1. Great job!! This OBAMA SCUMBAG "scares" investors in order to plunge the market further, in order to hurt Prez Trumps chances in November…Scurrilous!! Typical for the Obama holdovers, no morals, win at all costs, take this President down, bar the consequences.

  2. FUNNY, whenever the market is bad, the LAMESTREAM MEDIA says it's TRUMPS economy, when it performs well it's due to Obama decisions!! It won't matter the DEMS will LOSE BIG in November!!

  3. This virus is not that bad, there are far worse viruses out there, what has been worse than normal is Trump's management of the crisis. If it had been done in a professional way then everybody wouldn't be so scared

  4. thanks presidente Donald Trump
    keep helping the Rich people
    and don't do nothing for the poor and middle class
    well these the consequences
    God bless America

  5. I bet no ones looking forward to this christmas, on a more positive note spring and summer are coming, in stead of looking about what you have lost, try and remain positive, life is a mix of ups and downs!!

  6. Recession is good for the rich because everything is cheap
    Recession is bad for the poor because they lose their jobs and save money. *smh wake up


  8. This is bad news for the rich. The poor are still poor.
    Is this the equivalent of another trump bankruptcy bigly
    And Drumpf* goes down in history once again.

  9. Capitalism is a house of cards, on a bed of quicksand, in a rising wind. And it's hurricane season. This is the end of the system.

  10. "If the Dow drops 1000 points in a day the president should be removed from office and shot out of a cannon." The racist rapist orange tinyhanded loser

    Rapist loser becomes president thanks to Putin and racists: dow loses 1000 points several times and loses 2000 in a day

  11. Question for Clown News Network and it's Dimwit Dullards. If the Coronavirus is so dangerous, then why are the only two Dimwit Party Candidates still campaigning? Not worried about their health?

  12. hey I know hindsight is a motherfuking deal but you f**** left is losing fake news son-of-a-b** has look what happened today went back up a thousand so cry me a River when there's really something happens okay

  13. I'm a big-time investor and from what I see the media is the ones driving the stocks down based on fear and scaring the public this has nothing to do with politicians or government the media is making everybody feel like they're going to die

  14. You people worry so much about a stupid little virus. Aspirin kills 350 each month. Doctor's prescriptions kill 20,000 influenza 400.000 – Americas have created this panic,

  15. i heard this one guy say and people put it on shirts and hat and signs he once said over and over and over

  16. How about we do away with oil All together. Let's go all green and all electric, and put inventions back in the driving seat of our market
    We will be stuck with oil, if we don't change. We need to change.

  17. We’re going to go into a recession just wait on it, it’s going to be real soon and we are gonna get really fucked up because of trump. 1920 the economy was booming and then the stock market crashed and shit got fucked up real fast.

  18. Close the market.
    You can watch these idiots applauding at the close. Why???
    Wall Street is running the country anyway, not the President. ( or any President before him )

  19. Haha CNN trying to sow panick 🤣
    Never reported when it went higher than ever in history 🤣how can they want bad things just coz they hate trump ,now believable not unbelievable

  20. Don't worry about the future if you live in a democratic controlled area you will receive a free tent to live in and a free thirty day supply of needles so you can shoot up safely live free morons

  21. Stock market falls;
    CNN : "This is going to have a huge impact on your 401k"

    Stock market rises;
    CNN: "This doesn't have any effect on you, it only helps the rich"

  22. This is one of the best times to buy stocks with all the prices low. If anyone was wondering where to buy them. Try Robinhood, it dosen't have trade fees.


  23. This might finally destroy capitalism! I hope so! Then we can start a new PERFECT SYSTEM where there is equal wealth worldwide! We’ll call it EQUALITY WORLDWIDE! Not capitalism, not Socialism, and not Communism! Because there should be equal wealth worldwide, and the stock market shouldn’t exist!

  24. Corporations are actually slave plantations and illegal! All people should own all things worldwide! Think about that a second and you’ll see that then there’d be equal wealth, equal ownership, and no poverty, no crime and no wars! Someday there will be EQUALITY WORLDWIDE and the world will be PERFECT and free!

  25. Since 1951 DuPont knew that Teflon was deadly but hid that from the public because they wanted PROFITS before helping people and saving lives, because that is capitalism! If all people owned it and knew it was deadly they definitely would have eliminated Teflon! You know that’s TRUE! Destroy capitalism!

  26. Money is the sign of liberty. To curse money is to curse liberty- to curse life, which is nothing, if it be not free.

    Remy de Gourmont

  27. Obama had to deal with the swine flu, Ebola and Zika.
    No market crash. No recession. Only growth and corrections, and a record breaking quarter in 2013.
    The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response

    team in 2018 to cut costs. In 39 countries including China. AHAHAHA dumb ass nazis f*cked themselves.

  28. So, 30yrs ago you took all our jobs away sending them to china saying it's better for or country's economy and faster cheaper production will push us forward. WELL hows that china crap working out, don't we feel better as a nation waiting on supplies from the very place we got another pandemic…feel the great winning

  29. fake news…..lol…..it doesn't fit my agenda. its all about me me me….trump will drain da swamp….build the coronavirus wall……and cancel all events…..jeebus ist lord!

  30. Market crash 2020 was long in the making.
    High stock prices were due to –
    1. Easy money policy (QE) by central banks
    2. Delay in normalising QE (due to political pressure)
    3. Poor economic growth but high share prices
    4. Threat of recession
    5. Coronavirus

    1+2+3+4+5 = CRASH

  31. So CNN is inadvertently acknowledging that President Trump’s. actions affect the Stock Market, NOT Obama’s pipe dreams of Utopia.

  32. My wish is that the market will continue to tumble right down to around 15000 ! I'm so happy there loosing there money, there is a God

  33. Maybe it is time that we all start investing in something of TRUE and LASTING value. Maybe we should turn to God and keep His commandments. That is the main thing right now. Look to God and His Son, and keep their commandments. Anyway, that is my thought on the matter.

  34. The equities market has been on a long 11 year BULL run since March 2009 (after the 2008 Credit Crisis). There is usually a 7 year bull run before a 25-30% pull back within the usual market undulation. That was supposed to happen around 2016-2017. Go look at a 10 year chart Sp 500 Emini chart. The market went sideways from Mid 2015 to Nov 2016 in a sideways holding pattern. It looks like the market was selling off/tumbling in Feb 2016 then took of bullish by Dec 2016. That BULL run went on for 3 more years to now. A sell off is LOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGGGGG overdue. A pull back of 20% happened through fall & winter of 2018, but the market shook it off and remained bullish until now. The Feds and QE market manipulation kept the markets propped up.

    They manufacture a media story headline to JUSTIFY a sale off; the global virus is just an excuse. I'm anticipating a 40% pullback/correction for the SP 500 mini to test 2100 and that is WORST CASE. before the market bottoms out.

  35. So the rich keep getting richer because they have cash to buy stocks at the lowest prices and the poor keep getting poorer because they can’t keep up with the their bills.

  36. I'm not satisfied,
    I want bankers and Wallstreet employees jumping out of windows.
    The world will be a better place without their greed.


  38. Nice spin, fake news! Net drops and percentage drops are very different. The top ten single day percentage drops in history didn't even happen under Trump's watch! Twisting the truth again, to make Trump look bad! All you have is the naive and entitled listening!

  39. Utilizing Bollinger Brands analysis on these trends(paying mind to the lack of indicator confidence for non-stationary time series'), the MCAD on this price action really makes me fear an impending dead cat bounce. Going to ride the momentum to hopefully avoid the whipsaw.

  40. It’s all Trumps fault. If he want to get credit when the market is good he has to take credit when it’s the worst in the history of records. It’s a “Perfect” crash just like the phone call …


  42. First Russia, then ukraine. . .they almost seceded in removing Trump. . . now the caronavirus hysteria. I'm not saying it's not dangerous. But trying to create fear is just another attempt at a takedown

  43. 80% of the stock is owned by the top 10%. 36% of stock is owned by the top 1% lmao. Im not hating or mad at it, just stating a fact.

  44. U.S made and invent the Corona virus to avoid 2020 Recession & the collapse if stock market like “2008” and to assist the president Trump to to be re-elected and take advantage from oil suppler to avoid further collapse. End of the day “””U. S.A facing a real “Recession”””.

  45. The market was surfeited with a litany of Black Swans, patiently waiting to Set it off, here it is… The Perfect Crash, “Too big to fail” is now “Too late to salvage” and we’re all responsible, nobody did enough to stop it.

  46. Just remember, you haven't actually lost anything until you sell. Buy low sell high. Just that simple. If you are selling now you are a dimwit. Grow a pair you pussies.

  47. Well, well, Trump chumps are going to get what they deserve…a busted market…don't get pissed at me…I have been trying to warn the Republicans since 2015. I'm prepared…I have been stocking up for a few months now…I got lots of pot to bargain with…and I have been collecting silver and gold. Printed paper money will be useless. In fact, it already is if we would be honest with ourselves.

    Went shopping the other night…stocked up on everything I swear. Plus I have lots of protection to hurt someone bad if anyone tries to rob me. Come on now! Let's Rock n Roll. Get the party started.

  48. Hey Retards v Libtards….guess who has all the gold on the planet? Being the U.S gave up the gold standard in the 1970s…in exchange for worthless paper money…China has it! That's right! China has all of the gold.

  49. This whole situation makes it very clear who the establishment is taking care of, corporate America. This amount of money could eliminate a lot or most of the student debt which would stimulate the economy. Once families and our citizens are safe and healthy the market will recover it's not the other way around. Corporate America loves socialism when it benefits them but lobby against any benefit that helps the majority. I hope this wakes people up and they stop supporting candidates that value 💰 over people.

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