Eric’s Manhattan College Story

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>>Hey, I heard that your honor Society was named best in the country. That’s insane. If you have time could you just come talk to the Lasallian Collegians about how you promoted that?>>Eric: Yeah, sure thing.>>Alright, thanks. See you later.>>Eric: See ya.>>Hi, Eric. I was just reading your blog about your work with LOCo. I’m really interested in doing a similar service project, and that childcare program you set up for that women’s shelter is so inspiring.>>Eric: Thanks. You want to meet up for lunch sometime and talk details about how it worked?>>Eric: Oh, yeah. Definitely.
>>Thanks, bye.
>>Eric: See ya later.>>Eric [inner dialog]: I bet all the legwork we did on that project will give her a good jump start. I’ll email her as soon as I get back to my room.>>Yo. Hey, how’s it going?
>>Eric: Good, how are you?
>>It’s great.>>I’ll see you around.
>>Eric: See you later.>>Yo.>>Eric: How are you?
>>Are you ready for this season or what?>>Eric: Yeah, definitely.>>It’s going to be great. You want to come help us make some posters for the game maybe?>>Eric: I’d love to.
>>Alright, great man. Let’s go sixth borough.
>>Eric: Alright, take it easy.>>Eric [inner dialog] : Can’t wait for basketball to start up. It’s been too long.>>Hey, Eric. How are you?>>Eric: Good. How are you?
>>Good to see you.>>Eric: Nice to see you, too.>>You know, I wanted to mention that next week in one of my classes I’m gonna be talking about your field work that you did in the public schools. Would you be willing to come in and talk about it yourself?>>Eric: Oh? Yeah, I’d love.
>>Okay, great. I’ll be in touch.>>Eric: Alright, see ya.
>>Alright. Thanks, Eric.>>Eric [inner dialog] Present my field work? That’s awesome.>>Eric.
>>Eric: Yo. Hey, what’s up?
>>How are you doing?>>Eric: How are you?
>>Pretty good. How was your summer?>>Eric: It was all right. What about you? Did you go to Europe?>>Yeah, I ended up going to Europe. I was in Spain, France and Geneva, Switzerland, for about two months.>>Eric: That’s awesome.
>>I got to run to class. I’ll see you later. Okay?>>Eric: Yeah, cool. See ya.>>Eric [inner dialog] : Studying abroad in Croatia is gonna be incredible.>>Eric: Hey, nice to see you.>>Oh, hey. Eric.
>>Eric: Oh, hey.>>Hey, do you think you could send me that really cool research, you were telling me about earlier?>>Eric: Oh, you got it.
>>Great, thanks so much.
>>Eric: Alright, bye.>>Eric [inner dialog] : Oh, I gotta remember to bring my water purification lessons to tutoring tonight.>>Oh, hey man.>>Eric: Hey.
>>How’s it going?>>Hey, do you think that you could help us out with the environmental Film Festival next Wednesday? One of our volunteers just emailed us. We need one more.>>Eric: Yeah, in fact, how does five volunteers sound? I do some mentoring with some high school students as part of an adolescent education class. We’re always talking about finding new ways of helping out however you can. I’m sure they’d really be into it.>>You’re the best. Thanks, man.
>>Eric: Yeah.>>Eric [inner monologue] : Today has been a great day.

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