Get Her! – Chicago Fire

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  1. I have to take exception to how the scene and plot played out. I have 30+ years experience in home furnishings including mattresses and upholstered goods. Federal safety standards were upgraded years ago. The current standard is exposure to an open flame or similar heat source for 90 seconds before flash over. The victim could have grabbed an extinguisher or better yet left immediately.

  2. I am looking forward to Monica Raymund (Gabby Dawson) returning next week. I would love to see Lauren German (Leslie Shay) coming back for a throwback scene or a scene in which she appears in Severide's memory. I still think that Leslie Shay was the best paramedic on the show.

  3. There's something ominous about what Christopher found on the underside of the couch. And Ritter is one more of my favourite characters on this show.

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