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New York is where bartending history began, so, to come here as a student and learn… there’s really no better environment. So, Williamsburg is the perfect place for the school because it is not only a break from Manhattan and the craziness that happens over there, but also a relaxing, you know, hipster, artistic, place that everyone wants to be at right now, especially in New York. The course is awesome, it is one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Day 1, you get into a routine every day of studying, learning new cocktails, making them, and you’re always learning something new every day. During the course, we introduce the students to the world of bartending, whether they don’t know anything, or they have worked in a bar and we give them the foundations needed to build a career. It is better to keep going and doing the moves than to come back and do that one later, it’s fine, ok? I want you to keep going! The instructors are amazing, they’re always there to help, always mucking around with you, it’s like they’re just your friends, but they have more knowledge about everything than you do. So you’re there to learn but you’re also having fun at the same time. I think it goes way beyond teacher-student relationship as far as like more a friend to friend relationship I always appreciate the fact that is not just within the school that we learn, you know, because this is just a building, outside of the school we learn just as much. In our free time, we mostly go out, experience New York, go to all the places we want to see, or just meet at the bar and hang out. Wherever you go, you would have amazing bartenders, showing you all the drinks that you’ve just learned in the course and you can just taste them, you can see how the professionals are working, and it’s just so much fun! The apartment is amazing, you walk in and you just get this massive New York vibe, like you see in the movies and living with the students, from all around the world it’s awesome you’re always learning something new about each other every day. EBS New York for me was super special because I’ve met so many interesting people from all around the world and we were just sharing that experience together and I think that’s the coolest thing you can do, just go to a new place, meet new people and learn how to bartend and just have a good time together!


  1. This EBS is the best for me, I've always wanted to go to New York city and this way would be a great opportunity expending a great time there.

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