FOOD ROAD TRIP: Vancouver CANADA to Los Angeles USA

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We’re in San Francisco and it just happens
to be international ice cream day. Which to me is pretty much every day. But we stopped everything, we were like,
we have to go for ice cream. So we’re at Humphry Slocombe which we heard
is some of the best in the whole city. And I guess this gigantic line up will
probably agree with us. I have some ice cream, I have some ice cream. You don’t have none. Blue Bottle Vietnamise coffee ice cream. That’s awesome. I got POG sorbet. Which is like passion fruit, orange
and guava I think. Wanna try it? I’d like to mention that Simon has
so much ice cream in his beard. It’s just like, all beard. I’m saving that for later. Hm, look at that. [S] You know what I like about ice cream? [M] Hm? [S] Ice cream. [M] A pretty good point you raise. Oh my god, Simon, you have like 80% ice cream.
This is just all ice cream. Take care of me, Ducky. [S] Suck my beard. [M] I’m not sucking- [S] Suck my beard! [M] No. I won’t be part of it. We’re in Noe Valley eating the best
subs in town at Subs Inc. Guys. Yours is on sourdough, right? I got sourdough and you got Dutch Crunch. I don’t even know what that means.
Can you see this? This is crazy. I needed like a quarter of a quarter of a quarter- [S] There’s bacon in this as well? Damn, girl.
[M] Really? What did you get? I got the turkey mustard avocado bacon. I got the- Mortadella ham salami provolone mustardy
Dutch Crunch goodness. Look at all that. Oh man. (sexy food porn shots music) [S] See this right here? Sourdourgh bread. Look at how crusty that is. Outside so hard, inside tender deliciousness. I haven’t had a good hard crusted bread
like this in ages. That was not a sexy shot. There’s no pretty way to eat this. [S] How does this camera look overhead? [S] Is there like Google Earth looking at us
right now? [M] I don’t know. And look, watch this. Ok? That’s just the back. The side. And I can actually look at the curb. Like as I’m driving, real time. [S] You’ll never be a bad paralel parker again. [M] We look like it’s a cartoon,
it’s what it looks like. [S] How can anybody ever get into
a car accident again using this? [M] Look, you can see the other car coming. Ok, everybody is saying, you know,
Blue Bottle coffee is really really good. But then when we came here,
we met a lot of Nasties and they suggested that we go
to Philz instead. They said it’s much better. So I’m really excited,
I’ve never even heard of it before. There’re like so many things to choose from here.
I don’t even know where to start. [M] Yes! [S] Philz Coffee. I got the strangest thing ever. I got the mojito iced coffee. Which has like a pile of mint at the bottom
and then it’s like two types of coffee on top of it. I got the one that has the most caffeine. I don’t understand why anyone thinks
that it has the most caffeine. For me it just seems like any other coffee
I’ve ever had. I feel totally ok. Hey, do you wanna go running?
I wanna go running. Coffee is made with speed. Hey, you know what’s great? You know what?
Meth. Meth is great. Hey, how- That tastes like coffee. Oh, what’s that? Gross. It’s not gross. You’re gross. [S] You’re gross. [M] You’re gross,
captain ice cream in your beard. Saving that as a sweetner for my coffee. I think if you’re not into coffee, this would be
the most overwhelming place on the planet. [M] I think you’d go in there- [S] Oh shit,
I actually did get my beard in there. [M] Oh no! [S] I did that as a joke. [M] Oh Simon, so gross! [S] Oh god,
I can’t drink this anymore. I didn’t think my beard went down that long. [M] Look at cows. [S] -Moo moos. [SZ] Hey guys, can you put some luggage in? I need
some help. [M] They’re all in this amazing house. [M] Oh my gosh. [SZ] I don’t need- [S] I know! And I didn’t know what sounds to make.
I was like- [S, M] “Apaca-paca-paca-paca”. [SZ] Guys! [M] Ducky. [S] I just miss you so much! Oh my god!
[SZ] I think it’s too heavy for me. [S] Ducky, please never be apart from me. [S] It would be perfect.
[SZ] I still need help. [M] Right? [S] -Mexican food together!
[M] What about In-N-Out Burger? [SZ] Whatevs. [S] I know this really good place! [M] Yeah? [S] Yeah. They give little hats, don’t they? [M] And I heard there’s like- [M] Roscoe’s waffles and chicken or something.
[SZ] There’re so many stairs in the house. [S] Roscoe’s chicken and waffles. [M] Yeah. [M] Yeah, I wanna try that too.
[S] Ok, we’ll do that. Oh Ducky, I miss you. She’s gone. And that’s how you avoid unpacking your luggage. It’s 11 pm on a Wednesday night. What better thing to do in L.A. than drive up for the best 1 dollar tacos
that this city has to offer. [S] Oh yeah. [M] Oh man. Ok, we ordered three different kinds. [S] The buches. [M] The buches, which is the cheeks. [S] Asadas. [M] Asadas, which is the basic,
I guess, beef one. [M] And we ordered these. [S] Oh my god. One dollar each. [S] Damn, I’d spend like 5 dollars each.
[M] That’s incredible. We have. We spent like 15 bucks on a stupid taco in Itaewon. [S] Ok. [M] Oh my god, I don’t know what I’m getting. Don’t you eat without me, young man. Don’t you- Even- [S] What are you doing?
[M] I’m gonna add some hot sauce. Oh hell you. How dare you? Oh yeah. Oh man, look at this perfect little mouthfull. Oh my gosh. Get out of here. The hot sauce is not joking. Where have you been all my life? Oh my god.


  1. These were more FAPFAPs rather than WANKS. Also i felt like you didn't show much of LA. I mean tacos are great n all, but wat else was there LA?

  2. Subs in San Fran? Oh come on there are way better foods that San Fran is famous for than lame sub sandwiches disappointing…

  3. WHOA YOU GUISE!!! Talk about food porn! Btw how tall are you Simon? And how tall are SooZee and Leigh? In the shot where you guys were crossing the street I thought it was so cute that the girls looked sooo tiny next to you xD

  4. man, i really wanted you to try Kbbq in LA. I heard its even better there. I wanted to hear from you your experiences. I grew up on LA kbbq so I wouldve loved to know the differences 😀

  5. Can you guys do an updated "about" page/video of EYK? kinda like explaining how it started, the history, why you decided to make it etc. sorry if you guys already explained that somewhere!

  6. So sad that you guys were here and I had no idea! Even more sad that you ate at those places and weren't given a proper tour from locals who know where the good stuff is

  7. EYK, you guys have been one of my biggest inspirations to start a Youtube channel, and honestly, I would not be giving this a shot if it weren't for you two!
    Love you two from the bottom of my heart ^^

  8. Hey guys I'm just curious where is your channel going in terms of branding? Are you turning into a travel channel? Anyways it's really cool and very inspiring! 🙂

  9. OMG Y'all should have gone to Wraps n' Rolls where you can get sushi burritos – I've been there a few times with friends and nothing on the menu has ever disappointed, there's like so many food joints and touristy/ city only experiences. I GOT Y'ALL NEXT TIME Y'ALL COME JUST LET US KNOW.

  10. I bet you guys have so much footage you guys are not showing! I have done this exact same road trip, well from LA to Seattle, many times and there are so many stops and things to check out. FOR INSTANCE Thor's Well in Oregon, Glass Beach in CA, Big Sur CA, Hearst Castle, Bend Oregon, and much much more.

  11. How did they get the cars?? There's two of them now, and they're on the other side of the Pacific! face of confusion and mystification

  12. Is Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles a real place? Cuz I remember they mentioned it a few times on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air a few times so I always assumed it was made up.

  13. omgggg too bad you weren't in Portland for international ice cream day!!!! it's not a trip to portland area with out a trip to Salt & Straw!!!!

  14. Im here in Korea till 2017 and watching you guys parade around town eating the most delicious food ever is making me cry lol I miss USA right about now

  15. do u like cupcakes?
    well if h do there's a cupcake place in Bellingham WA.
    u have to go there. it's called "Cupcakes" really. sure it can be a little bit $ but totally wrote it. please please please go there.

  16. If you ever go back to Texas head over to Snook! There is a place called Sodolak's Original Country Inn that serves chicken fried bacon and the best steaks.

  17. Martina can you do some tutorials on how you do your hair? I absolutely love your hair. my hair is so long I cannot do anything with it.

  18. I really wish I knew you guys did a North American tour since I discovered EYK last month, I think it took me a month to watch all the videos! Glad you enjoyed Vancouver (b/c I use to live there) and SF (b/c I work here now). There is a GREAT Korean fusion truck called Koja Kitchen that is awesome! You should try it next time if you're ever in this area. So bummed I missed you guys, but didn't look like you did a Nasty tour while doing this road trip.

  19. You guys have such great taste in music :D. I know this because I can never find any of the songs anywhere, annoying as that is :P.

  20. omg you guys should have gotten the secret breakfast flavor at humphrey slocombe. literally best flavor in the world!!! 🙂

  21. I wish when I grow up I can marry like a Simon type of boy and go around the world to eat! I LOVE TO EAT AND FUNNY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!???

  22. Aaaaugh, I saw this 7 months too late! If you were after good food, you seriously should have stopped in Sacramento, which has quietly become one of the best restaurant cities in the US. I'm originally from Houston, lived in LA for 10 years, and have spent a lot of time in San Francisco. Sacramento has as many high-quality restaurants as any of them, despite being a much smaller city.

    Just a few of my favorite spots in Sacramento, covering a range of cuisines and price points (message me for even more places):

    Kru — Contemporary Japanese/fusion cuisine by rising star chef Billy Ngo. At least for now, Kru still offers a mini omakase lunch for just $20, and the menu also features brilliantly executed fusion small plates.

    Pangaea — Gastropub with probably the best burger in town, fantastic small plates, and a curated craft beer list that changes daily.

    Gunther's Ice Cream — Across the street from Pangaea, a Sacramento institution for decades.

    Shoki Ramen — This place would stand out even in Japan. Handmade noodles, amazingly complex and delicate broths.

    Masullo — Perfectly authentic Neapolitan pizza made with local ingredients.

    Bacon & Butter — Endlessly inventive New American brunch spot.

    Magpie Cafe — Casual dining with a menu focused on fresh seasonal produce.

    Hawks Public House — Upscale gastropub with a sophisticated seasonal menu. There's also Hawks Provisions next door, which offers coffee and takeout breakfasts and lunches that are simpler but just as well executed.

    The Rind — A "cheese bar" that both serves a cheese-centric menu and offers cheeses for sale. The waiters and bartenders double as highly knowledgeable cheesemongers.

    Tako Korean BBQ — As the name sort of suggests, Korean-Mexican fusion tacos served in a converted gas station.

    Old Soul Co. — Craft coffee, sandwiches on house-baked bread, daily brunch specials. Three locations, all in Sacramento.

    Temple Coffee — Nation's best coffee roaster according to Coffee Review, and one of the top two roasters in the US for the last 5 years in a row. One of the handful of American roasters that can do super-light roasts consistently well. Four locations in Sacramento and one in Davis.

    Also food trucks, if you can catch them: my favorites are Cowtown Urban Eats, Culinerdy Cruzer, Krush Burger, and Volkswaffle.

  23. Ahh! I was out in Seattle visiting then, but I couldn't go see you guys. If you ever come back to the States, you guys should check out Colorado!!

  24. Man both these videos just wanna make anyone go traveling down the west coast, or anywhere, for food. You can't settle for something not great at home after watching these, you gotta get something good from your area. A very inspirational way to make the viewers gain weight 🙂

  25. this is so cute because i've actually been to that philz and now i work at a philz and i'm glad you both liked it 🙂

  26. Did…did no one explain to you about Tommyburgers? You see, when a burger loves a bun very much, and it's 2am…

  27. Mint mojito coffee is the best at Phil’s! I wish you would of stopped at “California Sourdough” for the best sandwiches in San Jose. And right across the street, there’s “pizza California” and they use sourdough for the pizza.

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