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today is going to be a very special video I’m going to the city to meet this guy simon Sinek and i’m very excited he’s a very inspiring guy that helped me a millions to realize why we do what we do so I’m going to leave a link on the description so you can check this video out I think this is a message that is worth it to share and that’s what I’m doing and so see you guys in a bit [Music] okay I’ll be going to Barnes & Nobles to get copies of his book he actually mentioned in one book that he will be signing I think he wouldn’t care and signing one of these older book I’ll give it a try and see what happened you never know so see you later I gotta keep driving okay I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to show meantime coffee time I forgot to ask for sugar anyways that she will just grab her bag and come right down ten minutes ago and it’s 4:10 already we’re gonna be there at 6:00 if we leave right now we kind of beat the traffic and then I gotta find a parking spot which is very very hard to find in Manhattan I just don’t like to be late am I gonna be here talking to myself which is now weird I mean at least for me the language that I don’t even know that good this is very frustrating okay there she is one second two seconds two hours what’s the difference I been here for like ten minutes [Music] [Music] [Music] okay we’re here walking using it look we are about to get to the place and it’s like a an hour of driving it’s colder than we thought it will be hold on let’s go yeah I have no idea where we are actually I just I was just following the GPS is there people in the corner breather I’m hurt I don’t want you [Music] [Music] okay we just got out from there it was pretty cool right it’s really cool but it was really cool it was cool meeting someone that your lives you wrote me a letter I think something like that that’s why she came though that’s her like tacos and then her gonna go if we’re gonna drive like so fast cuz they’re gonna play soccer [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s my favorite [Music] really kind of spicy but pretty big tomorrow we got to go to the genes right good morning we have to you ate like five already we have like two left I only ordered three but she gave me four she thought I ordered or but I’ll take it I’m not gonna share down that taco [Music] chocolate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ok I just got home and I got my good sign as you can see and it was a pretty cool experience you know I’m going to the city and meeting someone and someone who inspire people and inspire me pretty awesome and that’s conclude my night that’s pretty much it this is the end [Music]

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