Exploring TAM HIEP ISLAND – Khám phá CÙ LAO TAM HIỆP (Phần 1 – LÁ SƯƠNG SÂM) | Long Nguyen Channel

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I feel like I’m now on the sea, not on a river Wow, It’s so immense. There are a bunch of fishing nets out there. Welcome back to Long Nguyen Channel Today, I’d like to invite you to go back to Ben Tre with me. Not only is Ben Tre famous for it coconuts, but the province is also well-known for its beautiful islands situated on the water of the Mekong river. Today, we are exploring the beauty of Tam Hiep island which belongs to Binh Dai District of Ben Tre. Chào mọi người, I’m participating in the tour today as a guest, not as a tour guide anymore 😉 I’m joining with young and dynamic students from CET. The first stop is a coconut shell charcoal workshop. from these coconut shells like this. These shells will be put in a traditional kiln to produce coconut shell charcoal which is used as ingredients for a number of different products in our daily life such as activated carbon for air filter, water filter, cosmetics, battery core, and many other uses. The worker is now taking the charcoal out of the kiln. Those not fully burned pieces will be removed and will be burned again. And those well-burned pieces will be blended to get charcoal powder. We are now walking to get to know more about interesting spots on the island. On both sides, there are a lots of longan trees which are the most typical trees on this island. You can hear the sound of a rooster. what a beautiful melody of Vietnam’s countryside! Look, what are we having now? Honey bees are raised right in the logan gardens. Who are they? Hiep is the guy in white. Ms. Thư is our local guide. Mr. Vũ in orange is the leader of this CET group. And two friendly and humorous American students. I’ve been on this sampan for countless times but I always feel excited. It feels like I totally immerse myself in nature. Let me introduce to you once again! This is Ms. Thư a local guide from Mekong Travel Company. I’m so impressed with her excellent English as well as her profound knowledge. And this is the most interesting visit on the first day! The biggest green grass jelly garden in Vietnam. I’ve been eating the jelly for my entire life but I haven’t really been in such a giant grass jelly garden. More than five thousand square meters. Basically, green grass jelly has two species What I’m holding now is the hairy grass jelly leaf. It looks hairy on both upper and lower leaf surfaces. It’s more difficult to grow this type than the other. But the texture of the jelly is a bit tougher. And this is a smooth jelly leaf which makes a bit different jelly texture. It’s time for leaf picking!!! As for these hairy leaves, Before making jelly, we normally dry them for a little while to make it easier. It’s time for making jelly!!!! We have a blender so we no longer need to make it by hands 😉 We continue blending the leaves until we get a well-blended mixture of jelly leaves and water. Then we can see the change of color which looks like the color of mixed Centella and coconut meat. After blended and filtered, we will have jelly liquid Then we will pour it into mug or glass and leave it to turn into jelly. After that leave it in a fridge’s crisper for a couple of hours and ready to serve!! It’s eating time! Pour a little bit of sugar syrup on the jelly surface and spoon it up!!! So yummy!! It’s perfect for a summer day, isn’t it? This is the sunset on Cua Dai River. What a lovely view! and so romantic as well 😉 After a tiring but really happy day touring around, our group has come back here. This is the scenery right in the front of Ut Trinh Homestay. The pier this time looks so romantically beautiful! This is a new property of Ut Trinh Homestay which is located right on Tam Hiep island, part of Binh Dai district of Ben Tre. What I like the most about the homestay is the cozy atmosphere Just right in the front hall, you can right away see a lovely space of a traditional house in the Mekong delta. obviously. From the ancestor altar in the middle with the parallel words on both sides as well as chairs and tables, Everything is typically set up according to traditional Southern style. Welcome to the show “When gentlemen cook” Our boys are showing their cooking talent. Look, they are as excellent as female chefs. It’s a talent show held by CET guys and girls!!! No other songs can beat this song. It has come to the end of my first day exploring Tam Hiep island in Binh Dai, Ben Tre. I will see you again in the next video featuring our second day. Stay tuned!


  1. anh Long làm clip này xong rồi hok bik anh Long còn làm thêm clip nào nữa ko , các khu du lịch đóng cửa rồi . Hihi , đi uống cà phê vs anh Long quá !!!

  2. Ở Quảng Ngãi quê em gọi đó là " sương sáo" á anh Long ^^ . Còn sương sâm là cái màu trắng và ăn với nước đường cơ. 🤔

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