Foraging for a Meal in San Francisco

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so weird the suture bass which our Ocean Beach right in the edge of Golden Gate Park and a lot of people come here just to check out the scenery but there’s actually also a lot of really great wild forest up there we’re on our way down to check out the wild mussels but along the way there’s also chickweed right here which is a wild edible green I use this as a salad green one of my dinners and it’s got a really nice like citrusy succulent flavor so pairs really well with like a champagne vinaigrette or throw beets in there a lot when I’m creating a menu for one of my meals I really just walk around and see what’s available in like what’s abundant and then craft the menu around those ingredients this is a mallow cheese they call it that because it looks like those little baby Bell cheeses that are wrapped in wax so you can steam them or blanch him which is cook them in boiling water and yeah very delicious so here is actually another wild edible it’s wild radish leaves it’s a really Hardy green like I think about a lot like kale like you do you don’t really want to eat it raw like you can but does it taste very good what I usually do is blanch it off and saute it you can also eat the flowers that have like a really nice rat you fight to them I usually pick off the pedal and kind of sprinkle around we really like eat flowers so I just collected four edible things from down there these are wild mussels there’s a lot more grit in them than regular mussels though so I usually do is actually steam them take the mussel out of the shell and then serve the dish like that there’s only allowed to harvest these things by hand so it’s a really good idea to to bring gloves with you and these are little sea snails you buy the Asian groceries that go on periwinkles you just steam those you can eat them put them in soup or whatever these are gooseneck barnacles it’s really good really tender when you’re foraging by the beach it’s better to have bigger boots than I have actually fall in the water a little bit this only took 30 minutes we found enough for an entire meal seafood greens edible foods all over the place so no matter where you live you’ll find something

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