Fans Who Booed Porzingis: Where are they Now?

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(electronic music) – The New York Knicks select Kristaps Porzingis, from Liepāja, Latvia
(crowd booing) – Back in June, Kristaps Porzingis was nothing more than five syllables intended for New York
newspaper headline puns. But within a few short months of the Latvian legend
lighting up the league, many fans began to change their tunes. I made it my mission to catch up with those early nay-sayers. Sir, sir! Sir, did you or did you not tweet, “hey, @Knicks, why you
draft white Manute Bol?” – I told you before, I don’t wanna (bleep)
talk about this, okay” – No, please. (door clicks) – Hey, hey you know another thing? No one told us his
post-game was so developed! Nobody told us, okay? – I used to be a V.P. at Morgan Stanley. Knicks season tickets right next to Spike. All thrown away because of one tweet. One tweet! I can’t show my face
around this town anymore. It’s the only job I could get. Look, I got to get back to work. – (Laughing) No, no, no. I no boo the Kristaps. Who say that? I just make-a the pizza. I love the Kristaps! He number one! Seriously, dude. Just leave, okay. You’re gonna get me killed. Hey hey, who wants-a the pepperoni? I got it fresh right out of the oven. Hey hey! Go Knicks! – Just let me come home. – Sir! (bleep) Get back, sir! Please, if I could just have a moment. Sir, sir! Alright, we have you on camera saying, and I quote, “Phil Jackson sucks, Knicks suck, Latvia sucks.” What do you have to say for yourself? – They said he was
gonna be the next Darko! My kids won’t even talk to me anymore! My wife is gone! I have nothing. – There’s only one thing you can do. Shame!
(bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) (bell ring) Shame!
(bell ring) (bell ring) So next time your team drafts an anonymous Eastern
European seven-footer, maybe shut up and let him play a few games before jumping down his throat. Okay then. (electronic music)


  1. Knicks fans are complete opposites of warriors fans, we cheer every player who's drafted on team, if you're a true fan.

  2. much better if Stephen A. Smith punishment walking naked because he is the #1 hater of KP.. to much trash talker…

  3. Cut Knicks fans some slack. I’m a rockets fan but I can understand their struggles. Think of where they’re coming from their team has been screwing them over forever. It’s frustrating to support a bad team and they’ve stayed loyal all these years, all they want is to win

  4. It's kinda like Reggie Miller and the Pacers' fans
    When their GM drafted Reggie instead of Steve Alford he was also booed
    And Pacers' fans cried on his last NBA game

  5. this is not just new York though, 90 percent of americans are judgmental and would force their opinions to you without proof of the validity of their opinions,just sayin

  6. I remember that night, I remember thinking "they never watched this guy play ball, did they?"

    As a European basketball fan, I knew he was a beast, and to see all these "fans" suddenly cheer him tells me he needs to leave

  7. Knicks fans are such a stupid dicks first they boo him than he is their hero and only hope. Now when he has bad games at garden they chant MVP to Beasley only to mess with Porzingis what a bunch of idiots. They don't deserve KP.

  8. I remember that night, I was so happy hearing it on the radio then later I watched the highlights and fan reactions and I couldn't understand why people were upset

  9. People are saying "knicks dont deserve him" first off it was not everybody saying it! And the knicks were the one drafted him and gave him a chance!!!!! Go Knicks

  10. This is embarrassing, and yall dumbasses said stephen a was a bandwagoner, where are the knicks now? Their so called savior? What a joke

  11. I really don’t like New York City ? I just like The NBA team and the NFL team and the Hockey team and Kristaps porzingis

  12. I am honestly still waiting for that apology. I was one of the few guys who said that this kid was going to be at least on Pau Gasol's level when all is said and done and for people to give him a chance. I was "lol"ed, "look at this guy"'ed. I want my apology.

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