Dr. Fauci on coronavirus in the US: It’s going to get worse

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  1. Can Dr. Fauci have his license taken away if his predictions don't materialize? It's almost the end of the flu season.

  2. Stop pulling punches. All 10,000,000 in Wuhan are " Sick ". 100,000 have been deemed a " case ". 3,000 have died in 3 months. Nobody born after 2006 died. So, if we just sprayed our population with this virus like maybe I would, I would expect only 1% of the entire population will need medical care, which is…1% of 340,000,000 is…3.4 million people need a test. Of this group, expect 3% to die. 3,400 times three is…10,200 people are going to die. Nobody born after 2006 will die at all. Most who do die will be over 80 years old. That is all I know for a fact. If anyone can please explain any moment in human history when 80 year old men dying has altered our means of production? Or altered anything? It's normal. Get over it. If there is a school administrator older than say, 50? They have already put in 20 years, they need to retire, not block the normal circle of life and just keep taking our taxes because they have such an easy job a 90 year old could do it better. Send the kids to school, they are the plague. Fire/retire everyone in the school systems over age 50. Tell me, WHY NOT? And people that produce things? They are young and are healthy. Get to work!. The only possible issue I can forsee is all of those idiots who postponed reproduction and have created a situation where an 80 year old can even have a grandchild under age 40. They have to choose life over love of family. So sad. Maybe I can get rich writing sad movies for the Hallmark channel when it's all behind a bit. I hope Marky Pist survives the pandemic, I want her to star in it as the awful old evil woman who tries to ruin America then dies from a virus when she thought it was HER TURN. I will cast Robert Redford as the President who saves all of his idiotic detractors, just to prove how great great can be. " El CID " What do you think? Good title?

  3. DO NOTHING DONTHECON do your job! This is the #1 responsibility of our Government!!!!! Zero credibility, not prepared for covid19 and not protecting our elections. We are watching you ( the tRump administration ). We need more covid19 test, health care workers and public need supplies. Our Congress, President and VP should all be tested for covid19. tRump is incompetent!

  4. Too bad trump made fun of South Korea winning the Oscar awards. Now Korea has tested almost everybody. And here in America not enough test are available ???? Even a nurse who volunteered to help the sick couldn’t even get a test for herself. Come on Trump stop blaming and do what’s right for America even if means taking advice from South Korea

  5. National guard should be mobilized should. have tents set up mobile. don’t overwhelm health care system. glad Obama not president he would never shut down air travel from China European countries.

  6. but trump said it was a hoax. i don't get it.

    he cut cdc funding previously as well.


    and for those who still want a wall…. you might as get rid of cruise ships and airplanes while you're at it 🤔

    trump may have decent policies to you guys (i don't know of many..) but ok.. fair enough. but the way he handles recovery efforts in major events is not good. Tossing toilet paper at people doesn't count either.

  7. Most of the spread has been from citizens who have travelled internationally going to public meetings (church etc.) and infecting others. These individuals are just not thinking and are irresponsible… that is the problem.

  8. some body should  look into this guys job history. A lot of big pharma maybe,  hes looking to make a lot of money off of all the little turds out there. THE turds out there are you and I.


  10. I love the Military doctor behind Dr. Fauci. He has a bad poker face, but it's great for us to see and know that Dr. Fauci is telling the truth or at least saying something he agrees with.

  11. We can’t forgive this administration. Within 40/hrs the numbers of the infected Americans increased from 300 to 1200 due to the incompetency of this administration.

  12. 38 dead in US. 955 dead in Western Europe. BLAME TRUMP!!!! Your toilet paper won't save you. You are doomed.

  13. Hey everyone…..Let's just hope and pray that the top experts in the global medical fields, especially the US, can pull their resources together and get a handle on the situation, and each one of us do our part as individuals……no blame game…..let's pick up the pieces and regroup…..and be vigilant….and be sensible…..

  14. People get these viruses every year from here to Tim buck to and you never here anything about it. You have to understand democrat's have nothing left. Everything they've done to try and kamikaze President Trump has failed and this is a last ditch effort.

  15. (please read full comments)This is the biggest human tragedy. Is it possible that there is a 'foul play'? Meaning is there a human factor in causing virus to mutate, make it extremely virulent see it can propagate, reproduce, isolate it, colonize it and then introduce to bats or otherwise? I have feelings that it can be done in a sophisticated lab. This is not the time to point fingers who did it, but ask look what have you done! This is the excess of money which makes people blind.What fearing is not the virus itself but the fearful power of human mind. Excess of money does NOT make you rich What make you rich is if you love mankind and you are loving peaceful and truthful. Then Khuda (God) loves you then you are Rich regardless of how much money you have.This is the major sign of apocalypse and end days or last days. Soon there will be Descent of the True Messiah. But what is the identity of the true Messiah? What Khuda (God) told me that there are few extremely important things to recognize the True Messiah. He must be Extremely intelligent, genius , he must have achieved something is his life MUST NOT OWN any property or estate or any piece of land, MUST have a SINGLE NAME. MUST be a believer in Major prophets namely Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and others. He must be truthful PEACEFUL and love mankind regardless of color, creed, origin religion. There are already many false messiahs around. So wait soon he will reveal himself. Thank you for reading all this.ease read full comments)

  16. Thanks to Lying evil Trump most of his supporters will end up with Corona virus since they are the dumbest people in America. The bad thing is the people around them might also end up with the virus as well. Most red States will be sick and nowhere to go since their healthcare is bad due to the Republicans leaders. Sad thing is those dumb people made this happened. Thank Trump and Fox news for your virus.

  17. Fake news, this virus is a Hoax! No way Trump would have been playing golf last weekend if there was a real Pandemic going on. We have plenty of Test. Please save the Stock Market!

  18. The virus is still a "flu" virus, not a super-bug. It is 10x more communicable because it is NEW, there is NO community immunity, there's been no previous vaccination, and the virus can shed to another person before infected person shows symptoms. It's still just a flu bug. I agree with the measures being taken, but wish the news will not make it sound like a super, world ending, bug, it is not. Since approx 30,000 people die each year from the flu, is Facui predicting 300,000 will die from this virus?

  19. BLAME CHINA AND WHO. Testing does not stop the virus. Of course you can spot the ill ones, High fever and coughing  are some of the symptoms.

  20. representatives of the CDC and the FDA discussed the testing of the flu samples and told researchers to stop testing, but the Flu Study’s institutional review board determined it would be ‘unethical’ for researchers not to test.

    Soon after the decision was made, the research lab started testing the samples and found multiple cases of Covid-19

  21. How is it that South Korea has test kits by the boo koos, and here in the United States, we're test poor?

  22. I pray people take there own lives seriously an not count on people with no PHD or history of studying viruses. Just take precaution. When I was a kid they did the same with HIV an it killed millions. Propaganda is everywhere. On both sides. Do what’s right for you an your loved and risk nothing.

  23. Don't have to pass the buck and she Fauci surprised of Denzel Washington spine bend as L with 90°straight & 90°perpendicular to l.

    How wonderful it's hearing raw videos format and DNC-House is fully raw format video's. Rat infested hole's and NO cure for such raw viruses.

  24. I love these statistics. Virus is like three months old as a global epidemic an now people are talking statistics lol. You clearly didn’t grow up in the 80s. Be smarter people this is how HIV started an then killed millions an millions of innocent people that were uneducated an didn’t take it serious. Have a PhD an speak on your expertise. Otherwise don’t harm other people’s lives.

  25. partly i like the american approach (first getting data and then reacting) but the quote "it's coming from other countries" is just stupid! it's already there! wait the next days… the more people get tested, the more infections you get, it's fairly simple. i suspect this virus is going around the globe for more than a year already! (people think you notice a new virus immediately because we have such a good 😀 health system in first world countries, but that thinking is a big mistake!) 3 months prior we wouldn't be able to even test for this virus, so the awareness came very late, i suspect.

  26. Trump 2020 vote red to save America the left advocates for after birth abortion unbelievably sick and wrong

  27. when you are sick, they make money on your madical care.. when you are dead, they will keep your retairing money…That's why they literally want you to be infected…especially the old folks…

  28. Ha Ha Ha, starting at 0:40 look at the military guy sitting right behind him. Judging from his facial expressions he's either blowing out weapons grade farts OR he's shitting in his pants. Hopefully he's wearing a large DEPENDS to catch his 12" Lincoln Logs.

  29. Didn't Trump suggest that we would be down to zero by now? Didn't he say everyone could be tested? If the testing and treatment will be free, is that socialism? Starting to understand why health care is such an important issue? Are we going to bail out the oil companies, airlines and cruise ships? Who thinks that hotels will be added to that list followed by gold courses?

  30. Trump says he'll cut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare if reelected to shrink trillions in national debt

  31. "Why are we so far behind testing?" –
    1. Dec 31- initial outbreak was first reported in China
    2. Jan 10, a Shanghai lab published worldwide the virus' genome sequenced and opened the door for all to develop a diagnostic test

    3. Jan 17, German scientists produced and released the first diagnostic test.
    4. Jan 21, first case in US. US opted to develop its own test instead of using WHO's or others.
    5. Jan 24, CDC detailed its test. Approved by FDA Feb 4. But find it problematic later.
    6. CDC announced the issue on Feb12.
    New test to be developed.
    7. End Feb, only 3 of 100 public-health labs had verified the new CDC test for use.

    8. Feb 27, CDC revised its criteria to include patients with conditions so severe that they required hospitalization. Before that, only symptomatic patients with a travel history to China or those who may have had contact with a lab-confirmed coronavirus patient.

    9. Feb 29, FDA began allowing academic hospital labs to develop and use their own tests.

    10. March 4, Pence said more than enough for 1.5 million tests.

    11. As of now, doctors reported that they still hadn't received enough tests to diagnose potential cases.

  32. He knows they have lost track of people. He just won’t come out and say it. 1k cases, probably way more than that suspected, and tracking down everyone they came into contact with? Do the math. You just run out of people to follow up.

  33. Dr. Fauci is the one to blame , I dont trust that muther as far as I can throw him. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THE GD TESTS???

  34. But trump and pence said it’s all good and will go away by April and low risk I thought’ “in a sarcastic voice “ they have a degree in everything including knowing more then official doctors

  35. tRUMP defenders make me laugh when they keep saying people shouldn't listen to fake news CNN,MSNBC and other networks
    When it's tRUMPs own administration telling you fcking idiots he's fcking lying

  36. The President should be impeached for his inept and pathetic handling of this crisis so far, suggesting it is a hoax, and being concerned with how it reflects on him. It is sad. This is what happens when you elect a clown and a buffoon to office, an incompetent narcissistic moron.

  37. People are still going to casinos spreading this virus by screaming & yelling putting others at risk. Without hesitation please close all casinos in the U.S. & Canada. The casinos will however refuse. But under federal court order they won't have any say in the matter of national security.

  38. They are permitting it to spread! Why's nobody getting it! Big Pharma want a piece of it💰 The worse it gets, the more he gets💸 Get it❗🤔

  39. Our leige Lord Donald j Trump said just too stay calm n it'll go away by itself … I trust Trump first of his name the mentally damaged,the broker of deals, the bankruptcy king and the beholder of big vocabulary ….. Everything else is fake news

  40. "China government spokesman says U.S. army might have brought virus to China". What's Trump's answer to this accusation?

  41. The dems and the media are a bigger threat. The media has caused a panic situation. Funny, we're not hearing anything about the flu. Did we find a cure for that or are they getting more mileage out of this virus? I saw that the Obama administration sold this virus to China in 2015. Why are we not hearing about that. What one thing doesn't work, they try something else. Call me crazy, but I think this is another plan to demonize Trump.

  42. Why are all of these videos so short? They should be at least 25 minutes long. We need to hear the full content of the news. What the hell is contract tracing. Why don't the USA follow suit and do what S. Korea is doing. It will get worse because of failure to launch. Why test when you need to get out professionals to spray public places and everyone go on lockdown.

  43. We all know because this sister all Chinas fault spreadimg all coronavirus and poisoning earth !!!!!!!

  44. The Left's concern and compassion is the Hoax. They love the Covid-19 pandemic. They're in Ecstasy !

  45. Fearmongering 101. He's scared because he's old enough to be the Crypt Keeper. Nobody under 80 needs to worry about this.

  46. What is wrong with you weak-minded half wits lets look at The worst case 80% of the US population contracts it at most 4% die out of 360 million people and 2.5% will be the elderly and you all what to burn the world down grow up and wash your hands

  47. Stop,,, and take a deep breath. Several things to know before you let the media and all the hype have you running around with your hair on fire. Last years flu season killed approx 80,000 people. Not much hysteria from that. The corona virus is following similar trends from 2009 H1N1. I bet you didn't get sent home from work back then. The Corona virus we are dealing with has a longer infectious period. This means it can be contagious for days before any signs or symptoms are detectable. And it remains contagious through a longer period after symptoms appear then say H1N1. This creates a condensed cycle as it goes through a given population. Just by example, Instead of an infected individual passing it to 2 or 3 people in a short chain, they could pass it to 7 to 12 people. This creates a situation where a significant number of infected people are all contagious at the same time as the original source. That not only makes Corona virus have a high rate of infection ability, but creates an overall condensed cycle among the population. This condensed cycle is what overwhelms medical resources and Hospitals. The mortality rate among population currently trends as only slightly higher than normal flu season. Which by itself can vary by tens of thousands. The condensed cycle of infection rate creates a problem with mortality perception and they should not be confused with one another. Think of it like this. The Corona virus can spread through a community and fall into its resolve period in 45 days completing its cycle with an end morality rate of 1 percent or lower of an entire population as opposed to our normal flu cycle and somewhat comparable mortality rate would take an entire year to run it's full cycle and resolve. And that's the real problem with the Corona virus. Everyone can get infected and sick in a very short time frame. But likewise, it also means it will resolve in a very short cycle and time line in a given population such as a town or city. Also know that a majority of individuals will not notice anything more then a common cold with fever or what appears as regular flu. Of course this does not apply to susceptible individuals such as elderly or immunocompromised as is the case in any flu season. If the virus has a high infectious rate through the summer months in the North East this would be a major concern coming into the next flu season. Because Corona virus has such a condensed cycle, take care not to expose elderly members of your family to it. If you have sick children or your not feeling well stay away from them and others. Self isolate. If you were in a large crowd in small areas such as a bus, elevator, or rooms. Swab your nasal passage whith peroxide on a Q tip gently. A virus can lay in your nasal passage for days before it propagates to your body. Blow your nose with clean hands and never sniff in your runny nose. That gives any contagious virus a first class ticket right to your lungs to make a home. Don't get hysterical yet. We got a long way to go. Remember, if it hits your community it is going to spread hard and fast but it is not going to be any worse then a bad cold or typical flu for most people. It will however most likely overwhelm medical resources quickly because it will be like an entire flu season condensed in a very short period. But it is not the apocalyptic disease the media is creating in the public's mind. If it mutates to something like that, then you have my permission to set your hair on fire. Meanwhile, do everything your grandmother told you about, washing hands and don't touch this and that. And help reduce the initial impact by using common sense and reducing the virus pathogenic transferability. Because while you might be fine after contracting it, there will be others that can and will die from it. Just like any other flu season.

  48. I'll just call it the KARMA virus… it's handling the white supremacists perfectly. I'm happy when the chickens come home to roost.

  49. He’s about to implement martial law & scrub the election in November making him the dictator in chief like putine, Kim and Xi. Well done Trump.

  50. The government concealed the virus, blocked the news,because it was to discredit China, U.S. soldiers participated in the military Olympics in November, and the virus was brought into Wuhan. Japanese DNA scientists have long known that the five ethnic groups of the virus came from the United States, Taiwan and Japane media reports two weeks ago

  51. This guy is such a Deb Downer… talks to much….
    Just tell us what you recommend us we do and keep the drama and tv sensationalism out of it.

  52. I’m pretty sure I got corona but Uber provides no insurance so I’m just gonna press on and hope I don’t infect too many people

  53. Great Question. What does the Center for "Disease Control" or National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases do with the billions of dollars we give them? They can't even test people for the Coronavirus let alone treat it.

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