Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

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My name is Brett. I’m 21 years old, living
in New York City, the greatest city in the world. My whole life I’ve always
wondered what it would feel like to be famous. Nowadays, it seems like anyone
can achieve fame. Why can’t I do it too? So I came up with this crazy
idea. I could probably walk around
these same streets tonight and immediately become the center
of attention, just by appearing to be
important. To pull this off, I changed my
appearance to make myself look like a typical celebrity. Then I gathered an entourage and
came up with a plan of action. I’ll have bodyguards,
assistants, and a few photographers follow
me around time square, and of course I’ll bring along a
camera crew to film every second of it. We’ll walk past thousands of
people. They’ll have no idea who I am or
where I’m from, but they’re all going to fall
for it. (reporter) Do you know Brett Kelly?
(Boy) Yeah. (reporter) Where do
you know him from? (Boy) Well, when he was
in Spider Man? (reporter) Yeah. Yeah. (Boy) Very good actor. (reporter) You liked him there? (Boy) Yeah, yeah. (reporter) Have you heard any of
his music? Any of his new music? Um, I heard his first single. It was good. I don’t know the name of it, but
I heard it on the radio.
(reporter) It is good, yeah. (reporter) Guys, what was it
like meeting Brett? (cheering) Oh…I love
him! He’s beautiful. (reporter) What did you think of him? I think he’s excellent. I think he’s absolutely awesome. I think he’s got a great future
and all in the movie business, and I just took a picture with
him. You know, I feel special. Can I take a picture? (reporter) Hey, what was your favorite
movie that Brett’s been in? Spider Man. (offscreen voice) Who is it? It’s, uh, Brett…he’s an actor.

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