Free Things To Do In New York City, Part 1: Great Views For Free

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Free Things to Do in New York City… Hello I’m David Hill with New York Habitat. Welcome to the first of a series of videos we’ll be producing in the coming weeks. Dedicated to helping you save money for your next trip to New York City. Now if you want to spend a lot of money, New York is definitely the place for that. But what if you want to come here without breaking the bank? Well my friends, I’m here to today to tell you that there are tons of things to do in this great city for absolutely free. Of course, you can start saving money even before you arrive by renting a fully furnished apartment through New York Habitat With hundreds of apartments that will be cheaper than a hotel, a vacation rental can make sense for the budget minded traveler. In another video we’ll talk more about this, but keep in mind that dollar for dollar you’ll get more and pay less. Once you’ve settled into your apartment like a local, it’s time to start doing some free stuff. One of the most well known things to do in Manhattan for free is the Staten Island ferry. It provides services to over 60,000 passengers a day, that’s not including weekends. If boating is your thing you can also check out the free IKEA water taxi runner shoppers back and forth between IKEA and Brooklyn, and Pier 11 in lower Manhattan. You’ll get some great views along the way. If you’re starting to get seasick from all these free boat rides, why not take to the sky? The Roosevelt Island Tram is almost free. You’ll pay the price of a subway ticket. This tram spans East River and connects Roosevelt Island to Manhattan. Everyone know the Empire State Building offers one of the best views of New York. But where can you get more great and free views of the city? Hop on the subway and head to Brooklyn. Just south of the Brooklyn Bridge you’ll find the Brooklyn Promenade. A third mile long walkway that provides a fantastic place to stroll along with some of the most stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Another great place to catch a great view of New York City, is the southernmost tip of Manhattan. Here you’ll find Battery Park, a 25 acre green space with great views of the Statue of Liberty. This is also where you’ll catch the boat that takes you to the Statue of Liberty, but for that my friends, you’ll have to pay. So as you can see, you’ve got a few days worth of cool, fun, and free things to do in New York City. Be sure to check out our other videos where we’ll be showing you even more things to do for absolutely free in the Big Apple. At the end of each day, why not come home to a comfortable furnished apartment from New York Habitat. You can see all of our apartments available not only in New York, but also in London, Paris, and the south of France Just visit our site at And of course if you’ve got other ideas for free things to do in New York City, be sure to leave your ideas in the comments below.


  1. @JoeNYCity That is absolutely true!! You can also take the water taxi between the Hudson River and the East River with their hop-on / hop-off service 馃檪

  2. @Eabranth Hello there! Thanks for your comment 馃檪 It's true that these ways of enjoying the city for free (or for the price of a subway ride) are really great! See you soon in nyc!

  3. Great video–along the same lines, I made this little documentary about the Staten Island Ferry. check it out!

    What to do in New York City: Staten Island Ferry

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