Does anyone want to be assigned to New York? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.03.08]

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(Seoul’s gray cityscape) (A ray of light appeared) (ESteem’s artwork project for 2020) (ESteem’s artwork) (A success) How is the reaction? It does look pretty. The day after they put it up, passersby were taking photos. It looks so pretty. – I’m glad we did it. / – Indeed. The front looks nice but the back wall and parking tower look great too. – Isn’t it awesome? / – It is. What a big change. Oh, my! Totally awesome. Kim Sedong didn’t disappoint us. – It’s so cool. / – Really cool. (Coming to work feels special now) – I have surprising news. / – It started at $5,000. What is it? – We invested $50,000. / – 10 times the budget. The budget started out as $5,000, right? Now it’s 10 times as much. – What? / – 10 times as much. We already made 4 to 5 times the amount in profit. Where did you get that profit? We are working on commissions. – Companies want artwork on their buildings? / – Yes. (Amazing) (Boss Kim, a bold investor) (What is Boss Kim’s next project?) I’ll let my passion blaze. With idols. (Her passions are ablaze) Why is she dancing up a storm? (First project for 2020, idol group JxR) She is multi-talented. I wanted to recreate the mood of the old town Brooklyn. I wanted to spark joy and create a new spectacle that passersby can enjoy in that moment. (Second project for 2020, artwork) (Third project, New York) – We get to see New York. / – I’ve never been there. (Expanding ESteem’s New York branch) (Growing out of hand…) (Boss Kim excited by the new project) Minguk. Chief Director Choi, Managing Directors Seong and Lee, and Executive Directors Park and Lee. Tell those 5 directors to come up here. – Right now? / – Yes, for a meeting. Alright. (On his way to summon 5 directors) (First, going to the Works Team office) CEO Kim is calling a directors’ meeting. Why? Out of the blue? Yes, she called everyone abruptly. Always that same expression. – Reluctant to go. / – Looking wronged. – I’ll go up right away. / – Alright. (Five directors go to CEO Kim’s office) (Strangely tense mood) She called a sudden meeting with the directors. The reason why I called you here… Has to do with our branch office in New York. Myeongji is running things there alone. Right. CEO Kim transferred her abroad. (She disappeared after early episodes) We need a director there. (Wary directors) You’re transferring one of them? – A director should go there. / – A sudden transfer? So suddenly? You should’ve thought of it. Since we opened the New York office, you should’ve wondered who would be the director there. It’s not a nearby suburb like Pyeongtaek. – It’s New York. / – Isn’t that nice? – It’s too sudden. / – They can’t leave so abruptly. – Isn’t it nice? / – Their life is here. – In Korea. / – Living in New York is great. – They’re rooted here. / – Others would love to go. We’ll let them carve out a life there. – It’s great. / – Seoul is better. – They might have families. / – Indeed. I’d like to go. Ms. Shim wants to go. Transfer her there. Transfer her there. Why won’t you transfer her? Her family is way too large. She wants to take them to New York. (It’ll cost way too much…) It’s been some 15 years since our models began working in New York. During those 15 years… Song Kyunga. Kim Sunghee. We hired a middle manager on-site. – Noma, Soojoo. / – While opening an office… We decided to create a miniature ESteem there instead of simply sending models. The directors discussed the matter, and we opened the office last March. They opened a branch office? They’ll go global before long. It’s so cool that you have a New York branch. How long will the director stay there? Until things settle down. – Working there? / – Without a set return date? Myeongji can’t handle things alone. There are too many things to set in place. There are employees there, but getting all those things organized would require a director. Does anyone want to go? No one would want to go so suddenly. It came from nowhere. They’re avoiding eye contact. (Mood turns icy) They might think it over since it’s New York. How come no one wants to go? (Wary directors vying to stay) My son is a ninth-grader, a sensitive age. – Time to go abroad. / – Not at peak-puberty. Take him to the city of hip-hop. There is so much to do in this wide world. Let him broaden his worldview. If she has a spouse and kid… – The kid can study in New York. / – Indeed. You should transfer Ms. Shim abroad. – She really wants to go. / – She does. (Chef of Korean cuisine in New York) I’ll talk it over with my son. That means she is interested. They’re cornering her. I have projects for Seoul Fashion Week. I can do those. I knew it. As for me… Our department was created only a year ago, so we’re still getting things settled. (Long parade of excuses) – I recommend Director Park. / – Me? – Sending others. / – My girl entered kindergarten. Isn’t your wife a makeup artist? – Yes. / – She can become a global artist there. K-beauty is all the rage. – She can’t speak English. / – Starting from scratch? Gosh. It’s decided. Congratulations, Director Park. Not even schools have such sham meetings. We’re recommending each other… (Icy mood) No one knows who’ll end up going. – Is there a human resources department? / – Yes. It can be decided there. When it comes to transferring a director, I could simply name someone myself. But they should decide together. What if they all refuse to go? She’ll have to send Ms. Shim. The only person who is willing to go. – I’ll go. / – Leaving her business. (Hahaha) I can do it. Please send her abroad. (Were they expecting the New York transfer?) The dreaded thing has arrived. She did warn us about this a few times. When she called us abruptly to discuss it, I was startled but also felt sorry about it. I’ll be traveling to New York next week, so I want to be joined by the candidate. Please decide who that person will be. – Among ourselves? / – Yes. (Which director will go to New York?) – We’ll discuss it and let you know. / – Thank you. (Mixed feelings) Let’s discuss this in your office. Will they draw lots? They’ll have to play rock, paper, scissors. Most workplaces draw lots with the game “ghost leg.” Ghost leg. (Surely, directors won’t play ghost leg…) Who will go abroad? One of us has to go. CEO Kim wants one of us to go. – We have to choose someone. / – Right. Keep this a secret from CEO Kim. (Ghost leg) They’re doing it for real! He guessed it. It’s the fairest lottery for all workplaces. Rock, paper, scissors leads to arguments… – About timing. / – Right. Ghost leg happens at once in plain view. Incredible. – When in doubt… / – Ghost leg is the answer. We’re staking our lives on this game? Using ghost leg for such a key decision? We have to. – No one wants to go. / – I’m not that lucky. (Truth bursting forth) Aren’t you being too truthful? My hands are getting sweaty. Palms getting sweaty… It’s nerve-racking. In case the chosen person is unable to go, we’ll also appoint a reserve candidate. The chosen person will appoint the candidate. No excuses. – Two-for-one? / – Yes, two-for-one. – Got it? / – Both people must accept the results. – That’s strange. / – Sure. New York City, here we go. Why am I getting nervous? (Trembling) (No knowing when they’ll return) Terrifying New York transfer! Why am I getting nervous? (Who will be chosen?) Please… – Oh, no! / – They’re all tense. (Totally anxious) – It’s not easy when you have a family. / – Oh, no! (Who is the lucky winner?) (Director Choi Eunho) What? Gosh! – It’s him. / – He picked himself. (Thank goodness) (Congratulations on your New York transfer) Director Choi. It’s destiny! The people who suggest it are usually chosen. – That’s true. / – Right. – They get chosen. / – It happened to me too. – Really… / – Hold on… I get to appoint someone. (Darn…) Oh, that’s right. I’ve made my decision. (Each thinking of a reason) (Why they can’t leave Seoul) Managing Director Seong! Geez. Managing Director Seong! (Thank goodness again) Gosh. Look at them cheering. (Oh, dear…) An excellent choice. I have so much work in February. The crucial thing is, I only played sports when I was young. My English isn’t great. He played sports? He studied Community Physical Education. Really? She’s been studying English so hard. – Right, right. / – She has the basics down. You both have English names. We do. Brian and Jin. – Brian… / – But really… – Since we opened the office. / – Someone had to go. People were concerned about it. Let CEO Kim know what we decided. Thanks. – Thank you. / – Thank you. No one wants to go. It’s strange. Can’t you guess why? It’s probably a lot of work. – They have to go with CEO Kim. / – Not a free trip. – Oh, really? / – Yes. There’s always a reason. Otherwise, they’d fight over it. (2 days before the New York trip) (Boss Kim’s home overlooking Namsan) – It’s your home. / – Yes. It’s been a while since we’ve seen it. (Writing) (Writing something in her living room) – A packing list for New York? / – Yes. You need a list to remember everything. Right. It’s a long trip. Even when you pack like that… – You forget things. / – Right. – It happens. / – That’s right. Don’t forget red pepper paste or side dishes. – Red pepper paste? / – On a trip? Wow, what a well-organized closet. Oh, my. I’ll take this since it’s cold. – Leopard print. / – A fierce look. It’s freezing in New York. Twice as cold compared to here. (Next item, fancy trousers) It’s so well organized. – It’s not for a fashion show, is it? / – No. – But New Yorkers dress stylishly. / – Right. (Ding-dong) Who is it? (Employees summoned to her house) – Come in. / – Hello. The directors who’ll join her on the trip. – Did you buy everything? / – Yes. In our team, we stop by CEO Kim’s house every now and then to eat together. My house is a 5-minute walk away. But I don’t walk this way. No wonder I never ran into him. – He takes a detour. / – To avoid an encounter. It’s 5 minutes away, but he takes a 20-minute route. When I walk my dog, I avoid coming this way. I take a detour. – What were you doing? / – I was packing. What should I wear for the audition? – It’s indoors. / – The staff will wear black. Really? Should I wear black too? It’ll be indoors. He doesn’t like her choices. He doesn’t like CEO Kim’s style. She likes leopard prints. That leopard print matched with fancy trousers? Where… Are my black trousers… Don’t go all black. (Found it) How about this outfit? A tuxedo. I like it. I’ll wear this with this. – Like this. / – It’s nice. – Nice. / With that… She chose something I like for a change. Looks pretty. Director Choi likes simple looks. – Simple looks. / – I’ll wear this inside. I’ll wear these trousers again with this. I’ll wear this top again with this. – That’ll work. / – Planning outfits is tough. I’ll mix and match. That’ll work, right? Do you know what this is? (What is it?) (Gosh) – A nose cleaner. / – Gross. It’s grosser when you don’t clean it. You know what’s most important? (What is it now…) Pack a spoon and chopsticks. A spoon and chopsticks? – Why? / – We always eat cup noodles at night. – We took them to Russia too. / – Yes. – It’s important. / – Cup noodles are tasty. (I give up…) (Korean food for her business trip) We’ll pack these for CEO Kim. – What is that? / – Soju? It’s not bottled water, is it? It’s not for us. Look… – They miss soju. / – 10 bottles. Who misses the soju? – The staff… / – Do you miss it? The staff and models. It’s for them, not us. (For the New York staff longing for Korean food) – It’s for them. / – You bought it for them? That’s why I called them to my place. (They can’t skip their meal time) We’ll have to eat hamburgers in New York. So let’s practice here. (Hamburger) Let’s do a good job there. – Yes. / – We’ll do a good job. Yes. I only hope there won’t be any mishaps. I hope it’ll end well. I hope we meet good models. (The day before the trip) (Trip members gather for a final review) Let’s discuss our schedule for the trip. Let’s see it. – You’ll arrive at 10:50… / – It’s packed. Let’s start with the casting call. I’ll give you an update on the casting call. – Is that New York? / – It’s New York? Yes, our New York office. – Is it? / – Yes. This is the east side of Brooklyn. There are younger artists here. It’s the core of this business. (Meeting with businesswoman Im Sanga) – It’s Im Sanga! / – She sang “Musical.” – She signed with our agency. / – Really? – With ESteem? / – Yes, signed with ESteem. Oh, my. I was a fan of hers when she sang “Musical.” Lastly, for the casting call, you’ll be joining as a judge. The main purpose of the trip, right? (Boss Kim’s big project, no. 3) (Top models at New York fashion week) (Song Kyunga) (Han Hyejin) (Soojoo) They’ve had so many stellar models. (Now, casting in New York) (ESteem’s first global audition) Seriously… Are they all there for the audition? Surely not. It’s probably for a restaurant. (Worthy of a Michelin-star restaurant) Or a new hamburger place. – Surely not. / – Is that line for the audition? – Yes. / – No way. I worried there wouldn’t be as many people. But we received 1,024 applications. – More than 1,000? / – Yes. We narrowed them down for the audition, inviting around 250 applicants. – Goodness. / – K-culture is a central force. Yes. – Cool. / – So cool. (Applicants from all over the U.S.) (No age limit) (For anyone with talent) (Searching in the fashion capital, New York) (For the next-generation superstar) I feel so proud. – To see Korea play a central role. / – Right.


  1. This grandma needs to shut the hell up. Do you know how hard it is to adjust to a new country? Not to mention when your mom is at work all day? And do you know how expensive it is to live in New York? Somebody take the stupid grandma off the show she’s annoying as hell.

  2. I really like her when she working . It feel like i having a girlcrush toward her. One day i would like to be like her . Hahaha

  3. Ceo kim getting prettier now, i love boss kim episode, not likd boss yang, ceo kim always show us what a boss work

  4. They critisize her so much for the mural idea, but she didn't need much time to make 4-5 times amount of profit. She is really a cool boss

  5. Probably the only most agreed explanation that the directors didn't want to go is because of the CORONAVIRUS

  6. New York is shit. I don't want to go either. For a korean it wil be earth shattering. The people, beggars, crime, its too much.

  7. One of best CEO … I’m watching only 2 or 3 episodes, CEO KIM show me three big projects already such as idol project, art project and the establishment of new breach. I feel like “WATCH AND LEARN”.

    Anyway, the guy MC seem like rude sometime when he’s commend. I think he should change his speech.

  8. wow! they already made 4 to 5 times the amount in profit. I want to learn from her & thats one of the reason why im watching this 🤩🤩

  9. CEO Kim is just honestly a good role model. I think anyone who would work with her closely would be pretty lucky in terms of widening their skills and network!

  10. haha when the soju can't really be for the staff and models……..I swear they sell soju in the H Mart in New York City. H Mart has almost anything you might need

  11. I’m so surprised that no one wants to go to NYC. if i were there, I definitely raise my hand to go with her to new york.

    And im such awe this huge project. 😮 its huge deal. So cool

  12. Ppl be like if I am young , single and have no responsibility I would totally go to NY 🤣 They go to NY to work not having fun and I’m pretty sure that there are tons of work waiting for them when they get there so 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. I know adjusting somewhere far from home is hard, but it would be a great experience to be assigned in NYC. Plus, NYC is beautiful.

  14. If no one wants to go to New York, then they need to hire someone who wants to be there and knows the playground there. If they’re going to pay me the same to live abroad to leave my extended family members and my life, I would say heck no

  15. CEO Kim is an amazing woman with such vision. Now wonder her company is such a big success! And she has such a loyal, hard working team. What a great company!

  16. I had severe Social Anxiety and New York was extremely Scary for me but you get used to it. You have to toughen up or else you'll get walked all over like a Doormat.

  17. Woah 4-5 times the profit and it wasnt even that long. Its amazing i mean now its no wonder how Esteem came from literally rugs to riches. Her judgement/instincts is amazing. I think she’s the best boss in this show

  18. i understand their reluctance to move they probably aren't fluent in english, the customs are different. and the cost of living is insane on the other hand it's a lively beautiful place, they can have quite the adventure

  19. I would like to go new york for works and also it develop my life and also my career. Successful person came because experience

  20. I live five hours from NY city, and, even here, I can buy all the Korean foods she packed. In NY city, its easier to find them, even soju!!!

  21. It’s hilarious and super sad international Asians forget that the Asian American community exists out here too.

  22. My first thought of her suddenly telling them that one of them has to go is probably a problem because not only will they have to learn a new language, they have to learn the culture, the money currency, how certain things are done. Tradition is also a huge part depending where the office is based, some parts have more forgeigners from different countries so not only will they have to learn the things i previously stated. But theres a high chance they'll also have to learn other types of cultures to not offend anyone. Of course, they'll keep their own culture, traditions, and other things but please keep in mind of these things. Also they have to get accustomed to a new environment, time difference, and other aspects of moving to a different place

  23. I’m crying they asked “so suddenly?“ And she replied “you should’ve thought about it“ 😭😭😭💀
    seriously she’s got to be my favorite person. ever.

  24. I wish there are bosses who actually think on her/his staff's perspective as well (they might exist, but still a few), or… AT LEAST try to listen. Yes, I know that would be fun to work abroad but other people also have their own life and situation as well.

  25. There’s like a whole street full of korean restaurants, there’s hmart korean grocery store. I don’t understand why she is taking all of these snacks and drinks?

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