Don’t Get Shot – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

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  1. Even firefighters can be cool sometimes. The rescue and Hermann using the hose as his shot, everything is amazing!!

  2. Kelly Severide is now working with Chicago Fire's arson investigation unit. His time with arson investigation could be brief. Or it could be a set up for another spinoff show, one called Chicago Fire: Arson Investigation Unit. If so, the writers of that new show may be challenged in trying to come up with different arson storylines to fill on each show for years.

  3. Christopher. Nice shooting with the fire hose. You saved Matt and Kelly from injury or death. You deserve an award for that water shooting.

  4. Everything wrong with this episode in 10 seconds. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of men, equipment responding plus the water damage to the apartment and the chance some will get shot instead of one well place 50 cent bullet to the brain.

  5. And that is why Herman is my absolute favorite character (along with Peter Mills who I am still sad is gone). He's a sarcastic baddass with a heart of gold and the courage of a lion.

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