Firehouse 51 and the City of Chicago Show Up for Each Other – Chicago Fire

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  1. This is a crying moment, so touching. We need to love and care for each other especially our elederly.Thanks writers.

  2. I have only been watching this show for 2 years now and this is the 4th time i have cried….flat out cried from moments like this. This show has a family aspect about it and thats why i love it

  3. I can't imagine what that was like for the old man, losing his wife and the only living family he has left is Dusty the cat. But then Brett and Casey, Firehouse 51, and the people of Chicago showed up and were comforting the man, and I cried so hard. This man deserves happiness for the rest of his life, and praise to 51 and the people of Chicago 😭🙌

  4. That is what the the world should be like
    That people actually care about each other, show some respect…
    Because it is always great to see and know , that someone got your back and always is behind you ….

  5. Damn, I haven't even seen the episode but holy cannoli the tears roll! Who's choppin in the damn onions 😭😭😭

  6. The scariest thing about growing old with the person you love is the thought of losing them💔 and I know it’s not real but the scene felt very real🥺 oh and I cried😭

  7. As a volunteer firefighter/contributing member of a fire department this is very touching, very heartwarming to see 51 be apart, and support…. I'm just speechless.

  8. I was starting to get teary because there's so much meaning in this little part of the series saying that people stand up for one another even if they don't ask for it.

  9. My dad was a tough old bird, a veteran of 2 wars, korea and Vietnam. Only saw him cry twice. Once when I was burned as a child 2nd when my mother died. Then in 2013 I lost mine after 28 yrs 7 months of marriage. So yes its hard.

  10. I definitely cried a little at this scene. I'm just loving Chicago Fire more and more. Wonderful very real very raw humanizing scene

  11. This actually has me bawling my eyes out.

    My grandma passed away on the 5th and her funeral was on the 6th.
    There was well over 400 people at her funeral because we have a huge family and people all over the country came.
    Just seeing how many people came for her was amazing…

  12. Ever since I lost my grandma who was super close to me seeing and knowing death touches me in a way it never used before. This makes me cry a lot seeing someone who lost a significant other really gets me. Great job in this scene

  13. Brought me to tears, when Brett and Casey showed up. Then everyone else showed up, really had me crying. And the touching end, as Brett held his arm as if he was her grandfather. ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. At a friend's funeral there wasn't enough space in the church! We were outside the church on the green in the town centre! It just showed how many lives he had touched! He wasn't even 18 when he died but he taught everyone so much. I was completely astounded by how many hearts he had touched. I felt the same way about this clip. This is community

  15. Oh so typical of the firefighters they are a family firefighting is a way of life not a job I know this as the widow oh a firefighter always support these wonderful people

  16. This episode was one of the best. I cried along with mum. We didn't cry this much since the memorial was made for Otis. Beautiful, so beautiful for this scene.

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