Giants Upset Undefeated 2007 Patriots | Super Bowl XLII | NFL Full Game

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  1. 11:08 – Patriots stop Giants on 3rd down to force FG attempt

    21:25 – Patriots’ Laurence Maroney scores on 1-yard rush TD

    27:40 – Eli Manning is intercepted by Elli Hobbs in the Red Zone

    35:15 – Tom Brady is Sacked by Justin Tuck on 3rd Down

    40:51 – Adalius Thomas Sacks Eli Manning and sends the Giants out of field goal range

    51:55 – Justin Tuck strip sacks Tom Brady to end the first half

    1:09:55 – Michael Strahan’s last career sack

    1:10:46 – Patriots fail to convert on 4th down

    1:28:52 – Eli Manning throws 5-yard TD pass to David Tyree

    1:47:29 – Tom Brady slings 6-yard TD pass to Randy Moss

    1:50:00 – Giants begin their game winning drive

    1:57:39 – David Tyree helmet catch

    2:02:26 – Eli Manning throws game winning touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress

    2:04:54 – Patriots final drive begins

    2:08:48 – Patriots’ final Hail Mary attempt is stopped by the Giants

    2:11:18 – Giants Postgame celebrations

  2. For some reason I still get nervous on the 3rd and 20 at the end when Brady points downfield, nods, and chucks it 75 yards

  3. Great leadership from Bill! Leaving your team on the field to feel the humiliation with 1 second left, while you run to the locker room and hide.

  4. Last 35 seconds of game. Worst game management in Belichick's and Brady's career. They had three time outs. Why in the world are they going down field on first play. Get the completion short, get yardage after the catch, call TO. Repeat twice more and they are well within field goal range. Those last two plays were simply desperation bombs to Moss and, knock-knock, what about the Giants play that day made Brady think they were not going to blanket Moss with at least double coverage? The point is….why, EXACTLY, the desperation? All they needed from first down was approximately 40-45 yards for a high percentage field goal attempt. Worst choke in NFL history.

  5. The reason I cannot ever respect Eli isn't even because he's always been trash. it's because of seeing peyton during this game. The WHOLE game peyton is rooting for Eli.

    But during super bowl 50 they did the same thing when Eli was watching Peyton play and he looked sick to his stomach and at times disappointed every time peyton made a great play. It's like you could see him realizing that he would be exposed as clearly the weaker of the two because peyton was on his way to getting his second ring to tie eli.then the comparison would obviously favor Peyton. The truth is non-giants fans would always know this but peyton winning that second ring made it completely defenseless to eli fans.

  6. It's interesting but for $few/yearly we can watch NFL this year on ScreenVariety Tv. Thats the only one good place to watch this season game

  7. A moment in history of the sport and this guy narrated so Boeing way. How do you american guys like this? See the broadcasters of Brasil like Everaldo Marques and Rômulo Mendonça that guys put so emotion and meaning on the game

  8. What an amazing game. The catch was amazing. I never thought the Patriots would lose to the Giants, but they did. Those who bet on the Patriots must have lost a lot of money. We might never see an upset like this one for a long time.

  9. Holding! Holding! Holding! The refs went blind to…HOLDING!!!!!!!!!!!!…if that is how Elizabeth Manning needs to win, then so be it.

  10. Eli never gets the credit he deserves, as for brady his the GOAT but he has one weakness and thats eli and those 3 defensive ends.

  11. Joe Buck is such a Brady duck sucker. Brady is way overrated. This was one of the greatest games in the history of our game however and Eli Manning is the name that will forever trigger New England fans

  12. As i Giants fan i have often pondered ..suppose we never made the trade …how many super bowls would we have won with Rivers…? ? ? ?

    real spit …knowing what we know now … i think playing in the AFC with Big Ben n Brady stopped rivers from winning multiple super bowls by now…jus sayin…
    can we all agree that it was a lil easier to get out of the NFC to get the Bowl …dunno …jus a thought & an opinion …

    Just to have to go thru the Pats , Steelers even the Ravens, KC Denver etc etc for a few yrs i think was tougher than any teams in the NFC over a long period of time …
    while most teams in the NFC were good for a few yrs then went down then back up …those top teams in the AFC were good almost every yr…
    In summary i think Rivers would have won a super bowl by now if he was in the NFC east … IMO …i`ll take ur comments off the air…lol

  13. I love how people think Eli is some hero. He threw 2 balls on that last drive that should have been picked.
    Samuel and Meriweather

  14. Patriots only beat the NFC east 1/4 times. If they are back in the Superbowl this year, hope its against the Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins or Giants

  15. True story I was in the hospital i broke my wrist when tyree made the helmet catch all I heard was nurses and people screaming when it happen I thought there was a cold blue

  16. this is and will be in mine opinion the best super bowl ever and being there was beyond words seeing that huge upset was just amazing

  17. 2:08:13 everyone always talks about the helmet catch (and for good reason) but this defensive play by Webster was also fantastic and probably saved a touchdown.

  18. Inches Short…Really Joe Buck SUCK…It Was A foot At least…You Were Fed With a Silver Spoon and Didn't learn Anything From Your Dad….Sad

  19. Pam Oliver at half said that one of the coaches told her that they needed to do better in the "green zone". What the hell is a "green zone"?

  20. Ah the class of the the Pats and their HC. They cheat, leave early during losses, commissioner hands them games because well "we're an entertainment company and if we can MAKE a dynasty why not." *Goodell…. scummiest team in the shitty as sport

  21. I had a Patriot fan invite me and a buddy over his house for this one. To him, it was going to be the perfect evening. We clowned him for weeks. The food was good though.

  22. Look at the difference between Brady and Montana. Montan, all heart, all passion. Brady, cold, a machine. Giants stopped the Terminator….

  23. I still, to this day, REGRET NOT PUTTING MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!! I would have won BIG because I had a feeling the Giants would pull off the upset.

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