Freedom of Speech in the United States

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[TEXT: ShareAmerica] Free speech has created more for Americans
than just words themselves. It paved the way for many liberties which
are the bedrock of society in the U.S. Americans remember outspoken leaders fondly today…. ..but not everyone was on the
same side of history at the time. For example: In 1848, suffragists
demanded equal rights. Despite widespread opposition, and after 70 years
of protests, women gained the right to vote. Even students got in on the action. Hundreds were arrested during the Free
Speech Movement in the 1960s. But students won their battle for academic freedom
and organizing political activities on campus. This resulted in a new and influential
voice in American democracy. Free speech in America also includes
freedom of expression… …which fostered an explosion of creativity
and diverse expression of ideas in the arts. This freedom resulted in the largest and most
influential entertainment industry in the world. Of course, not all speech is protected, like obscenity,
yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, or inciting violence. And not all speech is popular…or entertaining. Still, even though Americans don’t agree
with every message, we value ALL free speech because simply put, it makes us more free. [TEXT: For more videos, go to
Produced by the U.S. Department of State]

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