Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: New York City Locations

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Hi I’m Jen –
I mean Queenie and welcome to Fantastic Beasts here in New York City
the year is 1926 and JK Rowling has for the first time brought the Harry Potter
wizarding world across the pond from the UK to New York City in the 1920s
although the film is technically filmed in Liverpool UK a lot of the visual
effects and sets are reflecting the historical skyline and details – subway
details everything at the time so that is what I’m going to show you today and
even the film begins as newts boat crosses past the Statue of Liberty and
goes into Ellis Island I cannot wait to show you my top 5 locations here in New
York City from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them first I’m here at the Woolworth Building
which was the tallest building at the time it was completed in 1913 it was
chosen for the Mack USA headquarters by JK Rowling not only for the Gothic
architecture but also for the owl perched atop the entranceway. Next up the Tenement Museum! David Yates,
the director, brought his creative team here to New York City for location
scouting starting with the Tenement Museum and this five-story tenement building is actually a reflection of an apartment
and living conditions in 1864 which inspired Jacob Kowalski’s apartment. We are here at one of the most important
spots in the film: Tina and my apartment! 21 West 26th Street is currently the
Writers House a literary agency a clock tower appears multiple times
throughout the film in the skyline likely the MetLife Tower this is the
tallest tower in the world in 1909 when it was constructed until it
was beat out in 1913 by the Woolworth Building
aka MACUSA. Our fifth and final location is City
Hall. I’m actually here at Brooklyn Bridge
City Hall station because the City Hall subway station the first ever station in
New York City with its gorgeous vaulted ceilings and glass skylights is actually
closed to the public except for MTA occasional tours but that
first subway station was the perfect location for the main action in the film.
Here at Brooklyn Bridge City Hall you can also see a refurbished subway
station which is very similar to the kind that you see in the film. So
definitely check out the film and now I hope you can see all of the beautiful
spots in New York City and appreciate it even more
as always say yes to new adventures and I’ll see you
you next time!


  1. Have you seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Which other movies set in NYC would you like to see explored?

  2. Great video! I still haven't seen the film yet (which is surprising as I am a big HP fan!) but now I need to get on it!!!

  3. Really cool video, very informative and helpful!
    But a little bit of me died everytime you pronounced MACUSA (Macooza) as (Mack Usa) sorry XD

  4. Jen your hair……I loveee it. That color top, suits you very well! Hope everything is good with you. I know this is a not so recent upload but I was now scrolling through your channel. Looking forward to your future uploads and extraordinary content.

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