1. The Judge, CBS, etc. is an example of favoritism, biasness and no compassion for children…. we the adults are suppose to be their voices and this poor mother was pushed away bc he was a police officer and they judged her as a nobody….. they all need to be replaced by someone who would love going to work and helping children that crying out for help from abuse and neglect!!!

  2. Good. Let him Rot in prison and turn off the heaters in his cell with the windows open. He could always sell his organs if he needs money for an attorney.

  3. People should be bashing this piece of shit animal instead theres other people bashing kids of robberies and shit yea it’s bad but look at this disgusting piece of shit father who killed his own son and worse a police officer FUXK 12

  4. This POS now he has no money, where’s the money he was depositing periodically that should be confiscated , he can’t find a lawyer , he really should rot in jail, I hope they get him there!!!

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