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whenever my friends come to London
they’re like where should we go let’s the square no let’s never go there today
I’m with Jess from Love & london– what can people find on your channel
lots of tips for anybody who’s going to be visiting London imagine that you only
have a day to visit London or even half a day even one hour
how can you see the best sights of London for me and Jess are going to show
you the best sights of London in just around half an hour let’s go so we’re
gonna start in Piccadilly Circus this is where every tourist comes to begin with
so this is where we’re gonna start yeah do you like coming to pick you a circus
to hang out um not particularly no but I think everyone likes to get the pictures
of the signs in the background and of the statue and just to check it out cuz
it’s world-famous exactly so this is a great place to
start get your photos and leave immediately let’s start the clock from
Piccadilly grab your photo then go straight to Leicester Square what’s the
best place to mr. Square nowhere if you come to London you want to laugh
go to the comedy store just don’t ever go in there rubbish
nothing to do with London and of course you need to hit some less to square not
my favorite place however you have a good recommendation for a place to eat
yes most of the food places here are terrible but if you have to eat unless
they’re square go to Leicester Square kitchen the food’s actually pretty good
there I like just like slagging off the places so you have to come here it’s
shit different shitty restaurant alley from here walk around the corner pass
the National Portrait Gallery and look where we end up and that brings us to
Trafalgar Square obviously you want to come here you want to get all the cool
photos behind us this is the National Gallery and it’s free to get into and if
you come on a hot day it’s nice and air-conditioned in there so go in for a
little bit of a walk and see some of the artwork just for a nice break even yeah
also if you need to pay it’s pretty good yeah totally for you to get into yeah
which by the way if you’re looking for free places and cool places to pay you
should check out Jesse’s itinerary of London yeah it covers more than that
it’s an itinerary all around the city but I also have two toilets marked off
this moment moving man it’s not just Ireland yeah that was the highlight in
the summer the fountains are on you jump in that you can’t jumping the fountains
but people still do because it’s hot and they’re beautiful what else is here
there’s Nelson’s column which was built to commemorate Admiral Nelson who fought
it what to do actually it’s the Battle of Trafalgar because you know we’re in
Trafalgar Square and there’s also a reason that we’re not
doing Big Ben right now on this route because as you can see Big Ben is in
clock Hospital it’s gonna be under wraps until 2021
yeah about 20-25 yes so if you’re watching this video in 2021 ignore this
video go to Big Bend but if you’re watching this before 2021 just continue
with us also a little tip is that the tower is actually called Elizabeth tower
and Big Ben is the bow that’s inside of it so it’s actually should be called
Elizabeth tower but everybody in the world cause a big one now walk past
Nelson’s column grab your photo and head to this place so from Trafalgar Square
we’re going to go down the mouse straight down to Buckingham Palace but
before we go there there’s something I have to show you there’s a tiny little
secret hidden in this wall and there’s a tiny little nose made of bronze do you
see it yeah I think over there so no one really knows why it’s there there’s a
rumor that there’s a man buried in there I’m lying this not so basically this
just takes us all the way down to Buckingham Palace and we’re really lucky
with the weather it’s never like this no st. James’s Park which is a beautiful
beautiful park to walk through super green there’s also tons of waterfowl and
it’s home to where the famous Royal pelicans are which are the ancestors of
a pair of pelicans that were given to the Queen back in the 1600s and their
ancestors still live there actually let’s just take the detour through st.
James Park to Buckingham Palace it adds on like two more minutes to your journey
and it’s definitely worth it do you want me to see something – we did
can already talk about it a lot what we did yeah see you can even see London I
on this route get everything except for Big Ben Elizabeth tower was recording in
Elizabeth I like this guy which finally brings us up to Buckingham Palace so
we’re gonna get the good view in just a moment and this is where we finish our
tour what’s been your favorite bit always st. James’s Park yeah it’s so
beautiful so all we need to do now is take a photo here and then we tourists
it we touristed boom one thing I’ve noticed is like the smell
of the flowers is really really good and it looks so pretty everywhere plant
it’s like tens of thousands of flowers every spring and also every winter and
they always looked so beautiful it’s really nice smells like honey
that’s so good I’m finally Buckingham Palace 38 minutes we’ve seen the best
sights of London in under an hour let’s take a photo and get out of here and for
more tips for your trip to London we filmed a video over on love in London my
channel that is a guy to Soho with Ali’s favorite spot so you can watch that by
clicking the box popping up around here somewhere be somewhere there okay
perfect you


  1. Seen Leicester square, Picadilly and Trafalgar. These were cool places. I also ate at Soho. Love London.

  2. I was in London one year ago, I enjoyed it so much and I really hope that I'll be able to go there again one day! I'd love to more there but flats for rent are really expensive there so I'll see♥

    Also about that Big Ben, yeah I was pretty upset that I couldn't see it properly! 😀

  3. I missed London so much. I've been there in 2013 October.
    I went to Buckingham Palace to watch the ceremony of Guard's switched.
    I walked around Victoria Street, Buckingham street, and also i went to Big Ben, London Bridge, StoneHenge, Windsor Castle, Harrods, and also went to the Gordon Bath .
    I Love London sooooo much. Not only London but all the cities that I've been visited while i was visiting England. We wtached the Phantom, there was such a cool story… When we got stucked on the traffic light before we were crossing the road to Her Majestiy Theater there is a bus stop just Infront of me and the Phantom was advertised on the side of the bus. I felt like "wow" it's kind of coinsiden or what!? Hehehe….
    I love so much traveling because on my travels I always found something new and exciting. I was there for 5days 4 nights in UK.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  4. I really miss those places. I hope I can see them again someday. Thanks for showing. Tony, from Brazil.

  5. That's just what I needed! I like to recommend good itineraries to my English learning students and this one is really up-to-date and fast.

  6. I wish that I could visit london, but unfortunately how?We have to study in London and it needs alot of marks 😏

  7. Hi, very touristic tour….What I love very much in London is Little Venice and the path which lead To Camden through Regent's Park

  8. Papa, could you teach us the difference between “say,speak,talk,tell,chat,communicate…” and the difference in the words like “look,watch,see,view,stare,gaze…”
    Because I still get confused as I’ve learned English so many years . I’ll be very appreciate that if you clear those verbs for us. Really big thank you Papa! Have a wonderful day in London!

  9. Good evening sir, one of the best English spoken teacher I like really appreciate for online teaching thanks so much

  10. Beautiful city London! When I visited it a few years ago, in the early afternoon as soon as I got off the bus and left the bags at the hotel (I came from Woodstock because I had visited a very old but sprightly aunt of my husband who has been living there since 1950) the first place I rushed into was "Harrods" 😄… I insane? Yes, a little 😳 (this was my face 😍 and this was my husband's one 😬). Thank you very much for reminding me of all these wonderful places 🙋

  11. I've brought the sun from Italy, I've just moved to London…i'm sure it's going to be an amazing experience💕

  12. Thank you for share this video, I will probably go to London in August. Coming from Seville, Spain, I hope the same weather than you got in the video 😉

  13. After 2 weeks Im going to move to London. I've been there only once, 2 years ago just visited. However, after some time I'll be living there and at the same time I'm excited as well as kind of have some fear concerning adaption to the new place to find new friends and so on. Hope, some day i can meet you, guys. Btw, i really loved this video, do more like these♡

  14. London was my dream destination since I was a little girl. I got it two weeks ago, it was the best 4 days of my life. I want to go back again. London is wonderful, it was depressing to be back home. I was totally born in the wrong country

  15. OMG! That and a little more a did with my family last year! I love London! As a history lover I'd also recommend The British Museum. And, yeah, go and see The Big Ben. It's s worth it anyway! And The House of Parliament, and Hyde Park, and Westminster Cathedral! I love London, as you can see.

  16. Hi there papateachme! Please, could you do a video explaining the Saxon Genitive and use of Be able to. Thanks a lot for your help

  17. This is so nice. I like you invite other youtubers with more experience on the subject so your videos become more interesting and full of new vocabulary. Thanks 😊

  18. What you mean there’s no good restaurant in Leicester Square??? You know there’s a place called Chinatown just next to it right??

  19. Watching this video while expecting for the Champions League final between two english teams…😍😍I’m in fucking love with England and the UK. The inventors of soccer, the Kings of Rock'n'Roll, some of the best universities of the world, so many great inventions like the telephone or the internet, so many geniuses…. and that beautiful language. I dream to live there one day. Cheers from a shitty eighth world “country” called Argentina! (I don’t give a goddamn shit about the falkland islands’ issue)

  20. Sir! I would like to ask you whether 'oftenly' is a correct word or not? If yes, difference between often and oftenly and how they are used! Please respond! I'll be thankful (:

  21. UK Does NOT need a air con! Why London look like Paris? WHY? By he way, amazing video, I am taking the temperature as I will land to London soon for living there….

  22. Hey there! It's so hard to reach you. I couldn't find any contact info to text you so I hope you might see this. I've just started to add subtitles to your videos. If you are interested in could you reply to me?

  23. I always say… why should I visit London or any other city in the world when in my own country I have some of the best landscapes, national parks and nature reserves in the world, it's a no brainer. I would always choose to relax in nature than travel thousands of kilometers to another country to stay in a crowded and noisy city. Even though the cool thing about old cities would be the architecture, and history of the place, but aside from that, there is nothing really that great about cities. Greetings from Chile.

  24. I'm an Indonesian studying in the uk as watching your videos made me obsessed with uk. I like this kinda outdoor videos. It seems lovely, fresh, and not boring 😊😍😊

  25. I love walking, and every time friends have come to visit London I always tell them, make sure you bring comfortable shoes. There is always 1 day I show them almost everything that needs to be seen. This is my route (very similar to yours):
    1. Piccadilly Circus
    2. Leicester Square
    3. Trafalgar Square
    4. Buckingham Palace
    5. St. James's Park
    6. Banketing House
    7. Big Ben
    8. London Eye
    9. Covent Garden
    10. St Paul's Cathedral
    (there you can book a visit in Sky Gardens or go after 6p.m.)
    11. Tower of London
    12. Tower Bridge

    No train, no buses needed just your feet. It takes 6-8 hours (including taking pictures and maybe going to a museum). You can eat at any Wetherspoons, or grab some meal deal from the supermarket and eat out.

    For people that come 1-2 days this I found the most complete itinerary to visit the iconic places in London (excluding Camden, I would spend almost all day in Camden hahahaha, maybe stop by at King's Cross and take a picture at the HP spot for fans and fun hahaha).

  26. Wow i have been in that area before. London is amazing. But the think that i don’t like europe is the weather that always make me sad. So cloudy gloomy no Sun, i feel sad when i visit any europe country. Hi from Indonesia 🥰

  27. Hi Papa, thanks man , watching this, like you brought London to my room. Hope someday I can fly there.

  28. just common info available in every leaflet … and you did not mentioned the price any simple visit to london do nothing eating snack and sandwich cost 25-50 pounds per person …. stop delusion people

  29. So good to see this!! I have lived in Muswell Hill for one year working as an Aupair. My absolute favourite place was Primrose Hill. I always went to Sainsburys or Tesco, got a snack and then spent the day on Primrose Hill enjoying the view and read a book. 🙂

  30. Hi, Aly. Interesting video. As a subscriber to your channel, I would be interested in a video of Bristol. Any suggestions on videos or channels about Bristol (and other cities such as Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester…) ? Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might give me. And thank you so much for sharing all these useful lessons and other infos and tips.

  31. great video but how come you never went to the Westminster area!)) yeah, I know you justified it by the fact that Big Ben is under ongoing reconstruction but still, Westminster, I think, is the heart of London)

  32. OMG….
    you're the bestttttttt…..😍
    you show the LONDON to everyone,i hope I can to get there
    again, you're the best of the best…

  33. Don't go to Piccadilly Square. Selfies are stupid, but selfies at a tourist trap are the worst. Yes, yes, yes go to the National Portrait Gallery. Walk down Whitehall Street from there, visit Parliament Square, visit Westminster Abbey, see the Thames all together. It's like 1/3 of a mile's worth of walking from one end to the other.

  34. Hi, Papa,
    London is fantastic! Last may I spend a couple of weeks there with my wife. All the best for everyone from Rio.

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