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all righty welcome back we’re gonna
hurry up and do this one and then we’re gonna bring you up to speed all right so
Carmelo Anthony cheated on Lala it produced a baby this is the baby and the
baby mother since then Lala and Carmelo Anthony have
reconciled or they were saying they reunited and their relationship is
trying to get stronger yada-yada-yada speed up to the last weekend he was on a
yacht with the lady the lady on the yacht all right so now we’re up to the
story and we’re up to speed let’s go all right so the beginning of the story is
Carmelo Anthony was with a mysterious woman on a yacht and she was
unidentified since then she has been identified as Sarah smeary
now the former New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony claims he was on a
business retreat in France when he was spotted on a yacht with this woman in
the viral photo just before his wife’s birthday but the mysteri is over because
several sources told page six a woman has been you know identified as Sarah’s
Mary we just said that as soon as the photos released online Carmelo quickly
dropped the video denying allegations he was cheating on his wife Lala Anthony
which that was the first video on the beginning of this video
Carmelo claims the photos were going to hurt his family and other families
involved he says cuz smeary is married to his
business partner he goes in a video to say all them bloggers that’s trying to
put that out there that sugar honey is not cool that’s not cool at all let that
family be they family they married the only reason I’m addressing this is
because this is affecting my family now and you got me out here looking crazy
usually I won’t address this but I had to address this although many sources
report as Mary is 28 and single page six insider said Carmelo is telling the
truth now I have seen miss Mary’s Instagram page and her videos with her
family she does have a son I believe he’s – he looks about two
years old he goes want to say she’s married her husband is extremely private
they have a beautiful child her brother was
in attending which I did see that on her Instagram I saw her brother I saw her
family I did not see her husband but I did see someone that could have possibly
been her husband while they were sitting down to eat now you gotta understand
this is just my side note this woman is from the Middle East
she’s from Morocco she’s Muslim she she said to be Muslim and probably in a
Muslim marriage so this I’m getting out and you know her husband being private
and things of that sort they don’t take that kind of thing lightly so that’s the
reason I could see Carmelo Anthony coming out with the video because
middle-eastern people are very private and they take their marriages very
seriously not to say that no one else does but that’s just how they live
certain Muslim households are like that and I know that for a fact
based off my own experiences with people and situations
now although Carmelo came out with this video that didn’t stop Lala from feeling
a certain kind of way and opposed and delete on her Instagram she posted a
graphic bleeding-heart with a dagger going in it which is understandable
because once you get cheated on you never really go back to the same trust
you had before so it could be the case that what Carmelo is saying is true but
I’m imagining Lala is seeing it the same way we are remind you he’s in a
different country the photos probably came out whoever took the photos
probably didn’t notify him or even ask them any questions as they go on to say
I mean in this kind of business you know as a lie is always better and more
interesting than the truth now even with me saying all that Lala
has since posted thank you for her birthday wishes with no mention of
husband Carmelo and we’ll be celebrating and it has celebrated her birthday in
Atlantic City New Jersey now a source current confirm Lee page success Mary
was a woman in pics but the insider said that while she uses Mary on Instagram
it’s not her Mary multiple outlets reported that smeary is
28 single despite anthony’s releasing a video shooting down the rumors and
claiming he had she has a family y’all trying to expose somebody’s wife he
wanted to say an insider added to page six she’s married her husband is
extremely private they have a beautiful child her brother was even attending
little treat for the shoe brand jordan with them
another source said that smear he is a swedish in moroccan model she has 38
thousand followers on instagram including rapper Meek Mill which I can
confirm that Meek Mill does follow her on Instagram as I’m also following her
as well and accepted on her Instagram was I’m just going to use common sense
with this if he’s a cheater he’s a cheater that’s just that if he has those
ways with them it’s gonna take a lot of therapy to get it out of him if he
really loves her he’ll worry about how she feels
speaking of Lala and trying handle her heart a little more carefully and one
thing is I don’t understand why she if her birthday was coming up why she
didn’t go on this business retreat with him I mean come on you’re in the South
of France I’m quite sure they could have paid a nanny or something like that and
did like a couple’s birthday thing but whatever I guess that’s too much common
sense you know nowadays but who knows alright what do you think leave your
comments in the comment section I will see you later alright bye bye
word yes mommy told me I was 17 years old my mother told me that I’ll never
forget that as long as I live that’s where I go
if you ain’t finna leave your man let your man cheat on your ass in peace okay
stop bothering him hard on it stop asking about these bitches you you arrived fine


  1. La La needs 2 just leave the lil' boy alone!! He'll never grow up & once a cheater ALWAYS A CHEATER!!!!!!!! LA GO AHEAD & LIVE UR BEST LIFE GURRRRRL!

  2. 🌲👀🌲 I see Carmelo with a tsumo wrestler. Next Carmelo I'm really concerned about your weight

  3. Carmelo is a dumb ass! He has the most beautiful, talented kind wife . Who would be so ignorant to say this woman in the yacht look better than Lala.. Lala us his WIFE!very Georgia she What does looks have to do with his infidelity! He has a family he been blessed with.

  4. I read the same thing that she is married too. Why aren't these other bloggers saying that? And his hand is not touching her. They are not touching each other or nothing. Also there is a pic with her waving at someone. Who is she waving at????

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