Exploring San Francisco VLOG + pranking people *hilarious*

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hello people so today it is it’s Sunday
we’re ready like 10 in the morning and we are going to annoy people in San Fransisco it’s 11:30 right now we’re heading over
to haul my stuff house to see fat on it and then we’re gonna go do some wear
something something somewhere what don’t think you woke up early today it’s
daylight savings we had an extra hour oh that’s why I was like why am I not a
tech because I set my alarm for a lemon o’clock cuz I knew if I woke up before
11:00 I’d be hella tired my mom woke me up about 10:00 before 10:00 and I wasn’t
that tired okay guys we will see you guys at the Starbucks I think right now
we pulled up to Starbucks real quick this camera looks hella a good filter
huh yeah I just don’t like recording it anymore
with my birthday song oh look at this stupid liner there’s gonna be any everything bagels
no no I think there is nobody I discovered it yet undiscovered deep
undiscovered we got her one pumpkin Corbeau a nice coffee didn’t put enough
cream on this but like it’s good so Starbucks people are weird as hell not
them workers people in a minute there’s everyone kind of the stairs left and
right some very huge doing it too so I got a call everyone know you want to
stare at me well don’t stare at me cuz right take picture last longer to answer
your elbows you know I’m saying we up in supreme force whole lotta gang shit hey
I want ya the garden cigar is done we got the most VIP parking the same the
valet guys right I’m Anna holidays are gonna piss people off like literally
piss on people make the government well we haven’t seen you guys in so long Deena hey eggs is the little flying
snake back fine snake my snake I don’t know the pond smooth the flying snake
has been through the building wherever 21 is closing 30% off the whole sword
POTUS is upset are you upset about for every 21 close come on come on no I don’t I really don’t care if you
don’t say I’m fine I don’t like to get it
look don’t be modest both that’s create that’s why each thread just oh I’ll make
it I mean why would you go would you top you’re not the best a beauty like I did
yeah is it orange well that’s the new BOGO okay right now we are going to any there’s no money anyway
so we’re going up so these kids are starting yelling at us full of cup of
why my nose bout to go back but I go right now I swear if you go nah I scared
the kids I walk towards them a little bit stuck why silent silence is all we
need in the life we walk back that window there I’ll fill the large space
Oh let’s get scooters and chase them what is that would you plug your phone I
was right there oh well I forgot where you parked it then I’m gonna be pissed hey this is good thanks T alright so
right now fellas making us wait in line not kidding okay yell at people now for waiting in
line for Bobba cuz it wasn’t me Sparra it’s all her fault we’re all gonna be
waiting here go fight over what the fuck man you’re making his way let’s go know
what fuck man yeah say they gave you chocolate when you order so you know
what I’m gonna do what are you we turn into a chopper
Hey knock let me through yelling Anya stop it ha
ha dog the money do that I’m recording to get fuckin collide again present our money didn’t get it shit Oh let us give us your like life story
alright so hey guys sorry char crank okay sorry which is it


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