Formula E New York City 2019

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Friends of The Vox Network, we’re here on 5th Avenue in New York. Everything’s ready for the last stage of Formula E the electric championship, and we’re here to see it all. New York is a fantastic city, towering skyscrapers, tons of noise, tons of traffic. Unfortunately, not very electric. I’d hoped to see the city a bit more advanced in that respect. We’re here at 40th and Broadway, where we’re meeting two friends from Enel X, Marco and Debora. Welcome guys. I wanted to ask you about what we’re going to see tomorrow. What can you tell us about the racetrack and the pilots competing? Tomorrow is the last double race of Formula E 2018-2019, the fifth season, Brooklyn Street Circuit, 2.4km, 17 curves, where the title is in play between Jean-Éric Vergne with DS and Lucas Di Grassi with Audi. Look out, because we’re talking about 2 veterans here. They’ve won the last 2 championships. Friends of the Vox Network, we’ve finally made it. Saturday, July 13th, Allianz E-Village in Brooklyn, and Formula E is about to begin. The race is scheduled for 4pm today, so we still have a few hours to walk around and look at the stands. Formula E, actually, isn’t just the electric race that’s happening this afternoon. There’s a lot more to it. There’s music, entertainment and a big party. Let’s check it out. Some of the biggest news at this Formula E in New York is Harley Davidson. The American manufacturer is here at the event with its new electric motorcycles. Well, you know, we’re gonna make air-cooled engines for a long time… I would tell our customers not to worry, that, you know, this is the future but it’s a “and” it’s not “or”. You know? It’s “and”. You can have your Road King or your Street Glide and love your air-cooled motor and enjoy one of these. Yeah, it’s a very interesting experience. Audi recently introduced its E-tron, a 100% electric SUV. Like you said, the E-tron is brand new. We just launched it here specifically in the USA a couple months ago. Customer feedback so far has been great. The media loves it. It’s unlike any other electric car you’ve driven before. It has its own unique personality and I think that’s what makes it so special. So, I’d recommend anyone watching this to go and take it for a test drive and really experience the Audi way of doing an electric car. Obviously, Formula E wouldn’t be complete without Mercedes Benz and its new EQC. The first 100% electric SUV. The battery pack guarantees 450km driving range, that’s 276 miles. A maximum speed of 112 miles per hour and an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4.8 seconds. The E-Prix in New York gave Porsche the chance to introduce its prototype, Taycan, to the world. The German manufacturer’s 100% electric sports car showed what it can do by taking a series of fast laps around the Brooklyn Street Circuit The moment has come to see the first New York race of Formula E, guys. No early celebrations for Jean-Éric, who after yesterday’s nightmarish race, now has to give it all he’s got in today’s second race at 4pm. We’ve stepped out of the Allianz E-Village for Formula E for just a sec to catch our breath and escape the New York heat, and to go and visit Nissan’s pavilion. In this pavilion, Nissan is presenting all its latest electric vehicles. From Leaf, the ideal city car, to the top-of-the-line race car, Leaf Nismo RC. This car’s got only one pedal, obviously it’s super cutting edge, so you can accelerate, brake and stop the car, all with just one pedal. And obviously an absolute must is the Formula E car driven by Sébastian Buemi, who was victor the first day of the race followed closely by Jean-Éric Vergne, who he now must battle for the final win. The second race is about to start. It’s almost 4pm. Let’s get close to the track to find out who’s going to win the Formula E world championship. Formula E is over, but we’re going to keep on updating you about the latest innovations in the electric sector. So, keep following us. Remember to like our videos. Sign up for the channel. Later.

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