Drake Maverick scours New York City for the 24/7 Title: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

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So today, I’m in Times Square,
New York, and looking for R-Truth is going to be much more
difficult than I anticipated. Excuse me, do you wanna earn some money? Is the camera on me? All right, good, so I need you to document
all of this, okay, I need you document it. I’m a WWE Superstar,
all right, WWE is in town for two shows at Madison Square Garden. Believe it or not,
I’m a former 24/7 champion. And my wife’s told me if I don’t come
home with the 24/7 Championship, I’m not gonna be able to
consummate my marriage. It’s a long story, it’s a long story,
but let’s find this man. But I’ve got a map and it looks like
a pretty small island, so here we go. You’re coming with, excuse me,
you’re coming with me. Excuse me, have you seen this man?>>No?
>>No.>>Excuse me sir, have you seen this man? Excuse me, have you seen this man?>>What is it? 24/7 Champion, it’s R-Truth? Ma’am have you seen this man?>>No, thanks.>>No one’s any help,
24/7 Champion, anybody? Anybody, sir? Have you seen this man? Yep, ignore me, don’t worry about it. All right, let’s take the subway.>>If you’re passenger [INAUDIBLE] train,
is this batch, we surely [INAUDIBLE] [NOISE]
[SOUND] WWE Superstar 24/7 champion. Have you seen it all [INAUDIBLE] so we are here at Central Park. He’s not gonna be here,
he’s not gonna be here. There’s a hell lot of people jogging,
isn’t there? [INAUDIBLE] 24/7 Champion,
how about you, 24/7 Champion?>>No. [NOISE]
>>[SOUND] Excuse me, have you ever seen this man? Have you seen this man?>>No, sir.>>[SOUND] All right, so where are we here?>>Grand Central. Grand, let’s get to work. Hi, sir, Empire State State Building
please, Empire State Building, thank you.>>Watch your head, watch your head.>>Thank you, come on in, come on in.>>How are you today?>>I’m good, thank you. Trying to win the 24/7 Championship back,
and then well, it’s been since June 20th and me and
my wife haven’t consummated my marriage.>>Yeah. How’s your day going? Looking for this man here,
I don’t know if you’ve seen him at all. His name is R-Truth, he’s the 24/7
Champ that’s who I’m looking for. [NOISE] I’m not going up there! It’s like, I’m not going up there! [NOISE] This is,>>Yeah, I think we’re lost, have you seen this man? You seen this man?>>No [INAUDIBLE].>>Ma’am, have you seen this man? At me at social media,
if you see him, thank you.>>We’re travelling the routes of
where National Park Service requires [SOUND] Do you guys know where he is? 24/7 Champion. 24/7 Champion. At least I got a ice cream out of this. If you don’t love New York, if there’s one place I know he’s
gonna show up, it’s gonna be here.


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