ELS Language Centers, New York City, Adelphi University – Manhattan Center

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Hi, my name is Patricia Chukurov and I’m the Center Director at ELS, Manhattan. Welcome to this video! We thank you for looking at our school. We’re located in the trendy neighborhood of SoHo in Manhattan at the border of Tribeca and Chinatown. As you may know, ELS Language Centers is a very strong academic school. We have partnerships with 600 universities and they accept our program as full satisfaction of the English language requirement. In addition, we have a very strong student activity program. We are a large testing center and I
look forward to showing you our campus and would like to thank ApplyESL.com for this opportunity to speak with you. Thank you! I like ELS a lot because there are many great teachers. They are always supportive and help us out in times of need. And the location is great. We can enjoy New York City and improve our English at the same time. I came from Columbia University searching for the best place to study for the TOEFL. So after research, I found this place and I can say that I increased my score from 80 points to 107 points in two and a half months because the teachers here are amazing. I recommend you to come to Manhattan Center in ELS. We look forward to receiving your application!

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