Exploring CHICAGO

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Where we going? To the Bean! Are you ready for the Bean here? Chicago dog. Your pickle, you got your relish, you got your mayo, you got your mustard, and these are the secret ingredient the sport Pepper, oh Here’s your plain Jane. You don’t order ketchup in Chicago or you get your ass kicked. Yeah, I wanted ketchup on my hot dog, and they said you can’t order it with ketchup. You got to order it – He said I’m too embarrassed. I’m gonna order it plain and you can put ketchup on it in the house. So that’s what we’re doing What I’m doing today is, having a real Chicago hotdog I I said I want a hot dog with ketchup on it Ugh, you’re disgusting [it’s] got the pizza. [I] got it looking beautiful What is this in a bowl? [I] got no one please man. I’m sorry

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