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Hey what’s up you guys? It’s me, Gabriel Iglesias,
and I’m joined by the very lovely, the very
talented Bricia Lopez Hi! Co-owner of
Guelaguetza Resturaunte here in Los Angeles
California or… Korea town… K-Town Because she’s very specific. Yeah don’t say K…
stop throwin signs girl. So we’re gonna be
making mole chilaquiles and I’m very excited
for you to try these. First we’re gonna get a pot Alright And we’re gonna get some
tomatoes and you let them boil. This is about like a pound of
tomatoes that we blended. Mole can take hours, even days to make if you’re
making it from scratch. Today we’re gonna be
making it with our mole paste. Do you wanna open this for me? Yes I will open this for you… [Laughing] Oh it’s gonna happen,
I can do this. It’s easy look. Now I’m gonna put the mole
paste into the tomato sauce. So we’re gonna like
just stir, stir, stir until it’s fully
dissolved. You gotta like really… I gotta really… You gotta go to town with it. Pretend like you hate it.
You’re just like “Ehhhh” Alright… You need to like really… Yeah girl alright… [Laughing] My mom right here [Imitating Mom in Spanish] So once it’s bubbling, that’s
when we add the chicken broth. Alright so how much
chicken broth are you gonna
pour in there? Ehh about a cup Alright And then to kinda balance it
out with a little sweetness, this is Oaxacan chocolate. Then we’re gonna
start frying our tortillas Okay We’re gonna cook
the chorizo right now Okay And I don’t like to put
extra oil in the chorizo because it’s got its own fat. Now how much chorizo are
you putting in this pan? I wanna say half a cup. I’m gonna have the mole and the chorizo cook
together a little bit I like my chorizo to
be really crispy So you like it a
little bit burnt A little bit That’s basically
what you’re doin… A little burnt. If you got crispy… FYI people, if your
chorizo is crispy, that means it’s burnt. Then we’re gonna add tortillas. You could smell this already. I mean there’s a
little bit to it that kinda chokes
you a little. It’s the chili [Cough] Burnt chili… So I am gonna
grab a plate for you. Okay Now sprinkle with chese That looks so good And then we’re gonna
add a little bit of onion. I always like to add a
little bit of parsley on top One of the things that I
really like to add for crunch, at the end, sometimes
we can just add a little bit of
chapulines. And it’s really really good [Cricket Chirp] Umm Bricia did you just
put…crickets on the plate? Yeah! Here… You know Bricia… But they’re so good.
Look it jumped off. I don’t think this
one’s dead yet. This party just jumped
off…okay now… [Laughing] This one just jumped sorry. If you want a little extra
crunch in your life, come on down, visit Bricia [In Small Voice] Gabe! Gabe! Oh my God she’s touching
my face with a cricket [In Small Voice] Gabe!! Ahhh! Oh God! You’re from Oaxaca now.
You’re officially Oaxacan. Oh yeah… Wow


  1. bro, mole chilaquiles? I am for experimenting but this is out there! But you know what, I am gonna give this a chance and make it when I get time. Keep making videos!

  2. What the hell?I am a pastry chef and i swear that those electric heaters don't work without a proper magnetic pot on their surface !!!!!
    Surely not with that bronze uneven pot !

  3. Personally, I'd rather pay a lot less and get a lot better in good ol' East LA! I know, because of watching some Youtube channels, where people travel through different regions of Mexico that yes, there are folks who eat bugs. Since I had a cousin who used to be a bug exterminator, I will never eat a cricket if I know it's there. According to him, crickets are just as bad as roaches only they can jump.

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