FREE HUGS! Blind Trust Experiment in London

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FREE HUGS, OPEN TO LOVE, Thanks for watching Be open to love Please like, subscribe and share with those you love Thank you to all the beautiful people in the video Thank you bensound for the music –


  1. Try doing this in Downtown NYC or DC. If the camera isn't stolen, post the video for comparison. It would go viral.

  2. I pensar que nadie se aserco al hombre que estaba en el suelo como ignoran a los indigentes que no tienen ni un abrazo gratis para ellos

  3. Random boi passing by, do you need a virtual hug?

    There ya go. ╰(๑>◡<๑)╯♡

  4. It unbelievable the number of people who need a huge. It a simple thing to do but it powerful you helped a lot with that 👊🏾👍🏾

  5. That's so sweet, like you could of just hugged someone who went through something really tough and made them feel so much better.

  6. I want one of his hugs!!
    They look so comfy, soft and strong. They’re lovely, the kind of hugs you need most of the time!! ❤️❤️💞

  7. Free hugs
    (There homeless)


    Homeless person: nobody will hug me cause I stink and I am homeless I just need love in my life…..

  8. I dont know why but i wanna see how far this will go :/




    Shall i keep going? Yeah

    This is totally random….



    Ok now its really big







    Ok i will now

  9. I just wanted a huge from my friend,my parent's and anyone else and from you ofcourse! I don't know why I crying while I wacthing this…maybe because no want to huge me and ! No one do this in Malaysia and only if they wearing a coustume like example like spongebob coustume.

    Please support me!
    I want a huge! ❤

  10. It's kind of sad how are basic human need for affection has been programmed out of us by society. People like you are helping to change the world, one hug at a time 😉

  11. I would have loved to hug you! Hugs are so pure and full of trust, love, etc. I hope you continue getting all the hugs you need/want in life.

  12. Do this in a top ten most dangerous city’s maybe Chelsea,ma I heard abt that in a street there called congress

  13. Hugs make me happy. I haven't recieved or hugged anyone in years. I wish I was there when you were doing this.

  14. Tears come to my mind when I think about how much hatred there is in the world. If we all just hugged each other for humanity, there would be no more wars and we would not need a military and the money could be invested in humanity all over the world. Only those who do not hate being loved, why we waste so much time with hate and so little with love, that's why we are human because we can feel. We think and speak a lot, but we feel too little.

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