Experience Time Savings with ReverseRisk® – Manhattan Beach Toyota Testimonial

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Prior to ReverseRisk, I would come in
and I would run the daily operating DOC for parts, the daily operating DOC for service,
the effective labor rates for each advisor. I’d run the sales DOC for the the month-to-date,
the sales DOC for the day before. It was a half a day process of just getting all your reports
so you knew exactly where you stood for the day. With ReverseRisk, I would say
I’m easily saving a couple hours a day. We’ve been using ReverseRisk
maybe a little bit over a year. Absolutely the most beneficial would be the
salesperson performance report where it will actually tell you how long it’s been
since a person has sold a car and gives you the breakdown of their gross,
what they’re pacing for the month, really gives you a good guideline. When you go to the fixed ops side, you can actually see
exactly where your sales are for the month, what you’re pacing, what your
two-month average is or three-month average is. You’ll never be able to go
backwards once you have it. You’ll never be able to go back to the
old ways of operating a business.

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