be these Clinics you know they may be these like like you would go to a spa for the weekend rejuvenation center Yeah, where you would check in for the weekend? You would see a doctor They would prescribe a certain amount of silla Simon or a certain amount of dimethyltryptamine You go into a comfortable room with comfortable music with maybe a nurse to watch over you and for the next eight hours you would explore parts of your brain and maybe Confront some demons And then you could come back on Monday and as opposed to having a massage you Might have that kind of so I’m thankful massage. That’s peripheral I just for me it just seems like it’s a no-brainer that these things would be a wonderful way For people to practice this in a safe way a controlled way that would better society in a huge way But I don’t know am I being a little idealistic No, I think that essentially is the conclusion a lot of people come to you then when they see the power of the therapeutic use of this They would naturally think that there should be some kind of centers that people can go to To sort of you know have these inner journeys and also for me a lot of the pSychedelic experiences about connection to nature so I think it’s very important to have that aspect as well, and I do sometimes think when you’re dealing with the extracted a Synthesized forms of DmT and suicide when as well they kind of lose that important Connection to nature you know there’s something to be said about Having the intention of you know going for the process of brewing the ayahuasca raw in the sensors to the simon you know Trekking through nature and getting your hands on the actual form of it you [need] the mushrikun. You know understand in its origin It’s a kind of embodiment of kind of nature [it’s] [a] yes So for people don’t know the ayahuasca is made from two different plants in the Amazon And they’re boiled down over days. Is that right? I mean you can do in a day I’ve been to places where they do over four days And it’s just a level of concentration [they] want to get Into the [brew] and some of the places you can go you can make it yourself? Obviously you’re on a diet for usually [ten] days fairly strict diet and there’s a whole ceremony. There’s a shaman It’s something that’s very respected. I think it’s a pivotal part of the experience to prepare your mind for what you’re [going] to do now [we] should talk about how DmT is not that you know Alex And I have not done any diet for this there will be no ceremony that I’m aware of and we will be as smoking this extracted form Of the DmT and so what what does that mean in your opinion as far as perceptions of it? And what is the reality going to be as in it comparing to an ayahuasca, sir? I I do think a large part of the Ritual practices with Ayahuasca the way you have a certain diet. You’re prepared to do certain Ceremonial actions and years taken at nighttime I think it is in a sense of way of mentally preparing you the way you Actively do it in the physical sense is a way of mentally preparing you as well So I think as long as you have that mental preparation beforehand You’re kind of um that’s kind of one step towards go improve the experience That’s for the ayahuasca experience now with the DMT. We won’t have that so How will that alter the experience in your own opinion um? What will if you had to try to describe someone what this will be like? What will this DMT experience be like to you? Okay? Well? I mean firstly just the actual Experience itself, it’s only in a 15 or so minutes right incredibly short. It’s been called the Businessmen’s high in Amsterdam because apparently you can take a lunch break Smoked DmT go to where you’re going to go and be back and fairly Sober within 15 20 30 minutes as I correct Yeah, okay. That’s all right You know it is it is all about set and setting and I think that’s what a lot of the ritual aspects of the ayahuasca is about it is that kind of putting a very safe setting where you feel very secure and If you can provide that in by arrow means by with the DMT experience if you’re in a safe comfortable environment Then you know there’s no reason why I can go through an equally positive experience with it now I mean for us we’ve talked about ayahuasca on London real for a year now I’ve had a lot of people ask me about DMT. We’ve had Some in Palawan to talk about so saavn We had Carhartt [Harris] for me this seemed like a bit of an elephant in the room. We’ve never addressed DMT We’ve never talked to mt. We’ve never consumed DmT. So I’m glad that we’re going to address this but it does have a bit When you tell someone you’re going to smoke something that was it extracted that’s I think it’s a white powder has a lot more Connotation people yeah, I think people view it as a narcotic. It’s a schedule 1 drug. So they’re like Oh, you’re going to do that drug, and so I would like to implore people that this is a way of potentially finding you know Finding out more about yourself The world you live in maybe finding peace and and that’s what I think for me the pSychedelic experience Is there value right and when people describe the DMT versus the Ayah people describe the DMT is going to see new worlds and being Revealed things that they might not even understand whether as the ayahuasca usually is a three or four-hour journey and From what I understand for me and other people you’re being taught Very time specific lessons about your life the way you treat people that kind of thing I don’t [necessarily] expect those type of lessons in the DMT experience, but yeah, I mean again Maybe maybe so because the ayahuasca is you know it’s a four to six hour journey then in the in the terms of working through various elements of yourself, it’s more better suited to work with the ayahuasca because That longer a length of time allows you to sort of integrate these lessons and really work through them Whereas the DmT is so short that I think You know going through those sort of things is going to be a slightly different experiment, right? Now when when when nick and I were looking for Ayahuasca shamans we were approached by some people that said we have some dmT you can smoke and we were very hesitant because we Wanted to go through the ritual and we wanted to approach the ayahuasca experience first and maybe we were Culturally biased as well to smoke this drug with this pipe or whatever that we didn’t want to do that We wanted to go for a more spiritual experience can you can you talk a bit about about that as far as Do you believe people should do the ayahuasca before the DMT? You know I’m not in a position to say what they can and can’t do their own consciousness of course But you know I would definitely recommend that Go through the ayahuasca experience first I know a lot of people don’t have access to that Indian often requires a trip to the drawing on whether this but The DmT you know the whole Thing we’re tapping into with both the ayahuasca, and the DMT is just so extraordinary and just out of [this] world There can be very overwhelming And I think if you’re introduced to that in this kind of 50 minute DMT experience The kind of tendency is to sort of give into astonishment, and I know from one of my experiences with that I was so astonished by what I was going through I kind of opened my eyes and just completely snapped out of the experience so I think you do need that ground in in these longer sessions with Ayahuasca to sort of really get a feel for what you’re tapping into so that when you do go through With the DmT you kind of have a good handle on things you immediately know what you’re tapping into and you can sort of just Morgue over the flow rather than be too overwhelmed with it It’s interesting because there’s many parts of a pSychedelic Experience a lot of it are these visuals you see which can be amazing and you hear people Describing on these Youtube videos and you see you know Jimi Jimi Hendrix album covers that look like the experience itself But there’s this whole secondary and tertiary Change going on inside your subconscious which I think some people forget about this happen here a lot of times most of the time you don’t even know it’s happening and Then it’s only months later weeks later you find that you’re not yelling at the guy in traffic And you’re not um you know stressed out all the time or you’re not you know drinking six pints at night and so sometimes these changes happen, but Often times people don’t associate this with a pSychedelic experience. They associate you know I saw discos you are out Yeah, I saw an Alien land on my head and the kind of thing and I don’t think I’m not to diminish those experiences those are very important, but uh There there’s a lot going on here. Yeah, and I think people can get a little too caught up in those kind of extravagant Visions, but you know I have only hear people when they refer to things like this But when I talk to people in person, I never really have them talking about these are really far out ideas It is much more ground and kind of within themselves. Yeah So I I don’t know I think that kind of idea of these really extravagant Levels is um. I don’t know some cultural Yeah, it might just be as us as humans we we tend to identify the pop culture the wows You know the the the cool sounding visuals first then our mind And maybe and that’s another thing this this comes to is language And it’s something that we talk about a lot terence McKenna talks about it’s like language is something we use to try to communicate with each other to talk about the real world there, and I kind of develop like To sort of keep us away from dangers when we have a longer in our evolution you know watch out for that Saber-toothed tiger and it kind of grew out as a way to sort of explain the outside world, right? but it gotta get sound a Bit mixed up me try and apply there that same tool which language is to sort of describe these more More abstract ideas you know tapped into certain emotions and talking about these inner realms that people experience with ayahuasca Yeah, I find that after mine ayahuasca experiences. I don’t want to talk It’s almost like I I’m cheapening the of what happened to try to describe it to someone and I always fail So immediately after a few hours after I just try to shut up and then later I can write about it But even then it’s it’s hard Right because it’s a lot of a lot of it’s a feeling The things that you’ve never had very is very much tapped into emotion yesterday And I know that you know I’ve gone from my own work of trying to attain Similar States of awareness through meditation and things I don’t know for the long as the time I turned it into a kind of mental Activity and had no luck with that, but when I got more in touch with my emotions, and how I felt in ceremony Then I felt like I was very much on the borders of similar States of awareness that you get through pSychedelics So you were just becoming more emotionally open to the experiences I? Think the pSychedelic experience at its core is an emotional experience and Kind of when you focus on kind of the mental activities of it kind of gets away from what it is. I think I just want to say something else on a personal note And it’s something I thought about I mean You know we we’ve we’ve shot 86 episodes of London real we’ve had a lot of people on a lot of very interesting guests We talked about Ayahuasca pSychedelics. We talked about You know all sorts of different things and confronted something like this head-on is something. I talk to Alex about him we both agreed that going away for an ayahuasca ceremony the connotations to the The public the Monkey Clan are a little bit more okay? Because you’re going away to this ritual you with a shaman and met as a post going to smoke this extract I know that a lot of people are going to have a knee-jerk reaction to this and say Brian what are you doing smoking this stuff? You know it’s a class one drug It’s crap basically and um I’m more and more aware of this especially now as I’ve told you before Alex I’ve gotta I gotta guess. I’ve got a family now and I It’s like now I have to think about what you know the school says or other kids parents say And if they see this it’s very likely for them to say oh brian is this type of guy? Put him in this this type of hole so it’s something that it actually makes me nervous and scared and it also makes me angry Because it seems like this is something that’s done me so much benefit as far as the pSychedelic category as a person I wouldn’t be with this family if it wasn’t for in my opinion these substances these medicines and So to categorize me as potentially a bad parent because I’m doing it are talking about it Does make me angry and so it’s one of the reasons I’m doing this episode because like I feel that to like run away from that I don’t know that oppression and maybe it’s only in my mind but like I think I need to run towards it and just Confront it in whatever happens happens sure what when you discover something has huge beneficial effects the natural thing is to you want to share It yeah, and then you do face that cultural wall of people’s perceptions about these things But you like you said with the ayahuasca. I think a lot of people they may not understand the pSychedelic aspect to it But I think on some levels they understand this level where you talk about this connection to nature being in the jungle? If you’re in the jungle of these experiences, so when you talk about just solely there psychedelic experience with the dean [T-that], that’s when it gets a bit more difficult yeah, there’s more of judgment. Yeah, it’s more judgment there It seems by people, and yeah, they equate it. You know like with ya, I think they equated with more of a narcotic and it Didn’t and it’s something we have to deal with this perception I mean We’re all part of the monkey clan the Morreplan can lock us up in The you know and in the prison they can take away all rights that can call us criminals They can you know shut the shut our broadcast down, so it’s like you need to be aware of it But at the same time I don’t think it can change the way you do things in your life And you know we’ve had guests talk we had dorian yates you know sixth time, Mr.. Olympia Who’s talked about smoking DmT and how it was very profound and one of the things I noticed about dorian? I was like well, when did you smoke at last? He was like six months ago I was like you have any plans smoking again. He’s like I don’t have plans to but I might and it’s something terence McKenna talks about he talks about large doses Infrequently to learn things and Simon powell talked about that as well, and that makes me more comfortable when I’m about to go smoke dimethyltryptamine today knowing [that] it’s it’s not an addictive substance, and it’s something that people don’t run back to Harass a difficult experience yeah, and I mean ayahuasca is something that on a good year I forced myself about that for but I make myself go once every three or four months three times last year And that’s a conscious effort of going back to the Mountain knowing It’s going to be a long night, but I know what makes me a better person And it’s just interesting and makes me feel better about DmT. It’s not something you hear people. I’m going to do DMT this weekend I can’t wait. Yeah, it sounds like something you do Infrequently, and then you process that information, and there’s a lot of information to process with that Yeah, Iii know, what those are Elements of Asthma Kennedy talked about when I know he talked to a lot of people And they’re talking about that DmT experience, and how it’s just the most life-changing experience for them and they said well When did you take this sounds like 10 years ago? I’m not touched. It since it’s right there you know the experience stays with you, and there’s a lot of process with it and You know you can get enough from it then you know you don’t [need] to go into these [things] again and again rice It’s not like that Yeah, that’s interesting for me because I had three ayahuasca ceremonies last year And I don’t have any [planned] for this year and part of me. Thinks you know, maybe I’m just being Not proactive enough, and I’m just running away, but also I think I us cuz there I think it calls you when it’s time, and I think that it’s always there And you don’t need to be there every every three months Yeah, it’s very important to integrate these lessons into this reality, and I guess people some people Maybe get a little too caught up in that unusual experience And I think that’s maybe getting away from things and I could understand that I mean won’t you drink ayahuasca You do get all this information and knowledge and part of you does want to go back and and get more of that knowledge And you know after even a week or two after your ayahuasca ceremony? You can be in kind of a different world, and I could see how people can get used to that But as sun palace that is important to do something with that it for me. Oh yeah, I believe so Um are you scared? I think everyone’s scared when they go to through experience everyone’s hands Shake going into it But other than that you know I’ve gone through my own ayahuasca. Ceremony set I know to an extent what I’m going to encounter and I’ve already flushed out or face all the kind of bad things about myself I could possibly go through how many ceremonies if you’ve been to about forty forty night okay 40. That’s more than that’s a lot Yeah, I’m um. I’m [uh] I’m a little nervous but I’m still going to do it and Assuming everything goes well with with with the people we meet and um yeah, I really don’t know what’s going to happen I’m looking forward to it. I think Yeah, [I] [I’m] [I] [can] nervous isn’t the right word But I’m as a sense of foreboding to it because you just know it’s going to be a huge undertaking yeah huge experience It’s something you can’t really do have harder that you kind of jump in and kind of jump all the way in So that is our plan to do that. We are going to leave right now for the airport We should be back in about eight hours it might be late But we definitely want to get back and tell you our experiences even if it’s late at night Because we wanted to do this in one day and so you can see a before and after maybe especially for me because I’ve never touched this stuff before my life and There it is I do want to say the old disclaimer kids don’t try this at home. We are not suggesting or That you do touch this stuff. I would definitely recommend An Ayahuasca experience first, but then again, it’s your own consciousness, and that’s the beauty of it You should [have] sovereignty over your own body to do whatever you want, so More power to anyone who wants to do one thing or the other I would read up on this it took me 18 months before I from my ayahuasca hearing the word the first time till I did my serums part of the same for me And I was doing research in the back of my mind the whole time listening deciding deciding So this was something like this you should take time. I don’t think it’s ever something to force on someone I don’t think anyone that does pSychedelics forces it on anyone, but it’s something I think we need to talk about so that’s my disclaimer was that [good] [no] [swearing] that was good like I said once again We are we are respecting the laws at the uk and since we live here and we’re going to go somewhere else and I? Don’t know am I missing anything anything else to say I? Think that’s good news how very well with that. Yeah and the only thing I want to say is that anyone who is judging me is a potentially a Bad person or a bad parent or anything just please listen to the whole podcast listen to a few others You know what we are trying to do is try to find some truth here and obviously try to understand each other a little bit better and become better Kamar more productive human beings So hopefully this is one of those processes, and I don’t know what’s going to [happen] to Alex We might have an experience We might have nothing but we’ll come back and tell you yeah, all right should we get a taxi? Let’s do it. All right man. We will see you guys later today goodbye I need uh oh Um oh yeah, Mike make yourself up. Mm-hmm. That’s quite a day Mr.. Ward Okay You miked up there That’s like. I forget just there. Yeah, that should be fine yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s good okay um Good yeah, I’m good. Okay. Look at camera. Just a bit. We will call [you] [back] further earlier Maybe how’s that good yeah? Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, okay. We are back Mm-Hmm We are back. Yeah that was quite a long day. I’m very tired after this I want to go to sleep Yeah, I’ve got a bit of a dose of caffeine to help us get it yeah. Yeah, it will coffee on the way in um Alex and I’ve just returned from our trip where we we smoked dimethyltryptamine and We both had I guess quite a profound experience each. Oh and could say that without further ado I was wondering if you could tell everyone What happened to you what you saw what you felt? I’ll leave it to you. Okay, jumping right into it. Yeah So yeah, usually when I go straight into it. There’s this instance that comes up, and it came again during this experience and When I’m smoking this and about to break through I always have this very odd sensation of some kind of outside observation of me I Don’t know. What is is a form of their consciousness part of a part of my self? that’s kind of looking back at me, but it’s a very strong sensation and someone’s watching you Yeah, I don’t want to put in quite those paranoid times, but it definitely feels to be some kind of external Energy that’s kind of observing you through this in a sense And it’s always a very familiar sensation I go through and I also went through the signature process of having this noise that picks up in frequency and gets louder and louder as this effect this begins to take effect and the Myth of that was this this is the noise the pineal gland makes upon activation right the pineal gland the third eye Which is that? Yeah? This is a course just myth, but it’s an interesting idea to think about So I went into this and just lay back and [closed] my eyes and for the first few seconds I felt like it wasn’t really taken effect I felt like I could see visions behind closed eyes, but it was if someone had turned off the lights and So I’m seeing these visions. Which is this kind of organic plant life? Mass of some sort and I remember as I’m sort of breathin in each time. I take a breath these plant-like organisms are just filling up with light more and more and I’ve seen these kind of um plant-like organisms quite a bit before and it’s usually [a] representation of my physical body and usually when I go for experiences where the ayahuasca is kind of working through me and kind of Evaluating the kind of how health I am healthy I am in my body then it’s always represented with these same kind of organisms, okay, very unusual and so when I breathe in this these plan like organisms are acting as a kind of curtain or a veil and When I reach the peak it’s as though this curtain. It’s just sort of whipped away, and I’m very much in my normal state of consciousness. I don’t think it affects you kind of mentally at all. You’re very much How you are kind of before you went in it’s only the surroundings at that point Suddenly I swapped out with an entirely different surroundings, okay? So you are a kind of you your oyster you in a completely different Matrix That’s kind of the way. I felt as well like I was brought into this all video game of two dimensional space Where um yeah, I wasn’t in control anymore, and I was in someone else’s playing field as what I felt And I think that’s why it’s so intimidating as well it doesn’t affect you in any kind of emotional basis, so you’re there how y’all normal sense of being normally is but Completely different surround and right, so it’s likely taking you literally out of your comfort little yeah, literal exactly like [that] yeah, and so I mean what I tapped into with the DMT and Us again this exact same round that I keep tapping into a time after time with our experiences with the I oscar and I felt myself. I’ve had a lot of other people report to me as well, when they go to this themselves there’s a huge sense of familiarity to this place that you tap into it feels like you’re tapping into the very core of yourself and their type of an aesthetic design of this place was a kind of multicolored Cathedral some sort kind of a castle like and I remember kind of Being in the presence of some other being he was kind of leading me through this space so it’s kind of a welcoming welcoming me back wall maze and Kind of what I felt with this space What I feel like I’ve tapped into with this and I’ve gone through many experiences with the ayahuasca Is that it you’re tapping into a kind of? part of a more soulful part of yourself I gone through experiences with the ayahuasca, and it feels like The experience of life on Earth is that people have this? Multi-dimensional existence I call it. It’s just ideas I’m playing it right now, but You get this huge sense that you are present Beyond this this veil that is kind of lifted temporary with the pSychedelic and it’s almost as if You’re a soul having the experience of a physical body. I know many other people have had that same type feenin with it and There’s some soul there. There’s something beyond the physical yeah, there is this Sensation that the consciousness you have is something more than just the body okay? And I could [feel] that I could feel this Very strong presence of this kind of very force of life the very force of existence that was living through me and It was this that was representing these plant-like organisms that When it doesn’t have this force of life this force of consciousness that there is no kind of life to it and when I took in the breath it kind of just Blurred full of light and did this take you back to her space that you go to when you drink ayahuasca? Yeah, pretty much the exact same place, okay, I think With the DMT it kind of takes you to the very more pure experience in a sense because I know the Ayahuasca Has a lot to do with the shaman Colin on these fairs. We call them in organic entities of Sort writers I mean they they refer to as spirits so shamans in the room. They’re chanting. [they’re] they’re channeling these other spirits? yeah, typically when you’re I was which could be a manifestation of a part of themselves that they give to you to sort of help you heal certain positive our own in a space, or if their external this is kind of Speculation with Emt is just three guys in a room and with the dmT you don’t deal with those external In organic entities I felt, and you just get two more a pure Form of the experience, I think okay, I felt that the journey was so intense I mean it started off for me, and I went right back to these as dekhi as techy and Geometrics And I was right back to where it was almost like urine mother ayahuasca swirled. No longer your world where Brian’s world He’s always in control of his world and now you’re on this playing field where? you’re not in control and and you’re on in her world, and then it was [just] really intense and That’s and I felt a real maternal energy funny enough. Which is much like mother ayahuasca. Yeah I kind of had a maternal spirit That was actually trying to communicate something with me, but it was like the mute button was on yeah So she was almost trying to even yelling at me at some point and a few times She she kind of hit me or hit the camera that was filming her and It shuddered and she was trying to tell me something and then it would flashed why I thought she was holding a baby And then it was back to her and there was all of this Aggravated energy happening all at once and then from for me it kind of tapered down It was almost like there wasn’t enough time to learn a lesson you know I difficult that sensation as well I felt like just as I was getting very much into it You can feel it just second off the second just sort of slipping away Hi, it’s Brian Rose. I’m back. It’s 24 hours after Alex and I Went away to smoke the dimethyltryptamine and I was just thinking about our our post smoke episode yesterday And I think I might not have described my experience to you and everything that happens so I figured I just put this supplemental in 24 hours later and give you a few more details because I Think what people really liked about nick And I when I when we did the ayahuasca experience is that we got into the specifics of what happened Just so people could understand the ceremony a bit more and I know we missed that yesterday I think Alex and I were still a little bit of in a little bit of a kind of the days in hays your back to about ninety percent after you smoke the Imf field trip to mean and and So I think it may be good for me to tell you what [happened] to me obviously We we left the country and went to a place where we we found that the mTA we had some supplied to us And you basically you uh you heat it up It’s a powder and you you smoke it and actually I was going to go first You know because I guess because it’s my show And I had never done it before but I had a very hard time ingesting the right amount and very little happened to me So it was almost frustrating at that point, but then Alex went next and For his first I think four breaths of the the the dimethyltryptamine vapor I thought he was having a similar non effect, and I was about to [say] didn’t work for you either We thought we had a bum batch and it was just going to be a big waste of time whole episode But then Alex Laid back [on] the sofa, and he said it was one a very powerful experience for him So I waited an hour which is I think the amount of time you need to your brain to kind of Metabolize anything that might be in there, and I went again for a fairly large dose I kind of wanted to break through as they say what dimethyltryptamine I think if you get a mild dose You might just see some some visions and things but I wanted to really Break through into that next level and I made sure I did I think I was about 100 milligrams was the dose that that we that we heated up I think you lose some of that in the process and I took four breaths in on my fourth Breath I was almost losing reality, but thankfully Alex was there and said Brian take the fourth one which was good And then I leaned back, and I was just immediately ave elevated to like this as techy in a geometric plane and it reminded me very much, so of the eye of the Geometric shapes I see when I’m in Ayahuasca after I drink the ayahuasca except this plane was really intense with like a lot of Not anger but a lot of I guess just intensity, and I just felt that I was in someone else’s playing field that I wasn’t in charge and and that’s always a strange feeling for me since I’m such a Control freak in my environment. I like to choose who I associate with and the situations. I put myself into I like to push myself But I also like to then come back home so I was elevated to this plane that reminded me a lot of the ayahuasca plane, but but there was no audio because there was no shaman singing and It was just quiet in the room and for some reason. I I saw this what seemed to be like a mother entity But she was almost pixelated so I couldn’t see her face and she seemed to be urgently trying to yell something to me or something and She seemed to be kind of running around and fretting and at some point I thought I saw her holding a baby or a baby in her womb or something in a few times She tapped the camera as if I would tap this camera right now to my vision and and it went white and I was just Like she was almost like yelling at you, but the volume was completely muted. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience Maybe someone yelling at you And you had you know earphones on or something and I was just like oh trying just to be with experience but also I was very happy to know that I would not be there forever because it was pretty intense and out of control and I Didn’t feel emotions like I would feel in ayahuasca Where it’s a lot of you know I? Feel the pain of other people and their suffering and the fact that I’m not loving them enough that kind of thing this was more Just felt like a real intensity and the vibe and she was trying [to] tell me something then there was just arjun singh it was a real like a much more intense Plane that I get with Ayahuasca ayahuasca. There’s those visions and there was those emotions, but I didn’t feel like Ayahuasca feels like more of a story line and the DMT was more of a Here going to take you read to the hyperspace, and then you’re going to come back down And I knew I was going to come back, and [I] was feeling and is the way it was slowly dissipating I’m guessing after a minute one or minute to I thought oh, there’s a lesson here. She’s trying to teach me something about maternal Ism Motherhood My future is a father something and so I sat back and was like oh Let me learn the lesson like I do sometimes on Ayahuasca and oftentimes there’s a lesson and oftentimes there isn’t and I think that’s just our own ego projecting as If the universe is telling us something for us, so I think that’s just your ego getting in the way So then I kind of dissipated that and just just tried to be with the vision but I think it was very helpful that I had felt like I’d been that space before with ayahuasca because if not I could have panicked and then like what is all this crazy new information but I think I was able just to kind of absorb it and Let it in and then it just kind of slowly calm down The visuals went away and after about five minutes. I was pretty much back. I I’m the first thing I said to Alex was that worked you know in and then he knew I think he knew by looking at me that I had been [there] and Then I was I think I said Jesus a few times It’s just like it’s such a reminder when you go into that level of consciousness even when you do ayahuasca And you might have done it 40 times as alex had said But you you still forget what it’s like when you go into her own or go into this Realm where you’re pushing your consciousness, and it’s so interesting because you’re not in control. You can’t take a break You can’t run away. You just have to deal with it, and it’s funny how your consciousness almost fights with itself You know it’s like It’s like some type of hybrid consciousness you have well you’re not in control And you’re in control and your ego is trying to process it But then it can’t process it and it’s this weird thing where your brains trying to figure out what’s going on a lot like what? Robin Carhartt Harris said when he sat in this seat about it’s like An orchestra without the conductor, so it’s like your main brain hub can’t process this information In order to make it sound like a beautiful song so all these instruments are coming in and it doesn’t know what to do with Them and that can be a beautiful confusion because it can kind of show Where you’re at as far as a conscious level as terence McKenna once a once said I don’t know who discovered water but it definitely wasn’t a fish and I think his point is is that when we’re in our own consciousness we don’t know we’re [in] it because we’re swimming around in this water all the time and when we perturb it like we do with psychedelic Then we get to see the water that we’re in is actually water and so we get to see that what we’re in What we think is just normal life is this consciousness? And it’s just nice to perturb it every now and then because I think it gives you an appreciation of your own consciousness Allows you to observe yourself outside of your normal day of I got to get my coffee. I gotta get the kids to school He’s trying to screw me at work I got to get more money to get paid I gotta get more money to buy that thing that I don’t need and I think It’s nice sometimes to shock your consciousness and to realize that all [of] our manifestations in our head are just a construct of our own of our own brain, so That’s what’s a nice about a pSychedelic experience is it is it it by definition will lower your your ego because You get to see the world for what it is. Which is not your projection of the world, but it is just what it is So I just thought I would give you that Explanation um I didn’t feel like I saw it got in touch with my soul or met aliens for me It’s just a show I don’t feel like I’m going to another of consciousness or seen other beans Alex has a different feeling he feels like he he does get in touch with some type of soul that he has beneath it But you know what very different people And that’s the thing about a pSychedelic and what I find beautiful about the pSychedelics Is there almost custom tailored to the person taking them you know I owasco for whoever drinks It will usually confront the issues that that concern them the most and as my shaman says for me it’s always relationships and That’s what comes up with me. You know with with Alex comes up with nature He has a real feeling with how man coexist with nature and what they were ruining nature But for me a lot of my hangups tend to be how I interact with other people whether I trust them whether I love them or all this stuff, so my Shaman has been there for all three of my ayahuasca experience doesn’t afterwards I’m always talking about my relationships to other people and she Just noted that that’s something very specific to me and not someone everyone else done Everyone else feels, so there you go. I’m 24 hours later um I I feel good I feel kind of maybe twenty percent of the effects of an ayahuasca Ceremony as and I feel appreciative for the little things in life For the sunshine today for the coffee. I had for people from my girls. I just have a little more Feeling and in touch with that We’re in kind of a very important in beautiful world as opposed to some days where I can get fed up and Frustrated with with trying to get the show out or trying to work on this or trying to get more people to watch the show [and] like all this other Potential Nonsense today, I’m just kind of appreciating life, and I do feel [that] way after an ayahuasca ceremony I would say this is about twenty percent of that as and I’m not full-on like Calling old friends telling them how much I love them you know it’s not that there’s nothing wrong with that or hugging everyone is nothing Wrong with that, and that’s a lot of times what will happen after an ayahuasca experience a lot like a near-death experience but today, I just feel to have kind of more of an appreciation for for things and Yeah, I’d maybe not to take everything so seriously and so for me It was just kind of a way to kind of take a notch down But by no means did it replace an ayahuasca ceremony, and if anything And it makes me Leave more the power of a proper ayahuasca ceremony with a diet and with a shaman with a three or four-hour journey Where you really go inside your head you know the DMT was interesting I think it’s affected me on a subconscious level to a certain extent but I really think it’s just it was more of a Blast off rocket and then right back down to Earth and I just I don’t know if it’s possible to learn a lesson in such A short amount of time I feel like you really need to go through a journey and maybe even a mental preparation As I mentally prepared for the DmT, but it was mostly just fear that I wouldn’t you know? Die or do something stupid or overdose which is but almost impossible with the dimethyltryptamine? So anyways, I will let well I will Turn you back over now to Alex and I talking about the experience. I hope My explanation here has gotten you a little bit of insight into what we actually did and and what were the semantics of it We both smoked once each we don’t Didn’t feel the need to do it again, and I don’t feel the need to do it again. I think my next My next entrance back into the pSychedelic experience will probably be [in] ayahuasca. Ceremony I’m thinking three or four months from now So I know I probably should go back in this year and learn a bit more about myself but I’m not in an extreme rush, so So yeah, that’s me anyways. I hope you enjoyed listening I hope this episode helps you in some way yeah I am I just want to make sure this this show is not a proponent. I’m not telling you to go and Try this this this the spirit molecule, dimethyltryptamine. I’m not going to call it a drug because it’s not And this is no way Suggesting that you do this but it’s just something that you need to be aware of and something that exists you know in Nature and in the world and For me it took me 18 months before. I heard ayahuasca to do ayahuasca, so I Implore you to do your own research do your own learning into your own? Mental preparation before you want to do something like this, and if you don’t feel like doing it don’t do it it’s not for everyone and I think when When you need it, you will find it And it will call to you when you need it and when you no longer need it you won’t anymore So now I turn you back to alex and myself talking about the aftermath of our experience I hope you enjoy the show if you do please share it with your friends and That’s it It’s about the Journey I Think I told you you know on the flight back that I felt like at some point I saw this information, and then I was like oh, I’m being taught something like I feel sometimes with ayahuasca And I’m like you should sit back and listen to the message being given to you and the direction you should take with your life And I sat back, and then I was like okay You just being a douche because there’s no lesson and there wasn’t it was just the the feelings tapering off, but there wasn’t like After ayahuasca. I walk away with a few distinct pieces of you need to do this different We need to treat this person better and with this I Didn’t get that lesson per se. No, not that I expected it. No. Yeah I think it is something about humans that they expect this lesson through it And I did similarly like in a similar fashion I found my ego kick in kind of towards the end of the experience And it’s trying to formulate some kind of idea about what this experience is what I’ve learned from it And it felt like that really got in the way, and I just remember kind of getting the impression not a spoken word But this impression of just saying you know just be with the experience and stop trying to take control of it. Yeah, I know When I spend time with a Shaman and the John will Don lucho He says this is a common problem that comes up So you just have to let go with that you go a voice and just be be with it It’s funny because it doesn’t take your consciousness away completely, and you’re trying to fight. Yeah, you’re trying to protect your your ego I guess is a way of looking at it or your filter of how you want to Process its information while at the same point your consciousness is being pulled away from you and rippled so it’s just it’s a strange battle And I think it is all how you perceive it as we know with ayahuasca. If you fight the experience. It’s going to be a Difficult night and potentially not a very fulfilling night So yeah, so that was that was pretty Intense Mm-Hmm. What do you think you can gain from A Dmt experience. You know it was very brief. It was probably five minutes long or six minutes of the really intense stuff You know in the next weeks or months do you think you’re going to take something away from this? or not Definitely not to the same extent that you would with a ayahuasca experience But for me it felt like the DMT experience was just a kind of a reaffirmation of what I’ve been through with ayahuasca So it’s nice to have that reconnection Yeah in a sense, and I think that’s probably how it could be utilized I don’t think the DMT as a core experience on its own Can be that beneficial because it is so over so quickly Yeah, and I think you need [that] longer time to integrate a lot of a blessing and I know we’re gonna a lot of DMT Fanatics are gonna. You know be [like] [you] guys don’t understand and I understand what you’re saying and it can be Since I had done ayahuasca it took me to a plane that I was somewhat familiar with and I was like okay We’re back here now if I hadn’t done that before it would have been a massive sensory overload I would have been like what am I doing [in] this world and It might have affected me differently but um I think that there were those lessons. It’s almost like I got you know a Lesson taught over over three hours like say it was a martial arts lesson that I learned something as opposed to Someone walking up to me and punching me in the head and said that’s a knockout You know it was almost like I don’t have enough time to process and learn from this but I did get a glimpse of something which I know exists and I did feel some of those old feelings about the ayahuasca like You’re not completely in charge. There’s these other people there’s these other entities. There’s this other message out there, but then it stopped there Yeah, do you think there was some kind of significance to? This maternal lady of sort that it was a kind [of] representation of things that I happen in kind of in your life. Yes yes, I’m surrounded by women and I’m turning 40 to this year, and I’ve never procreated and as we were talking about earlier. I think ayahuasca has this communal family clan Vibe going on when you when you drink ayahuasca and even nature for you less, so for me in Relationship and and almost an avatar thing which [I] hate [I] hate to use that expression, but it’s it’s a good compare Yeah, no, I totally felt that as well that That’s one of the differences that separates ayahuasca from other psychedelics that it does seem to focus more on These issues of Family Community and friendship and I think Part of my Journeys was realizing that it’s not really about the ayahuasca R It’s about more the communities that are forming around this kind of [medicine] use they kind of been taught these Messages of community and kind of working together. It’s a I guess looking back It’s kind of similar to how maybe some of these older tribal cultures kind of live their lives And you know there is reasons I mean the ancient tribal traditions realize that they need is some kind of symbiotic Relationship to nature and in this way they survived for thousands of years interesting Where’s have you seen like our modern dominated coaches that resentful and countless lee, so it’s almost like you’re saying the ayahuasca Breeds a feeling of community which results in a community being built yeah? I think that’s kind of the larger picture of what’s being playing out. All right. You’ve [seen] so many instances You’ve been to New York City to it To be with the shamanic community there you been to peru you’ve been all over so you get to see Not only the first hand experience of the ayahuasca, but you could see the communities building, right? Yeah, I mean that that is one of the strongest things I felt about the scene of this and there was this Concept that’s been playing around a lot of this these are kind of medicine circles And that is this movement called the condor Eagle prophecy, okay? And the condor is an element that represents these older Southern American cultures that do have their Traditions in medicine use like this And they’ve kept alive and knowledge of these altered states and more of an alignment with spirit and this reverence for nature Whereas the E represents the kind of North American Modern cultures like our own where we do sort of descended into this? reverence for physical matter okay, we kind of Separated from that sense of [community] and part of this movement is Bringing together all these old scattered tribes who are now come together and less share in their different medicine practices And that’s kind of what you see happening in kind of North America now Gotcha it’s a part of this is kind of To merge the condor and the eagle together so that we can merge our two cultures on a go together into the future it sounds Like a plan for me, but I think I might have skipped your maternal question, but so yeah I think that this whole for me. I mean for [me]. I took ayahuasca the first time a year ago And um I was very non-committal I not Cohabitated with any of anyone else and since then I’ve moved in with a girlfriend and a young girl And I’m becoming this whole family man and the idea appropriation is coming up in my mind more than anything, so I Don’t think this whole maternal thing is any kind of a surprise I mean, it was a surprise when I went into the state I was like [Jesus] who is this lady yelling at me with this, baby? But um but you know it makes sense that it might be something a bit more symbolic, and you know again. It’s not something I’m going to focus on and try to figure out the next few weeks probably going to you know not think about it and You know if I change as a character then maybe that will change But yeah, I [think] there’s definitely something going on there when it comes to that, but you know the one takeaway from the Takeaway from this is if if you’ve heard about DmT, and you know it’s a class a drug or a schedule 1 and You know we’ve just gone somewhere and smoked it and come back. I mean I feel ninety ninety-five percent right now Oh, yeah, I feel fine I don’t think there’s any risk in doing it because you kind of inhale it until you can’t anymore So there’s not a real overdose risk and it might sound like a crazy like a drug culture thing but it was just kind of a glimpse into for me the concept of consciousness Mornin not even into my own brain, but maybe just the concept that We have a consciousness and all this stuff is just you know Chemical reactions to what I’m seeing and we’re all just on a big ride Really? That’s the other thing that I take away from it like it’s hard to take Too much seriously like building an empire and all this stuff when you know that you’re literally 13 inhalations away from going to the Aztec ian board game and where the rules can completely changed and if Dying is anything near that just shows you Almost I don’t know Do you think this has any kind of relation to? What happens after death and things these kind of realm is what’s happenin to when is [it] big question I thought about death? I thought about okay well, this is This is on the way to death as in this is a reduction of the control of my own Consciousness, and my own egoic thoughts going to a plane where I’m not in charge, and I can’t I can’t get the check so we can go and then death being something even further where Well yeah, there’s no more thought and it’s it’s quite um Yeah, it’s quite sobering to know that in the in death in my opinion from what I saw today It does turn off you probably saw something different Mm-hmm What is just touching on the same thing? I keep seeing again and again, and I know many people have different interpretations of kind of the realms you encounter There’s some ideas which are more of a a young in interpretation where you’re tapping into more the collective unconscious of humanity Because they are conscious attention in this very moment is just kind of a wafer thin layer on top Of this actually a huge amount of going on inside you And I do believe I do believe that a lot of these states are kind of visual manifestations of what’s going on in the unconscious and I Don’t know I did feel that for the longest time but there’s just something about a lot of my later Experiences that it did feel like I was connecting with some sort I hate you use the word Spirit, but that’s really what it feels like and I’ve also been interested in kind of tapping into these dates more Without the use of any kind of psychedelic cuz I do think it is more a window into these states of awareness But not a natural doorway, I think um I Put you into a certain alignment that allows you to be in the state of mind But if you’re constantly relying on something else to get you into that then you never really learn how to walk yourself Yeah, so you’re saying is a window not a doorway Yeah, it’s it’s something to see and then to take back and what apply in your own life or to learn from yeah I think so if you’re interested in I mean this whole idea is about for me devil into the nature of consciousness, and I think It’s a very valuable Experience to go through to understand what it means to have consciousness in the human body it’s under a large subject to tackle, but I think it’s a important one to try and Understand yeah, and I think it’s important that you’re saying that not yeah, you don’t need to do this every weekend you don’t need to escape and see these things and see these truths and that can even be the wrong thing because ultimately you do have to live in reality and Hopefully these things can give you insights into into making some changes what I kind of realized today. Is that I? Probably need [to] go back in and drink ayahuasca this year Maybe once or twice, and then you know the battles not over and I’m a newbie compared to you. You’re I’m [on] three ceremonies you’re on 40 I know it’s not a quantity thing but I probably have a lot more to understand in the long run about my own consciousness you have a Many more years on you as well So you’re kind of dealing through a lot they heard he throws versus a lot water You go through and call me old guy. I think I may be Older, but you know I mean I’ve never had a huge amount to deal in terms of am my own personal life I never had any kind of traumatic experiences in my childhood, so I never really had to process a lot of that and it felt like I kind of got past that very quickly and my focus kind of Descended on trying to understand what these states of mind are right? but also you found a journey in Trying to to become less shy and to try to get out of your shell more Yeah, of course you know it really does open you up to more experimental ways of approaching your work And what it made me realize is it also gave me [a] message to want to produce artwork about But it made me realize that doing artwork and then picking up other processes using film talking even like this how we are now it’s all different ways of trying to get out the same messages, but It can help me get me out of that art box and put me into Other things okay, what’s it for someone listening to this or watching us right now? That’s just you know watch [us] go on this crazy crazy journey with some bumps along the road there were And even setting this up I mean what can what can they take away if they’re never going to do this or they’re thinking about it? You know if you can give them some parting advice about what we’ve done today, and what we’ve learned. What what would you say? I Think we touched on it before I think people get a bizzle to grown into the unique experiences that of these altered States of mind [and] [I] think ultimately if you’re not bringing back information to use in your daily life because we’re here to live in this ordinary Mundane Reality and if it’s not in any way kind of assist in that then you have to wonder well, what is the use of it? So make it practical make it practical yeah And it’s very important what you go through see through these experiences to come back and ground it into it into this reality Question when will be the next time you’ll be smoking DMT My Henry thought I would for a while, sir Yeah, I mean, I I I’m [in] no need to yeah. I mean no need to no rush I kind of saw a glimpse of something. I didn’t feel like I needed to go back there as of yet. I know. It’s [there] If anything it just reminded me of my own Fragility of my own consciousness and my own perceptions, and that there’s another world right over there that is existing in a parallel way with my own world so does seem [to] be that way and You know we could try and shy away from saying it, but it seems evident that it along those lines Yeah, I mean, and it’s all bill hicks He’s an old comedian he just said you know what will sooner or later? You realize this whole thing is just a ride you know and I don’t mean to trivoli trivialize life But you do realize that something like today. It’s like You know all of your emotions and feelings and most important desires and accomplishments you want to make are really just electrical and chemical impulses in you know one or two kilos [on] the top of your head and Those can be altered very easily, so I think I guess that’s a bit of ego disillusion that I’m describing all right And I think ultimately for me I guess it might step on slightly meth physical terms But I think behind everything even these experiences you’re having with the altered States of mind That I do see that behind all of that When you connect to your true self when you realize you are the entire works of the universe. It’s kind of you see life is living through you having the experience of separation from all that is and everything you go through negative all these trivial things that kind of Valuable learning experiences for our true self which is all of this extent hmM, that’s deep It’s funny cuz [I] don’t have I didn’t get an attachment to a soul when I want to go into these experiences I don’t think there is another level of beans and consciousness. I just see things and I bring things back so for me Maybe it’s my practical mind, but I don’t think that there are other Even beans and entities per se. I’ve just seen something that there’s it’s very interesting to know it’s there Yeah, but also, I’m in my early days and I could change over time or not You know so I mean I’m still I I’ve always been a very much a skeptic And I’m not willing to put my foot down and say it’s this way or that way But I think maybe I’m working in art my whole life. It’s made my Thinking maybe a little more loose like a full willing to allow sand ideas come in and at least play with I think okay Excellent. I am I don’t know what else there is to say oh Just for you timing are you’re gonna be are you gonna be going back to Ayahuasca this year? Are you going to take a break has that changed after what happened to you, too? I’m taking a break from this you know for tea ceremonies enough and as I said I’m trying to Find out ways to tap into this more on a meditation basis I interviewed one guy in America [Allen] steinfeld who he said he came back from in different one lady who? sat in a dark room for 40 days and said this whole space just opened up right in front of her and It really did pique my interest when I went through a particular ayahuasca experience and the next day I started to read more about the life of the buddha siddhartha and they talked about his awakening underneath the bodhi tree and It seemed like they were just describing my ayahuasca ceremony, okay? And it seemed like that was a kind of thumbs up that yes, you know if you put your mind to it It’s something that can be attained through meditation. So you want to achieve your next level of enlightenment through meditation I think so, and I think it sounds like something would be a lot harder But I think because it’s hard it’ll happen more permanent fix. Yeah. No, I totally salute [that] you know I think it’s I totally salute that and I have nothing wrong with with the Shamans or ayahuasca people that are trying But I love it when anyone takes a step back Analyzes their behavior because you can always come back to it. You know Yeah, there is this aspect you know no matter how much information you can bring back through the experience It does take you up and brings. You can write back down it’s not this permanent state of mind Which is maybe a good thing cuz it’s however whelming I think that something could be said about putting the hard-working to attain new States of Awareness cool no free lunch as they say Awesome. I just wanted to thank the people in the continent that helped us out If you want any information about them don’t email me don’t ask me about it because we’re not going to talk about that if you want to have your own experiences Please research them Well, there’s lots of information on the internet in no way are we suggesting you do this? We [just] wanted to Do this for ourselves and address and what in my opinion was a big elephant in the room? And it came to London real we’ve talked about Ayahuasca [Sillas] [iben] we’ve had doctors on and we’ve talked about DMT I’m okay Alex is ok you know he you know he’s Still extremely good looking and and we’re back. We’re gonna continue on with my day and the show but um Thank you for doing this with me. Thanks for me. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else with me, but you Cool, all right well until then all the best everybody and it’s about the journey it is indeed. Thank you. All right peace And at the end of it. It’s not like you get more MDMa It’s attempting to help people be healthy without drugs, right? I think it’s what you bring back from the drug experience that changes your Normal your state of normal in a way that makes it so you don’t need the girl you want to resolve the issues not just medicate them daily yeah


  1. Never had the pleasure although i've had other psychedelics. Can I ask…..When you're 'in there', is there sound… you hear noises/voices? Thanks.

  2. Kids, better try skydiving. I took enough mushrooms and lsd to know that nothing can wake you up more than jumping out of a plane while your brain and whole body screams no, for a brief time you feel the cold air when the door is open and then, the good old adrenaline kicks in, which is totally legal, you can't trip on it, you can't overdose from your own and it's more fun than you could imagine.

  3. I tried 5meo from the Sonora toad and wow! I wouldnt really want to take synthetic now that ive tried tje frog..however would love to take the frog dmt again

  4. you had said on London real, you wanted a more natural way the cave meditation is explained by mantalk chia and FrostWire can give you a big down load with it in it,
    The Cave Alchemist:
    Biochemical Brain Shifts And Mental Images Associated
    With Extended Periods Of Darkness
    Sidney Brent Goodwin, O.D., M.B.A. pdf
    Mantak Chia – Dark Room Enlightenment pdf
    there are others too in which Inca or Mayan children are kept in seclusion in the dark until like 9 or 13 and are the tribes new shamans
    labyrinth of the world paradise of the heart pdf
    Nicolas of cusa knowledge and wisdom pdf
    The Kybalion by The Three initiates pdf

    stellar man vol2 pdf read the message from isis

    all google searchable there are more but I would like to learn from you and I have read these and many other books on several subjects including alchemy also the secret of the golden flower pdf with a german translation and jung giving his perspective at end, please I would like to accompany you and try these experiences I think I could be a great friend and asset if not you that London real, call me at my idea is to integrate these books and try and experience what it was that the past is or spirit is trying to tell us like nix eros chaos phanes the great creation  story Diogenes Marcus Aurelius meditations pdf stoics and so much more I am like a living library please call I don't want fame or money just in search of truth in fact I have a wife kids a house with land paid for and planted with edible good things, I'm not looking to vamp or take in any way I would like to add to this body of knowledge and awakening I seek truth that is all please call or message me  (636)208-7773

  5. .17g of 2:1:1 ratio of TetraHydroHarmine (THH):harmine:harmaline HCl [MAOI inhibitor extracts necessary like the aya vine to make the DMT orally active] + DMT extraction + grapefruit juice or any other citric acid (drink it/ don't smoke it)= "pharmahuasca"(2-4 hours). All the power of the plant, none of the nausea/chanting & jungle.

  6. The pixlated woman was your inner feminine self – yelling at you. It was showing you a baby – which you have/had.
    Its telling you to pay attention to the Child.
    Nurture the child. It needs you

  7. synthetic DMT and natural DMT found in the human body are not the same experience, one is a plant base afterlife, the other is a human based afterlife

  8. I trully appreciate the content. I have been questioning the fabric of reality for the past 5 years. I am a big follower of Tom Campbell and he opened my eyes that there is a world out there that is inconceivable to the 5 senses. I am now ready to make the trip to the other side and will be going to Peru in January 2020 for my first Ayahuasca ceremony.

  9. I have done acid and shrooms more than I can count. Same with x. How in the world can I get a chance to try DMT???

  10. Thing is…you are entering the spirit realm in a very dangerous way. We are created spiritual beings after our Creator and we can enter that realm either through drugs or through a very close, intimate relationship with Jesus! Drugs are extremely dangerous (spiritually and long term) I wouldn’t trust any spirit being encountered during an experience through drugs. Nope, nope, nope….too dangerous!

  11. You seem like a Wonderful Guy person Human.
    But because you are a control Dude your relationships suffer I’m sure you’ve heard that before I respect who you are you don’t have to Chang. Just learn to forgive more.
    I would love to try this trip to see my flaws because we all have them

  12. My one and only DMT trip was very unexpected. I had no idea what it was. Had never heard of it. I was with a good friend of mine that I trust. He asked if I'd like to experienc it. So I sat down and he prepared it for me. I took about 2 big puffs. I felt my soul was on a sling shot ride that projected me to another dimension. The journey was fast but full of the most beautiful geometric patterns and colors I'd ever seen or felt in my life. Once I broke through… And arrived at my destination I completely shed my ego. I felt like i was home. That nagging inner monologue had stopped… I was content. I felt true and absolute love. I could feel everything… My loved ones that have passed on. I could feel their love. There were entities there also that welcomed me. It brought me to tears it was so beautiful… I came to realize that I had broken through the "simulation" that I had woken up to THE REAL reality… Time didn't matter… No wants or needs.
    Like every worry and fear I've ever had was gone… And that they never existed anyway.
    That was over 5yrs ago… I will NEVER forget what i learned from that experience! ?❤

  13. why was there not one woman in the opening of this – are women just way more connect innately and men are always stumbling around trying to find something outside of themselves, rather than just going inward and using their intuition?

  14. I was the victim of an unprovoked attempted murder attack some 21 years ago. I was stabbed by a stranger, went blind and partly paralysed as well as experienced immense pain.
    I had an experience whilst I died briefly, it taught me a lot of stuff.

    I learned some 15 years later, our bodies realise huge amounts of DMT when we move into our death event.

    Then I learned the death event I experienced was true to me, I found the place I was taken too.
    Then I learned about ayahuasca, within 2 months I was in the Amazon, with the maximum number of ceremony’s I was allowed.
    I feel this story and what’s understood from it is ready to be heard.

    Could London Real help a nobody, share his story?


  15. Thank you so much for sharing. These are some of the things including mushrooms that I want to try for PTSD. Healing the trauma and learning the lessons.

  16. I wish I knew people in ireland that would do it ,research groups that you could share it with,
    I wonder would it help my panic attacks & hermit like life I've been living

  17. here is the secret of DMT – it is a chemical which shuts off part of your brain which defines 'who you are' – i mean
    the 'I' in you. thats all it is .
    your existence in this illusion or you thinking you exists in this illusion is PURE FABRICATION by your brain
    ( if you grasp this … i mean grasp it like you grasp say 'Earth is round' ).. you will be free.
    you can do EXACTLY the same by meditation – shut off that part of brain that defines 'I'.
    So once you do that – your awareness (true You ) .. is free to explore other illusions or find the 'Source' – which in
    the end is all but 'Love'.
    i would not get hung up too much on what is DMT.. but find out who you really are when you get the chance to
    drop the act of 'human' in this illusion ..
    Peace brother..

  18. The promotion of psychedelics as medicine is probably one of the biggest scams in modern culture. The amount of people having positive experiences with these substances absolutely pales in comparison to the people who are having not just negative, but absolutely detrimental and sometimes permanent, experiences. It's all curiosity until you experience it yourself. I myself and many others I've met have been the victims of this supposed "medicine." If you find yourself in a hospital, they'll tell you just how common it is now that people are taking psychedelics or partaking in these ceremonies and then leaving with psychosis.

    Don't be lured in by the curiosity. It's not worth it. I speak from experience.

  19. Got my 8 teachings over 2 years when I was in my 20s. Im coming up to my 60th birthday and Im getting the feeling/sense the time has come to get the molecule back into me. For a long time I have said that I did it, bought the tee-shirt so there was no need to do it again. But its now time to "change my mind" again. And its mushroom season in my neck of the woods!
    Im getting that exited/anticipation feeling. And my take on things these days, (as an old dinosaur) is that there is just 2 sexes and there are 2 types. 2 types being those who have taken psychedelics (properly) and those who haven't. People who have experienced LSD Mushrooms and DMT are Kryptonite to the deep state, hence its all Class A. (for your protection).

  20. I smoked DMT Like 4 fat sipp by mistake!!
    I thought it was crystal meth
    I tell you the things I felt
    Ididdnt know what happend so of course I panicked before I was gone..
    LOVE K

  21. DMT is the most incredible thing . It is not recreational . It rips you apart and rebuilds you ,it shows you things that are real . Destroys your ego . From a 56 year old man that has done lots of almost every enthogen. DMT is real Al LAD is also incredible . 300 mics and you break through.

  22. I'm addicted to morphine and I shoot up dilaulids. Well I did some coke tonight and got some dilauded powder off my friend to shoot up. This fucking idiot put it in a baggy that he had his dmt in. Well he didn't realize there was still dmt in it. I take this shot of morphine and dmt and get a huge rush. Right away I text him that I think I'm oding or having a serious medical problem and to call 911 if I don't respond in 30seconds. He says that he can't have anymore problems and that it's to much for him and that he can't call 911. By this time I am unable to contact 911 myself as the screen has disassemebled. The dmt starts kicking in really hard and I was 100% sure I was dying. I thought the hallucinations were from a brain aneurysm cause by mixing the coke and dilauded. As I am having this full on unexpected break through trip I notice it was very similar to DMT which scared the shit out of me because of all the people that say DMT floods your brain as your dying. I knew I didn't accidently shoot up my DMT because it was put away in the other room. I thought about my life and how much of a fucking waste it was as a drug addict. The only hope I had was if the idiot that sold me the stuff had accidently mix in some DMT. I had to accept that there was a possibility I made a stupid decision and this was the end or I accidently shot DMT. I just had to await my fate. Well 20 mins later I'm alive and the DMT trip is just about gone. oh and get this the fucktard justifies leaving me to die because his mom didn't want him to make any noise and wake her up (he 26 btw) and he couldn't risk going to go to jail and losing his citizenship. Yeah that's a great reason to let your so call best friend die when he's telling you he is in serious trouble. Your moms sleep is so much more valuable than your friends life (fucking sociopath), was he forgetting he could get manslaughter if I died on the drugs he sold me. Holy shit I'm fucking pissed but super great ful I'm still alive. I'm done fucking around with drugs (I've said that before but I really can't bullshit around anymore, I'll go to rehab if I have too). Hope my horror story is some what entertaining for everyone reading. I wouldn't want such a great story go to waste. Learn from me and don't shoot up drugs and stay away from opiates and coke. Stick to marijuana and DMT.

  23. It seemed to me like they left, then the british hippie got a blowjob in his car & the other guy power-walked to the bathroom to eat a handful of blow, before returning with their "experiences".

  24. Where would you recommend partaking in an ayahuasca ceremony? I’m worried about finding a safe and reputable facilitator.

  25. I was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder when I was a teenager and when I was about 20 I took LSD for the first time. The experience completely changed me and I haven't taken any prescription medicine or had to have any therapy for the disorder almost 20 years later. I haven't done any psychedelics for years either. It's not something people should do all the time but I fully believe it is something people should try at least once with someone who can help you thru the experience. Don't do it just because you think it'll be cool or entertaining. Do it for the right reasons and do it in the right way, but I fully believe it is something important for humans to experience in some way or another. DMT might be a little bit extreme in my opinion but I've never done it so maybe I'm just talking out my ass.

    Thanks for the video. I enjoyed the scholarly approach to the subject.

  26. I think the thing to understand is this… I don't believe that the brain, with it's chemical and electrical impulses, is the origin, and limit of ones consciousness. I think the brain is merely a governor, that governs down, and limits ourselves fit for this world, this present reality. Furthermore, I believe this created construct that we call "reality", is in fact, less real than what exists beyond what we presently see.

  27. Other interpretation: Lady that was screaming with no sound is MOTHER EARTH. She can not communicate because that we are all plugged into artificial web of ai. Phones, TV's, computers, pads and so on. We are plugged in and listening to silicon valley, and not to real, organic, biological, living planet Earth. Her spirit is getting angry at us.

  28. It has been years ago this video has been published, so maybe you already know this.

    Recently I've been reading books by John C. Lilly. He was one of the first people to undergo LSD on a scientific basis. The things you describe in this video about ayahuasca are very similar of what he describes in his book "Center of the Cyclone".

    He also says that just entering a floatation tank for a couple of hours will give you the same experience (just like in the other video about natural DMT).

    So, if you are into this field for self experimentation, I suggest to read what John C. Lilly has written at the time LSD was legal and what he discovered.

  29. Drink a big Pint, eat a big salad late in the evening… your stomach liver & kidneys will produce enough DMT to ensure wild dream trips every night!!!
    No side effects… just a really good ? after waking up lol

  30. I really would like to talk to someone about doing this. My curiosity is overwhelming as I have severe PTSD. I don’t want to do it for fun. It’s been a need ever since I started watching video after video of how it’s helped someone. Could anyone point me in the direction of help with safely using and finding help with this? If so please help!

  31. Definition of insanity is…. blah blah blah. NO! This is the most popular misquote ever. Einstein never said this, no one ever said this, and it is doesn't even make sense (so that crazy person talking to himself on the street can only be insane if he is expecting a different result from something???? ugh).

  32. The sad thing is that in the United States it's becoming a big business. For most people it's too expensive, but it would really help them.

  33. Can you give more informations about your getting away from London. Where exactly did you go. Maybe an email would be better. I really could use some help on that issue. Thank you very much.

  34. the last couple times I've taken DMT they've told me something is wrong something is very wrong anyone getting this? My trips have never been like this before. They had a message and it was clear

  35. "Freedom". "Free society". What a joke that truly is. For anyone who is a citizen of the western world who believes they're truly free, you're truly lost.

  36. BTW some say mushrooms are recreational like he said, I also disagree. I went to Amsterdam recently, and my wife and I let's just say we had an experience and kind of forgot that when we ate them that our next appointment was in an hour at the Anne Frank Museum. BTW, the museum displays the time that your ticket should be for in military time, well I could not for the life of me convert regular time to military time, so that was something new. The experience was in full effect by the time we arrived. It quickly changed from a great canal cruise and recreational experience to something much deeper. I made a joke about who the hell takes these and goes to the Anne Frank House. Well it's someone that is about to have a life-altering experience and feel emotion like never before and by the end of the tour (aside from the horrific queues(lines) and waiting to get in) I came to the realization that all those people that told me the museum was touristy and too much of a disappointment to them, I realized how shallow and out of touch they were. Walking out of that museum I knew for sure that nobody can tell someone else how they are supposed to feel or think about an experience like that. It's for each individual to experience on their own. It changed from being something recreational to me understanding, wow, this can alter the way I feel about things. Make me step back and really understand what's going on, how this affects me and nobody can judge me after this. Those were the thoughts I had walked down the stairs at the end and nobody can take that away from me. It wasn't recreational it was life-changing.

  37. Thank you both so much.Myself and many of my loved ones suffer from PTSD.I hope for a day when DMT is another option for treatment.It should not be illegal.Thank you!

  38. it is supposed to be done through meditation. those who take substances are getting a diluted crash course in to the spiritual.
    through meditation, through being still.. u will gain the selfactualisation 'enlightenment' much and much easier.. not harder..
    and the effect is like pure dmt running through your veins no longer battered and in a state of seperation..
    to stay there is and always will be a choice however..

  39. Hi everyone I am new to these substances. I have has either and I don't do drugs. I do understand these experiences GREATLY (even though I have not done them!) At the starr of the video he shouldn't recommend Ayahuasca before even trying DMT. He has no experience. On a side note, I'm interested in DMT made without any toxins or chemicals. Does complete natural DMT exist? Where to go and how to know it's non toxic?

  40. No no no the demons are demons my dear. We as a secular society want so much to have extra-spiritual experiences without being spiritually connected to the one who breathed life into you and made you a living soul. You are trying to tap into a realm we don't have a write. The priverbial forbidden tree in the garden. It's very dangerous and your encouraging it. Children are watching grown-ups set a horrible example. This is all wrong!!!

  41. at 1:03 … but you ARE in charge. You are in charge everywhere even in this state you enter when you take dmt because it is YOUR spirit who gives you the experience you NEED to understand what you are, it's TAILOR MADE by your own SELF 🙂 you are never NOT in charge of anything. When you realist THAT you take RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL OF IT!

  42. Thousands, possibly 100s of thousands people claiming that this medicine had helped them; this substance being used since the beginning of recorded history.

    Yet a couple rich assholes get to say that we can't have it 'for our own good'

    This alone should be enough to cause the people to overthrow the government.

  43. like listening to someone recall a dream, weird and inconsequential ultimately. Tackle some chores instead guys, that will adjust your ego and truly show love to your family.

  44. 33:00 in the guy on right looks high and very intense with his forehead so close to the screen after trip wish it would show the doing or as it hits or right after live even min after you can forget parts of trip

  45. I don't understand the use of the word "demons" , wouldn't it be better use "issues"? Demons has a religious connotation. or is it just me??

  46. Sh** this was 2013? Just watched this now, yes I do see difference between now and then even if it's just maturity.

    Maybe that's what we're all after maturity developing into wisdom?

  47. I have been taking a lot of mushrooms recently and it has not been a leisurely experience. Each trip I’ve had in the last few months has forced me to confront my demons and I’ve really been working on myself through those experiences. I want to get back to a place where my trip gives me an overwhelming sense of peace and joy but I am not in that place mentally. It may be a bad time to start experimenting with DMT, but I have been smoking small doses (about a 5 minute experience) and I really want to dive all in next time I try it. I really hope the DMT will help me overcome everything that’s preventing me from enjoying my trips

  48. You seem to be pretty stressed about how "other people" might judge you for smoking DMT. You sure you aren't just judging yourself?

  49. Hey brian, the fun Part is! Right before this came out, YouTube decided to just spontanious unsubscribe your channel. It was hard to find that Video for my algorithm. Hyped to watch this ?? love your work

  50. Soooooooo. From what I gather Brian was self conscious about being considered a bad father figure for doing DMT and immediately had a trip that had exactly to do with him confronting the insecurity of being a bad father figure for doing DMT.

    He basically circled back to one and became enlightened to the fact that he wasn't being an irresponsible father figure, but trying to become a better human in general which is radical.

  51. I have no clue what DMT does…..but maybe when people smoke it they are shot into another dimension?? The woman who was trying to frantically tell you something maybe was trying to protect her baby, wondering why a human was peaking in at her dimension?! ?? Sounds trippy either way. I’d love to do Ayahuasca but it’ll be a long time until I do, if I ever do.

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