Ep79- New York Times & M.D. Fabricate Vaccine Stats

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The New York Times ran an Op-Ed yesterday, penned by Dr. Peter Hotez, who is dean and chief of the Baylor College of Medicine. The piece is titled “How the Anti-Vaxxers
are Winning”, but don’t you worry, the title is just click bait. The article makes no mention of Anti-Vaxxers
winning anything. I’ve seen people, including a breathless Dan Rather, share this article all over the internet, and knowing that they will never bother to do the research
to verify or challenge what is being said, I thought I would do it for you. If you’re new to vaccine research, you would
assume that with all the credentials this author has, they would tell the truth, right? Surely someone with Dr. Hotez’ credentials,
and he has a LOT of them, so many that he can barely fit them on his lab coat, you’d think he’d be afraid of fudging things when it comes to science, right? The truth about vaccines, my friend, is that
the truth is rarely told. It is as fake news as fake news comes, and
if you don’t believe me, you only have to wait one paragraph to see it. Come with me, on a little journey. Science is a friend of truth, and we are not
afraid of either, are we? Like most vaccination scare pieces, Dr. Hotez
chose to focus this article on Measles. Why measles? Well because there are only two other outbreaks
that frequently happen in the US- Mumps and Whooping Cough, both of which are because
the vaccine doesn’t work very good and/or the vaccine has created new strains for which
they cannot protect against. But they still have confidence in the Measles
vaccine, and the Measles outbreaks, even the ones where more than half of everybody was
doubly or triply vaccinated for Measles, the ones where nobody died, THOSE OUTBREAKS are
because of anti-vaxxers. That’s why they always focus on Measles, because
the other outbreaks draw attention to vaccine failure. He begins: Measles, one of the most contagious
(yes) and lethal of all human diseases (umm….) What was it that thing? If you have to get sick, you sure can beat
the measles. That’s right! No Medicine! Oh yeah! If you have to get sick, you sure can’t beat the Measles. Measles can be lethal in places with poor
nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, but in America, or any other country that doesn’t
use animal feces to plug up their babies umbilical cords directly after birth, Measles is not
lethal. It’s not deadly. Because Dr. Hotez has so many credentials
after his name, and because this ran in the New York Times, I want to give a little scrutiny
to the very first thing he says. Measles is one of the most contagious and
most lethal of all human diseases. I don’t imagine Dr. Hotez fared poorly in
school, so I’m going to take him at his word the way this sentence was written. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases,
we all know that, but he says Measles is the most lethal of all human diseases. Maybe he meant “one of the most”, but the
sentence was carefully constructed to say the most lethal of all human diseases. Is this true? I’m going to go to Wikipedia, and look at
a list of human disease case fatality rates. This means “What percentage of people who
got the disease die from it?” 100% means everyone who gets the disease dies
from it, and given that Measles is either the most lethal of all human diseases, or
one of the most lethal of all human diseases, I would expect it to be at the top, wouldn’t
you? Well, we have a couple of diseases at 100%
here. Prion diseases, like Creutzfeld-Jacob disease,
they’re at 100%. I knew someone who had that. Absolutely horrible. A bunch of other ones I’ve never heard of. African trypanosomiasis, Cryptococcal meningitis,
all at 100%. Dr. Hotez specializes in neglected tropical
disease, so you would think he’d be aware these diseases, and that they are more lethal than Measles, but maybe he forgot about them- they are obscure. Let’s keep going down the list- Plague, specifically
pneumonic plague- 100%. Rabies. Visceral leishmaniasis. Fibrodysplasi Ossificans Progressevia. I’m sure I’m butchering those pronunciations. All 100% lethal. No mention of measles yet. There’s a bunch of other diseases on here
I’ve never heard of, but finally we see a type of Small Pox at around 95% lethality,
Ebola at 83-90%, and Anthrax at greater than 85%. Rather than bore you with the complete list,
we have to go ALL THE WAY down to number 55, PAST Diphtheria and Pertussis to get to Measles,
which Wikipedia lists as around 1-3% lethal. If you have to get sick, you sure can’t beat
the measles, evidently. I’m not sure which list Dr. Hotez consulted
when he penned this article, if he penned it at all, but number 55 on a list of most
lethal diseases, does not qualify as most lethal in any category. Coming from such a highly esteemed person,
I am shocked he would open the article with such a blatant lie. Perhaps he can correct me on this, but I’d
love to hear from him or his staff on where they got that statistic from. Perhaps he should offer a correction to the
New York Times on behalf of us faithful readers. Hotez claims the first blow of the anti-vaccination
ascendancy will be measles outbreaks in America. Remember an “outbreak” is when a bunch of
people, at least half of whom have been fully vaccinated for a disease, catch the disease
anyway, and then nobody dies. That’s the modern definition of an outbreak. Measles outbreaks happen whether the population
is 0% vaccinated or 100% vaccinated, just ask China about the 100% version. To pre-emptively blame a non-existent outbreak
on anti-vaxxers, well in advance of one actually occurring is foolish. I was expecting better from Dr. Hotez, but
unfortunately, he is disappointing the truth seekers of the world. Keep watching for the second part of this
analysis of Dr. Peter Hotez and his New York Times vaccine hysteria piece- you won’t believe
what he says next.


  1. the vaccinated shed the virus, MMR is dangerous. No one I know have let their kids get the MMR. We are not afraid of disease and we are not afraid of people afraid of disease.

  2. The NYT piece was so light on (remotely accurate) content that I was actually amazed. I at least thought that there'd be something in there that was at least an attempt at a "new" angle. Nada! It was just hyperbole and I can't believe how poor and lazy this opinion piece was. I shouldn't be surprised but wow! Standards are LOW!

  3. Thank you Forrest, this was very informative. Hard to know who to believe these days but I sure know my truth on this one, and it's NOT what the NYT decided to publish here.

  4. Forrest, you are not seriously using Wiki to make your claims? That is sad. Instead of making a video mocking Dr Hotez, why don't you write to him and ask him to clarify his points? Is it because you cannot make any money off that? Everyone knows you are just a guy with a BA in religious studies and this is your full time job. Here are some actual statistics about measles.


    Also, check out the CDC Wonder database. 37 deaths from SSPE in the last ten years. SSPE is always caused by wild measles and always fatal.


    It's not Dr Hotez perpetuating fake news here. It is you.

  5. Journals join paper chase to root out mistakes
    China Daily | Updated: 2018-06-20 07:11
    On June 13 the New England Journal of Medicine retracted and republished a landmark study on the Mediterranean diet – and issued five other corrections – after an obscure report last year scrutinized thousands of articles in eight journals published over more than a decade and questioned some of the methods used.

    Separately, Cornell University said it was investigating "a wide range of allegations of research misconduct" raised against a prominent food marketing faculty member.

    The New England Journal's review did not alter any conclusions and should raise public trust in science, not erode it, said its top editor, Jeffrey Drazen, PhD.

  6. Vaccines would have to be 100% safe
    & 100% effective
    to be 100% beneficial to society.
    They are not save, not effective & not beneficial.
    Taking 2 grams of vitamin C hourly is more effective,
    safer & more necessary than vaccines.
    YouTube. Paul8kangas.

  7. Hotez is an idiot. I hate men who wear bowties. Dan Rather is a CIA asset. I would like to know the date. Will Colby a former head of the CIA said that every media outlet of significance is owned by the CIA. The Times is owned. Hotez also has an autistic child and says that parents who have an autistic child HATE their children.

  8. The earth is flat and unicorns are real. You're a crack pot. Where'd you get your phd? Oh, you don't have one? Dumb fuck.

  9. Hotez said that theres only the antigen and saline in a vaccine ? if he doesn't know the basic ingredients you should not be taking his advice

  10. Quote: "From 1956 to 1960, an average of 450 measles-related deaths were reported each year (∼1 death/ 1000 reported cases), compared with an average of 5300 measles-related deaths during 1912–1916 (26 deaths/ 1000 reported cases)" – Journal of Infectious Diseases

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