1. This is the global Green New Deal kill us all off they are allowing a virus to grow they can't be that stupid

  2. It's on now they'll be a lot more cases very very shortly time to stock up and sandbag to home people will be coming for your food

  3. This is why officials should have NEVER said there were no cases in their state, city, etc. THAT was going to change.

  4. I'm leaving America this summer is not worth being a peasant in this bulshit please you people are walking pest don't you see what's happening you sorry people better wake up China is the Real Enemy blow up China make America great again

  5. What about the people in the plane she took? Or people in the train she took to her back to the city? Or cab?
    So confusing

  6. NYC wouldn’t have coronavirus if Michael Bloomberg were still mayor. Just like he led NYC on 9-11.

  7. OMG 😮 Everyone in New York is gonna be sick🤒💀 I'm so glad I left and moved far far away from people & I don't want anyone visiting me until this Is over in 2025🤪😎😜😂

  8. Screening not good enough off the plane, Covid 19 is asymptomatic, so they'll miss people, our public safety is in the hands of imbeciles.

  9. People saying this won't happen, it's gonna happen cause it's in the word, for those of you that know what i'm texting about.

  10. Makes it harder when you have hundreds of thousands of illegals in the city – with a very large amount from China and the middle east coming and going as they please. A disaster waiting to happen.

  11. I can't even imagine how many ppl are actually contracted with the virus in NYC but at a very miniscule scale. All those undocumented individuals living it up right now just coughing…

  12. Don’t worry Bloomberg will save you’ll
    Sure he’s sending millions
    Lololo yea right
    Would make a good movie

  13. New York welcomes coronavirus by default.
    650 Americans passengers on board Westerdam infected with coronavirus that land onto Cambodia harbor. Where are they now? —> NEW YORK

  14. Iran is one of the high risk countries now, why are we letting people back from there without quarantine them

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