Electing a US President in Plain English

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Every four years, Americans who are 18 or
older have a big responsibility. Our votes decide who becomes the president
of the United States. Unfortunately the US election system isn’t
that simple. It’s easy to imagine every US citizen’s vote
being counted together on election day. But this is not the case. US elections are not decided by the total
or popular vote, but individual states. Let me explain. It starts with your vote. On election day you’ll vote for president
and their vice president. You get one choice. Then, all the votes in your state are counted. The candidate with the most state-wide votes
becomes the candidate your state supports for president. This happens across the country until each
state has selected their candidate. We end up with most of the 50 states and the
District of Columbia voting to support 1 candidate each. But there’s a problem. We can’t elect a president by just counting
up the choices of these states – US states are different. Consider this: California has about 36 million
people, Kansas has less than 3 million. We need a way for California’s choice to have
more influence on the election because the state has more people. The question becomes – how do we make sure
each state has the right amount of influence on the election? Well, we need to account for the population
of each state. As an example, Let’s consider my home state
of North Carolina… Like every state, it is divided up into congressional
districts that are based on population. North Carolina has 13 districts, California
has 53 and Kansas has four. When it comes to a state’s influence on the
election, the number of districts matters most. More population=More districts=More influence. The influence a state has in the election
is measured by the number of “electors”. This number comes from the number of districts
in a state plus the number of U.S. senators – which is always two. North Carolina has 15 electors, California
has 55. When a candidate wins the voting in a state,
they win that state’s number of electors. That’s why big, populous states can be so
important to candidates – their electors add up quickly. And the number of electors is what really
matters. Here’s why… If you add up the electors of all 50 states
and the District of Columbia, there are 538 in total. The goal on election day is to win the majority
of 538 – or 270 electors. Once a candidate wins enough states to reach
the 270 majority, they have won the election and become the president elect. So, let’s recap – Your vote helps your state
choose a single candidate. That candidate receives all the electors from
your state. The candidate who can win enough states to
reach 270 total electors wins the national election and becomes the president elect. Then, on the following January 20th, the president
elect is sworn in as the next president of the United States. Yay! It all starts with your vote. Make it count.


  1. si vous étent comme moi et que la prof vous a dit de regarder cette vidéo beh ne la regarder pas c'est nul j'ai rien contre le mec mais juste ca en devoir c'est enervant

  2. so what about the electoral election in December? if someone gets enough electoral votes on election day in Nov. then do they still have to get votes again in December?

  3. What an oligarchic system that fakes true democracy by not counting the whole population, only the power of smaller states that has more districts than they deserve matters. In a normal head country whole individual votes should matter, and if there is no candidate that received more than 50% of the total voting population there should be a rematch between the first and second candidate at a second scrutiny. But fuck true democracy right?

    This voting system was invented in order to make sure that smaller parties and new parties that would represent middle class people cannot and will never have any chances against the rich people that basically controls and lobbies the Republicans and Democrats.

  4. This is shit! how if a candidate was born in the most populous and most number of districts!? so he/she takes a lead in a first place! What a piece of a dumb democracy fraud 🙁 But hey finally I found the most simplest explanations in youtube ^_^

  5. Thank you so much for this video! I just spent the last half hour trying to find info on this that didn't confuse the hell out of me and finally I watched this video and was able to make sense of this bullshit.

  6. I was so amazed by how this guy just went on and on to make it more and more complex and it honestly felt like he was exaggerating for humorous effect. Then at the end when I realized 'this is actually how it works?'
    It seems like the system is built around the idea that a president should be able to be elected without necessarily getting the most votes. Since the latter system is the most logical and fair they had to come with solutions on how to make it as logic and fair as possible.
    The problem with this is: Logic is what nature decides it to be, not what we try to tame it to be.

  7. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If 270 people who work for the government (electors) vote for the same candidate. That candidate will be President! And The People's vote is only used for influence?

  8. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If 270 people who work for the government (electors) vote for the same candidate. That candidate will be President! And The People's vote is only used for influence?

  9. I do not believe one second there were a substantial amount of the independents, the democratic and even republican voters who changed party affiliation, that sat out the vote for president. There has been millions of voters who have had their votes taken away by republican efforts to suppress the votes through operations as CrossCheck, Closing down polling venues in predominantly democrat voting areas, provisional ballots not given and not counted, outdated and hackable voting machines with no paper trail, Gerrymandering districts to favor republican elections, inundating the internet and media with bogus information. Trump is the ultimate liar taking facts and either completely disregarding them or twisting them to suit himself. When he's talking about people in two states, he's talking about "Cross Check" which was invented by republicans. And THAT is actually fact. Except "Cross Check" specifically targets minorities who would most likely vote democratic. Their claim they're preventing voter fraud, is actually a front to commit voter suppression. Read the article in The Rolling Stone by Greg Palast.

  10. Royal(King)Administrative Court,Eagle Grove IA50533,International Justice,Atomic Agency,Customs; President,50,Newyork County Board of Elections,Ny,USA.

  11. Thank you. Simple, short, and sweet…. none of this "blah blah blah" complicated language…. you basically did what my teacher couldn't do. Help me understand.

  12. "The candidate with the most state wide votes becomes the candidate your state supports."

    Wait, I thought when we vote, we're voting for electors?

  13. So this pretty much makes the electoral college seem irrelevant since they are chosen by popular votes of the citizens in each state which breaks it down to percentages, so then What exactly are they for?

  14. Without the EC 'Mega Cities' could overwhelm the entirety of the country. Saying nothing of the fact that, the increased size of cities can lead to more corruption (See number of counties with more voters than registered citizens).This is why Trump won 2,623 counties to HRC's 487. The Electoral College prevented the tragedy of the 487 ruling over the 2,623. It's the same reason President Trump won many more states than Hillary.
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  15. I've looked at other ones yours was the only one that really made a lot of sen And didn't confuse the hell out of me Thank you very much you did a good job

  16. Your proposition is not how our System was wisely founded upon; the wealthier and more populated States like California or New York should have no more influence than Wyoming. That's why the Senate has two Senators EACH, and the House elects by Congressional Districts. This is wise to do so; Jefferson I believe was the inspiration to NOT elect due to popular vote, as a protection against someone just being "popular" and "in vogue" (like the last President), and give the citizens of the States more power than "the masses." Good idea, and it's worked great for over 200 years. Don't tinker with it. SO, your video won't and shouldn't work.

  17. Looks and sounds fantastic but in reality https://canadacommunity.org/Thread-Selection-of-Presidents-by-Elite-Extraterrestrial-Technology-False-Flags-Genocide?pid=8171#pid8171 things are not the same too much flouride !

  18. Response Video: Let’s Clear the Air on the Electoral College, Equity, and Capitalism

    The truth behind a narrative of American tribalism


  19. Are electors required to follow the majority of popular vote in their district? Are electors required to be publicly neutral, or can they have a party affiliation? A faithless elector is the one that betrays his party or the district's popular vote? Can the the faithless elector be judicially sanctioned?

  20. Here is the plain English explanation for electing a US president: Unless you are one of the 538 electoral college voters, YOU DON'T vote for the President. THE END.

  21. I am from another country. And I am not a citizen of USA yet. If I go to USA and get a citizenship and also stay until my 35 years. and resident for 14 years. May I Will be the eligible for President Candidate?

  22. This video has been the best informative in YouTube. Thank you for making us more aware on how the Electoral Vote works. It has been a mystery for many decades. Not even college professors could explain it to me in the late 1990's.

  23. It's actually kind of the same as Canada's system. We vote for representatives, and the leader of the party that has the most representatives elected becomes the Prime Minister. More populous provinces have more representatives.

  24. 50 different popular votes,not one federal vote, 50 states, you have to win more states popular votes than your opponents, 50 states, not 57 like some idiot claimed.

  25. Finally l understood how the President is elected! Common Craft, you made it so easy ! I heard others but was. Not easy! Congratulations! You got my vote! Thank You! 👍

  26. for an outsider it was always confusing for me & I would always end up getting more confused whenever I watched some other videos. but thanks to your video I finally understood how it works 👍

  27. this system is soooooooooo awful ! its just like a big messed up system to make people think they actually have a choice

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