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– [Announcer] Olympic Gold
medalist, Silver medalist, dancing with the stars
champion, Sean Johnson. – [Camera Man] Sunday
morning, last day in Oakland. – I know. – [Camera Man] Eating breakfast
which is blackberries. – Finished those. – [Camera Man] Now we’re about
to go shopping of course. What else? Grabbing breakfast. – Talking about my trip to
Nike, how I’m officially a Nike trainer. – Holla – I can whoop his butt now. Even though I’ve already been doing it. – No she’s never beaten me in anything. That’s a true fact. – No it’s not, a very very false fact. – Which makes it no fact at all. Anyway, peace out. – [Camera Man] Hello San
Francisco , smelly San Francisco Peet’s coffee. What did you get? – I got a coconut latte
and an almond milk latte. One for each of us. – [Camera Man] No both for you. Yummy yummy. One for me. Two for me. Sean in her element. Say goodbye to all the money we had. – We had? – [Camera Man] Sean already spent it all. Nike. – See there’s the white one. – Wow we need it. What are those things? – They look like those things from… – Despicable me – No the island, the serious
movie where you eat them. – [Camera Man] We found
the Raiders section. Those shorts are better
than the ones they gave us. – Don’t put that on there. – [Camera Man] Shopping
for the today show, just spending money. Love it. It’s crazy how you can
spend hours shopping and not find a single thing. Enough of sax, onto Nordstrom. Classic San Fran. What do you call those
things, street cars? – Yeah – [Camera Man] Yeah love that, palm trees, a little sunshine, a
little love in the air. Really nice day. – Beautiful. – [Camera Man] Wow can’t get enough. Look at these escalators. Check it out. Who does that? That’s sweet you have to admit. – You’re strange. – [Camera Man] No that’s cool. You don’t see that everyday. Holy smokes it’s a car elevator. I’ve never seen a car elevator before. – [Girl] Look at that. See that guys? That’s Alcatraz. – [Camera Man] If you guys
can’t tell we’re driving on the steepest roads
in America right now. – [Girl] We’re gonna go off a cliff. – [Camera Man] Our car is
barely maintaining traction. Okay we’re doing something
legendary right now, driving up the infamous,
what’s it called sean? – [Sean] Lombard street. – [Camera Man] That’s right. See the people, like a billion people. We’re doing this. (sped-up chatter) – [Camera Man] Look at the tower. That tower was in the movie San Andreas with the Rock, that’s where they met up. Oh another trolley car. (sped-up chatter) – [Camera Man] Oh my gosh we’re crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we’re doing it. (sped-up chatter) (cheering) – [Camera Man] Wow. – Get a picture. – [Camera Man] We went
from the golden gate bridge all the way to Grizzly peak in Berkeley. You’re supposed to be able
to see the golden gate bridge but you can’t. There’s a marine layer as they call it. Here we are, can you believe it. – I slept the whole way. – It was like a 45 minute drive. Look at it, so steep, so beautiful. See the rugby fields right there? You can see Raiders field,
you can see San Jose, Stanford, Oakland, Berkeley,
pretty much everything. – This is beautiful. – [Camera Man] But it’s a
crazy road to get up here. – It is. – [Camera Man] But we made it. I’m in a very cuddly mood right now. – [Camera Man] Right there
is the Raiders facility. Right there is Stanford. Then you have the city of Oakland there. And the bay okay ? Berkeley is right here. Here’s the bay bridge. There’s San Francisco and you can see Alcatraz a little bit. Golden gate bridge bam. – [Sean] There it is see? – [Camera Man] The lizard. Good spy good eye. – What? – [Camera Man] Nothing. This is insane this is like
a double black diamond. Holy smokes how does this work? Not the safest streets in America but the prettiest girl in America. Woah water fountain. I got it, dinner time. Show them the daddy fork, the
mamma fork, and baby fork. – Daddy – No – This is you, this is
me, this is someday. – [Camera Man] Actually switch it up. That’s one is probably gonna be you. – This is you, this is
me, this is someday. – [Camera Man] Look at this chic place Sean took us for dinner. There’s grilled lamb heart. What else? – Blistered patrone peppers. There’s smoked salmon belly. Yeah. – [Camera Man] Deviled
egg, oyster, pasta pasta. What is that? Salmon belly? Or just salmon? – Just salmon, wild king salmon. – [Camera Man] Yummy yummy yummy. – Remember those? – [Camera Man] I don’t think
that’d be good in yogurt. We missed you pretty girl. Yummy we at whole foods. – Mango? – [Camera Man] Is it good for you mango? – Dried mango? Not really. – [Camera Man] Watching…
what is this olympic trials? – No. Andrew come on it’s classic. – Same thing. – I get really touchy when
it comes to me watching gymnastics, he knows not to interfere. – [Camera Man] Let’s watch
sean in her natural habitat. – When I eat too much food
my belly gets super bloated so I have to find a way to hide it. – [Camera Man] I hope that
does the job, holy smokes. – It might not, we ate
so many strawberries. – If your belly was popping
through that, it’s like a double xl, triple xl. Still watching gymnastics. – Duh, and I’ve gone through a
whole carton of strawberries. Onto cherries now. – [Camera Man] This is true. (humming jaws theme)

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