Face to Face with Dr. Manhattan Scene | Watchmen (2009) Movie Clip

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– Girl.
– What we got here? Here’s a list of Pentagon-approved
no-go areas. Afghanistan will obviously come up,
but just play it cool… …and try not to get
into any tight corners. …a renowned nuclear physicist,
who, through a terrible accident… …was gifted with extraordinary powers,
capable of bending matter to his will. Today, the world knows him
as Dr. Manhattan. Welcome. Thank you. That’s right. Ms. Black, you have the first question. Dr. Manhattan, as you know… …the Doomsday Clock
is a symbolic clock face… …analogizing humankind’s proximity
to extinction… …midnight representing the threat
of nuclear war. As of now, it stands at four minutes
to midnight. Would you agree that we’re that close
to annihilation? My father was a watchmaker. He abandoned it when Einstein discovered
that time is relative. I would only agree
that a symbolic clock… …is as nourishing to the intellect… …as a photograph of oxygen
to a drowning man. So you’re saying there is no danger. Even in a world without nuclear
weapons, there would still be danger. And would you say, as so many claim… …that you are, in fact, a god… …given you see the past
and future simultaneously? I can only see my own past… …my own future. I am not omniscient. Doug Roth, your question? Speaking of your past, Dr. Manhattan… …do you remember a man
named Wally Weaver? Yes. We were both physicists together
at the Gila Flats Research Base. He died of cancer. – He was a good man.
– How about Edgar Jacobi… …also known as the supervillain Moloch? You encountered him several times
in the ’60s: Battles, conflicts. Did you know that he has cancer as well? I wasn’t told. And what about
General Anthony Randolph? He was your handler when you first
started working for the government. Cancer. You’re suggesting I was the cause. From where I’m standing,
it’s starting to look pretty conclusive. Even if that’s the case, it’s irrelevant. A live human body
and a deceased human body… …have the same number of particles. Structurally, there’s no difference. All right. Let’s settle down, please. What about Janey Slater? You think it makes a difference to her? Janey? Your ex-girlfriend? She was a physicist too.
You saw each other for 11 years. Doug, one question at a time. She has cancer as well.
Doctors have given her six months. Isn’t that right, Miss Slater? You were the world to me, Jon. You were my whole life. Do you remember how many times
you said you loved me? Janey, I wasn’t told. I stuck by you after the accident.
I gave you everything. This is how you repay me? – Janey, I wasn’t told. I didn’t know.
– Damn you, Jon. Goddamn you. Janey, wait. – That’s it. This interview is over.
– Get up there. Get those cameras off.
Everybody back off. Everybody back off.
I need some backup here. Leave him alone. Please, if everyone
would just go away… …and leave me alone… Do you care to comment? I said, leave me alone!

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