1. San Francisco get it together. Build homeless shelters! Public restrooms! Something! One of the greatest and top tourist cities should not be subjected to this trash. And this is coming from an Oklahoma resident.

  2. How dare you talk out, this is what liberals wanted. all the liberals should just pay 90%tax like the demorats want"socialism" remember it's the future.

  3. "It is what it is'…stop suckling another guys dick long enough to man up and physically throw them off the street,they come back take a bat and beat the shit out of them… it's your businesses it's your neighborhood take charge sorted out

  4. The streets of san fransisco are not a sad state of affairs, rather television and the media are the sad state of affairs…

  5. A state richer than most countries… 'No money for you, filthy bums! Let me buy my Gucci without looking at you, peons!'

  6. Six months in jail for using a straw but they hand out free syringe is to heroin addicts who throw them away on the street and sidewalk !

  7. There's always been homeless crazies wandering the streets, but at least in the old days they knew that if they started trouble, the police would take them into a back alley and smash their teeth out for disturbing tax-paying citizens. With this sickening modern day Marxism taking over the west, everyone thinks they can do whatever they want with no consequences.

  8. Years of Democratic?Marxist rule. Now you want to bring this socialist "utopia" to the rest of the country. YOU CAN KEEP IT! MAGA!

  9. As more people get wise to the fact that no matter how hard you work you will be forever in this Rat Race, the more people that are going to get loaded on heroin.

  10. Stop voting democrats then.
    You have seen how California is going into ruins with Democrats running the office.
    Vote for another party for a change, stop being idiots, and then complain about problems that come because of your stupid decisions.

  11. 🎶 If you're going to San Francisco…be sure to wear a bio-hazard suit! If you're going to San Francisco…watch out for all that poop!

  12. the problem is that they're letting mentally ill people wonder around the street as oppose to putting them in institutions as well as making it easier for homeless people to live on the street.

  13. Why aren't you blaming the politicians that actually run the city f**** joke media, Democrats have run California into the ground. Just like Chicago Democrats policies ruin cities

  14. LIBERALS- This is your doing. The Democratic open border polices from the Democrats have created this shit hole. And these liberals just shake their head and shrug their shoulders and say we have issues. Get the hell outta here with that BS. Clean up America and VOTE FOR TRUMP MAGA 2020

  15. we need more tech companies to move to san fran so we can drive house prices up even further.homelessness is just the cost of tech progress so get used to it. Soon all cities will look like san francisco.

  16. The homeless tend to congregate – gather together in large cities. But cities, or communities of any large size,
    represent an economic environment far too expensive for the homeless to afford. They just don't have the money. Then why do they congregate in Los Angeles and other places? Simple – it's for the free handouts of food and money!!! Suggestion – have each state create a large homeless center, located hundreds of miles away from anything! Somewhere out in the weeds, or the desert. Then supply the homeless with food, shelter, medical aid, etc. Provide work opportunities. Then, ban vagrants in any city. You're cited for vagrancy – punishment, you go the camp – one way bus trip. You're not locked in, but it's a long ways back. And three vagrancy arrests puts you in jail. Clean up the cities!!!!

  17. You wish you did not have to clean up human feces and needles????

    Then… stop giving out free needles. Arrest all drug users, put them in jail, throw away the key!

    As for the homeless, arrest them when they defecate on the street.

    You accept illegal activity. Chaos ensues..

    SF is vile and dangerous and hiv ridden…

  18. Shocked! I am completely SHOCKED!
    Not that this is happening in SF. Because I have known about this exact condition being a fact for over a decade.
    But what's shocked me is that this story being run by an affiliate of CBS!!!! SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT!!!

  19. Going to guess that this was the first time ever that the smugish Wilson Walker was ever on this street.
    What a douche.

  20. Just a quick question for most of these people here.
    OK, San Francisco is not what it used to be. When was it a damn nice place to visit and walk the streets?

  21. What we need is more vibrant diversity, more sanctuary City policies, less whites, and another 40 years of Democrat rule. It's the only way.

  22. There was human feces on Market St in the 1970's, for years nobody did anything about it. The problem grew over the years, the same years of City Government cocktail parties, lavish office remodels, and fab vacations for city big wigs! Now SF is a fucking toilet, a high priced toilet. Thank you to all the politicians that ignored the problems…they became RICH while SF became a shit hole!

  23. Keep on voting for the liberal democrat leftists and you will have poop 💩 everywhere and illegals killing innocent people, do you not care?????

  24. How bad does urine and mounds of feces on the streets smell? A 9 billion dollar per year tourism industry will be gone with the wind if the smell doesn't go away. And the smell is the least of it. Dried feces is bacteria going airborne.

  25. 2008 – "Ughhh, I'm so angry. However, I will vote for the same people one more time."
    2010 – "Ughhh, I'm so angry. However, I will vote for the same people one more time."
    2012 – "Ughhh, I'm so angry. However, I will vote for the same people one more time."
    2014 – "Ughhh, I'm so angry. However, I will vote for the same people one more time."
    2016 – "Ughhh, I'm so angry. However, I will vote for the same people one more time."
    2018 – ?

  26. This is what happens when you step so far away from the needs and desires of the people, from God, and the constitution. These are sanctuary states. Let’s hope this is not all of our futures

  27. The problem is that they don't have enough illegal immigrants and radical Muslims. If the city would put it's money where it's mouth is they would strive to increase those numbers. More immigrants would solve the problem in SF just as it did in LA. The big problem is there are too many white people in SF who are causing all of the damage and unsavory conditions. Supplant and replace the white people with gentle and industrious immigrants and you will see all of life's problems go away.

  28. whats an amazing awesome city thats lead by conservatives? I always here how liberals ruined beautiful major cities (LA, NY, SF) but whats a good city thats lead by conservatives? Biggest major cities lead by democrats

  29. When i visited california you could see the homeless drug users everywhere in the state. It is nothing more than an overburdened used up wasteland trying to disguise itself as trendy. The politicians are too busy getting kickbacks from companies that have no business in california and ignoring their own citizens. From what i have seen i do not ever plan to go back and would rather live in the south pole or the sahara desert before california.

  30. I live in Oakland. I don't understand how homelessness is a problem when San Francisco has soooooo much money. It doesn't make sense to me. I think SF should invest in folks who are experts on improving the lives of folks who live in poverty. Basically, there has to be a way to find homes or help for these folks. I don't know. I go to SF and I see extreme wealth & then, extreme poverty. You'd think there would be enough money to help the homeless. I don't know.

  31. The good old American dream strikes again..what a soulless country, I thought UK was bad..I used to go to US in the 90s, I wouldn't go anyplace there now..enjoy..You brought your own demise by being the biggest brainwashed society of consumer sheep!!

  32. if i was a business owner no shit fucks will piss nor liter or sleep on my business streets or parking lot i chase the fucker if i have to like a crazy Asian butcher.

  33. If you're watching this you're ready to take the next step.
    To change an effect we MUST understood it at the level of cause; there are NO exceptions:

    01) Benjamin Freedman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_BP6o6BqUo
    02) Empire of the City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wSEiHgu1hw
    03) The Synagogue of Satan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IW2dXVlnSo&list=PLQBZEdq7YdEdpqsxOjjbeXrNlTx1sRMau
    –> https://gab.ai/ResearchSynagogueOfSatan

  34. Well the good part of all this is that Frisco has banned the free plastic straws given out in restaurants. Thank you SF board of supervisors for that and keep taking our vagrants (from Fresno) we appreciate this like you can't imagine! Remember, our diversity is our strength – I think that's what you people say.

  35. What? Trouble in paradise? How is this possible? Everybody voted against Trump! It is a sanctuary city where all the El Salvadoran and Mexicans citizens are welcome to live on the tax payers dime ! Everyone is a liberal welcoming all with open arms!
    This liberal paradise! San Francisco is liberal ideals in practice!

  36. Check the voting record of this "fed up woman". I would make book she has voted the same 'do nothing' politicians she has voted in for years.

  37. A lot of them are doing METH nowaday, not heroine anymore. Heroine is just to expensive for addicts anymore. They can get like 5x the amount of drugs and get fucked up just as bad with Meth. I know Meth is a complete different high, but usually heroine addicts also like meth.

  38. Blows my mind that people can Pelosi on the sidewalk and get away with it! What the hell are you people thinking about?

  39. But guess what? Their solution will be to tax more from you, sth like, oh, 240 mil is not enough, we need 500!

  40. Republicans will usually see the problems with too low taxes and too low regulation, but why do these politicians never learn?

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