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My favorite part about being in LA is
just how culturally and just musically artistically diverse the entire city is.
You will not get anything here that you will get anywhere else. It’s the music capital
of the world. If you want to do music LA, is literally the place to be. There’s just an immense music scene here but there’s also just so much networking,
there’s so much life, there’s just so much art in general it’s not just
music. There’s just a lot of culture here and it’s great places to grow as a
person that’s interested in music and interested in the arts. What I love about
being in LA is the fact that I’m part of this eclectic music environment
where you can literally see the philharmonic and see a jazz band play in
the same night. People just want to be the best that they can be and for any
environment that’s trying to host creativity and excellence, that’s an
important part. There’s always something to do here. You are just miles from the
city from the beach from the mountains and there’s always concerts happening like LA Master Chorale, LA Phil and LA Chamber Orchestra, amongst everything else. My favorite part about being in LA is obviously the weather but also it’s
super easy to go around and have fun while also having the music
center that’s in Los Angeles. You’re close to everything from the Walt Disney
Concert Hall, Disneyland and the beaches as well as just being in touch with
everyone in the LA community. There’s just so many networking possibilities
here it’s a great place to build your connections and to get to know people
and to just start your life.

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