Estuve en #NewYork y aparecí en las pantallas de Time Square | Andrés Cabezas

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after having passed by the statue
of liberty, we will go to Time Square We are here in New York, we just bought tickets for go to the Statue of Liberty
we had to pay about 10 dollars for not to do the row, and not wait three hours
more or less but it’s simple We just got to the part of here that I’m going to show you, and next and right there They approach you,
they sell the tickets a little cheaper try to bargain,
like that not lose five or six dollars more they were charging us 35 and
in the Colombians pesos is very expensive so we’re going for the site that the man indicated us uff we arrived Just here like I was saying, we are going to be near to the statue of liberty, It will take about an hour “muy de buenas niño” phrase that expresses luck and it’s getting too cold, like 9 degrees and I can not hold the phone right so if you see that it moves a bit is because the cold
what it is doing is impressive what you will see next,
is the memorial to the victims of 9/11 after the statue of liberty, we headed to Time Square just before we went through the tribute to
9/11 really feels sadness remember that situation but at same time I saw the solidarity for the Americans we go to Time Square and we decided to go walking we are in a small report for ABC ultra cool and
we arrived at Time Square and there I am and I have arrived here
Christ the redeemer on the top there they see it there


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