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All Might’s final united states of smash! So
what’s up guys Foxen here! You all waited a long time for this this
ultimate smash appeared like two years ago in the manga so was it worth the
wait? I think this episode definitely plus ultra-ed the original source
material. Honestly the whole thing the portrayal of All might, the animation, the
United States of smash was the best thing ever!
It really was perfect! And come on I can’t be the only one that was in tears
just watching this? That was even after the frickin episode was over. I also
can’t be the only one that freakin watch this multiple times. I mean right here
right now this is the ultimate highlight of my Hero academia season 3. I think even some of the stuff later the manga still hasn’t topped this moment and even
more so now that has been animated Anyway about the whole United States are
smash scene All Might totally pulled A Deku with that
move. He did a fake out then shifting all of his fall for one that was left into one
of the arms and even was that busted ass arm just went for it. I mean the whole
thing was literally a freakin nuke which is pretty appropriate for a USA smash. So
sure you all for one you’ve been one punched and even at the end the number one
hero all Might was still standing standing strong like a true champ or
should I say hero! The only BS part is that unfortunately
all for one is still alive so let me mention this about all for one since
I’ve been thinking about it for quite a bit this whole situation has been
reminded me a lot of bleach recently Aizen, I mean All for one has been locked
away Unlike Aizen though let’s hope that all
four ones return is actually thought out Just saying the work done so far for the
series I don’t think we had to worry it much about that. As for All Might’s final line as the ultimate hero “you’re next” so multiple meanings right there. One
really just calling out all the criminals that are freakin watching this
at the moment but definitely an important thing is what it really means
for Deku. He literally has no choice now he needs to plus ultra the hell out of it
I mean come on are you just gonna let Endeavor take the spotlight and about
that Endeavor I guess you gotta take the mantle number one by default now.
This is talking about the guy that pretty much gave up everything in his
life his family, which he destroyed, the whole mess he did with his wife all for
the goal of taking that number one spot by force so what do you think about this
now? You didn’t freaking earn it it was just
handed to you so that’s gonna be some fun to check out. Anyway as for some of
the other reveals this episode since it was quite a juicy episode you found
out a little bit more about the previous one for all successor specifically about
Nana Shimura so turns out pretty much everyone is tied together. All Might
Nana all for one and of course Shigaraki yes Mr. Hands guy Shigaraki was a previous holders grandson.
So why was All for one totally into him because he wanted it totally corrupt him
and to be honest that’s going really far for that evil motivation. Unfortunately
this also confirmed that the previous Nana was killed by All for one I don’t
think it’s too surprising of a reveal but it now has been confirmed.
The one thing you should be concerned about All for one is that he knows about
Deku this guy is fully aware that that was the new holder so will All for one
go after Deku just like he did for Shigaraki or he’s just gonna get Shigaraki
to do it for him? Guess he doesn’t have to work too hard for that
Deku is already on his hit list after all. By the way just a quick side note
was All for one really hurt that baddly in the last fight versus All might? I
mean this guy is Mr. Potato Head under that mask. Keep in mind that both of
these Titans weren’t even fighting at their prime. Just imagine how much
destruction they’re capable of or were capable of. Speaking which forget about
All for one what the frickin hell happened to Gran Torino? Gran Torino
looks totally different back then he almost were somewhat Robin in a way just
in a yellow jumpsuit. I mean with the age this guy lost what 2/3 of his body mass.
Really aging was not kind on this guy! Anyway going back to the all for one
versus All might I guess all Might’s United state of smash
really is the ultimate move and power in this world. I mean this episode he had
all for one still hacking and stacking quirk buffs on top of each other still
even after that this guy still lost so is there just a
physical upper limit that you cannot surpass? Not unless you go Plus ultra or break
your limit! That is which really means all for one fucked up he should have
been trying to steal One for all’s power but anyway let me hear from you
question of the day how freaking plus ultra was this episode? Did all Might’s final
United state of smash live up to the hype? Were you also in tears and cheering on
all Might this episode? Are you still crying? Anyway be sure give this United
States to smash that thumbs up and subscribe! You can watch five plus anime
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  1. #QOTD 🔥 How AMAZING was All Might’s final Smash?? 😀
    Anyone else cheered All Might on or still in tears? 😉
    What happens now that the Symbol of Peace is gone? 🤔
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  2. (Serious) Although i love Full Metal Alchemist because it was a master piece of an anime, in my opinion My Hero has surpassed it and when it ends it will be top spot on my anime list.

  3. All for one cannot take one for all
    Think about it
    If he could
    He would've done it the first time they fought
    It's either afo knows ofa can't be taken or he tried in the last fight to realize "shit, I can't take this crap back." Since he technically did make ofa

  4. Epic episode!!
    Though the defeat of All 4 1 was a bit lame :/
    But on the other side it would really be nice to watch All 4 1 escape prison alltogether with Muscular and that gas guy
    Plus Ultra!!

  5. Foxen anime I think what all might meant by "you're next" meant deku was going to be the next person to have to take all for one down or take over as all might….if not then it will be what you said about him telling the villains to watch out.

    Btw love your vids bro keep up the great work!👍👌

  6. The anime honestly surpassed the manga with handling this moment. Sure the details of the art style in the manga are better, but the anime's creativity in conveying these scenes, plus the wonderful OST and voice acting more than make up for it. As for the manga not reaching this moment, I actually will disagree. I'm in the minority, but much as I love this arc; what Season 4 will compromise of I actually love a lot more in hindsight. But I totally understand. This was MHA at its zenith and really solidfied itself as one of the best Shonen series of recent years. Right up there with Hunter X Hunter, Naruto and many more in my view.

  7. Last episode the way they saved Bakugo was PlusUltra. This episode was beyond PlusUltra, it was way beyond Plus and Ultra.

  8. All might's smash was amazing, I cheered on a bit with tears in my eyes. Best episode I have ever watched in MHA.

  9. I personally liked the 1 mil smash more because i thought it was way more emotionally to me but this was still absouletly amazing

  10. I smell fillers incoming. Its catching up to the manga way too fast. At this rate season 4 will end with Chisaki boss fight, maybe even further? Hmm I guess as long as they are good its ok, as long as this doesn't become filler city like Naruto/Shippuden, and Bleach. I mean its ok to take a bigger break in between seasons, juuuust not 4+ years xD.

  11. ‪This was an amazing episode ‬ best episode man this was a 10/10 the English dub was amazing the United States of smash was amazing

  12. I was honestly crying. This episode is one of the best ones in the whole series so far. Leading us to Deku now becoming the Symbol of Peace!!!

  13. I love how his injured purple arm got back to normal for a brief moment when he powered up for the final blow.. Over all the best fight in the series by far. And damn Foxen, did you see Darling in the franxx episode 21 today? That ending was sad as hell ;-; do a review of that episode next please

  14. The battle was great. Motivation of allmight was freaking awesome. But the battle was weak, like few punches and done. All for one did make so much powerful shockwave but NO he make big hand against allmight. Hilarious. Dont get me wrong. It was very cool but the battle with Nomu was better like more punches, more everything and here we saw few punches and done.

  15. Please make a video about darling in the FranXX episode 21

    Spoiler alert

    If Zero two died (or just became human?)


    I’m begging you I need to know

  16. Definitely teared up during the episode, was fine until now when you said "are you still crying", the feels came straight back.
    Cant wait until next week! Keep up the good work, man, I follow both your my hero and attack on titan videos!:)

  17. As a bleach I would just like to state that Aizen's return was through out, but Kubo was clearly forced to end his series a lot quicker then he had planed as it went from first or second gear to sixth gear in the span of a chapter. He may not be the best writer but he is way better then those last 25 chapters (Or so)

  18. 4:34 but all might doesn’t hav his actual quirk one for all as izuku has it, Nd that’s also evidenced by how all for one tells all might how he knows that all might doesn’t posses all for one anymore coz he’s passed it on to deku. Idk just wanted to point that out

  19. This is why my favorite hero in My Hero Academia is Almight. This episode is a good passing of the torch to the younger generation of heroes.

  20. I thought I was ready for it because I read the manga 3 times, but MY heart couldn't handle all those emotions T-T

  21. Your right foxen… your not the only one who cry and watch this episode over and over. I also do the same thing…(TvT)/
    #PlusUltra #StillCrying

  22. The last 2 episodes have been Fantastic. I cried and that is a somewhat rare occurrence for me.
    I wonder if All Might's powers are all gone? If they are this was a great way to go out. 🙂

  23. Dont think endeavor is like that. He's is more or less pissed off that all might looked so weak since endeavor has been trying to catch up to him for years. He acknowledges that he would never be able to catch up to all might and was mad since he looked like that.

  24. This ep made me cry bruh
    Everybody cheering him up and stuff struggling against all for one and beat his ass with United States smash🔥🔥

  25. All for One cannot steal One for All. It is explicitly stated in the power's description that it can only be given willingly.
    That is why they work as rivals.

  26. mean it's not really bullshit for all for one to survive he literally survived all might breaking the top half of his head off so i think he can take a regular powerful punch to the face.

  27. I was crying so much in this episode, not just because it was sad, but because of how amazing it was at the same time 🙌

  28. We have Naruto. We have One Piece. We have Dragon Ball Z, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, and so many more.
    However little did we all know that My Hero Academia would surpass all those with this one moment. I'm sure the big shonen icon are proud to have inspired such a work.

    Surpassing One Piece and Hunter X Hunter is a bit of stretch now, I know…..

  29. He can't steal One For All considering that the ONLY way to receive One For All is if the user willingly gives it to you, despite you taking a sample of their DNA by force. And I'm pretty sure All For One would've took it back by now if he could.

  30. The Hideout Raid arc finale made me feel reassured that All Might pulls through (I knew he would but you know what I mean) while making me feel like I'm saying goodbye to a friend that I will never see again. Well done Studio Bones!

    I expected great things from this Smash, it was worth the wait.

  31. Every time I see that fight, I start to tear up. But when I first saw it, I was SHOOK. This was so well made, and I think I could say that Studio Bones took the manga, and made it better as an anime.

  32. I don't think OneForAll can be stolen, according to All Might it can't be forcefully taken (although it can be forcefully bestowed) which he would only no if someone attempted to take it before.

  33. What made me tear up was when all might was talking about all the people just trying to live their lives, you can tell that all he cares about is making people safe, he really is a true hero.

  34. All for one didnt fuck up, he got what he wanted. A win win, he didn't killed him yes but broke all might mentally.

  35. If I'm being honest,I've probably watched the united states of smash scene over fifty times, and I'm still not tired of it

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