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High atop the historic Plaza Hotel in New York City is a penthouse like no other. This is the $50 dollar mega apartment of billionaire fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger who personally showed us around his 6,000 square-foot designer digs along with Nikki Feel the luxury broker. He’s hired to help sell it The plaza is one of the most iconic buildings in New York Maybe the world and I found an apartment that was very unique a penthouse with the dome Actually, I bought two apartments and put two together every room inside this classic all-american design Duplex is an homage to the iconic hotel from the napkins and plates Tommy chose for the dining room to the photographs in the powder room of the famous people who once stayed here before the Hilfiger’s moved in we love the old-world charm of the building and the heritage Just off the great room is the living room with its breathtaking views of Central Park Literally everyone who moves to the city wants that quintessential central park view well here it is on steroids Through this door is Tommy’s personal library, which features the vintage sign that once hung in the original New York Times building Steps away from the retro themed kitchen is a one-of-a-kind feature close to Hilfiger’s heart We have the Eloise dome which my children have loved that’s right Tommy dedicated The family’s tea room to one of the plaza hotels most famous residents Eloise from the famed children’s book Eloise at the Plaza Even commissioned the books illustrator to hand paint the walls But Tommy says his favorite part of this palatial penthouse Is up one level past his king-size bed with monogrammed pillows and through this door to what you might call Hilfiger heaven I like waking up in the morning and my wife And I enjoy having coffee on the terrace overlooking the park. It’s serene. It’s quiet and it’s majestic On the other side of the penthouse are the kids rooms his youngest son’s bedroom is nautical-themed until figures classic red white and blue Even the crystal chandelier overhead is shaped like a ship his other son’s room is a tribute to rock and rollers and Some of the best musical groups that pass through the doors of the plaza over the years including the Beatles And then there’s the lavender room it is the most magical little girl friendly room in the entire city You may be wondering with everything this penthouse has to offer by Tommy and his wife have decided to sell it We’ve really changed our lifestyle We’re living On an airplane half the time now because we’re traveling over the world this has served us very well for over 10 years So what makes the plazas crown jewel residence worth a cool 50 million bucks Well Tommy sums it up like this location location location and I think also The fact that they’ll never build another building like this, and they’ll never build another apartment like this ever anywhere


  1. That's the problem with rich people in order to have that house and lifestyle they have to work like crazy like he said he lives in the airplane so they don't quite enjoy their fortune…

  2. The price are exaggerated in this channel talking abt millions of dollar like peanuts, i think this place could coast 3 million or 4 max but 50 millions?!!!

  3. im renting a 150 dollar room on the countryside in sweden (village of 10.000 people) and couldnt imagine wanting to live anywhere else. I got all i need. and i love the peace

  4. Wow! But still—it’s cramped. Especially for $50mil. Cut it to $25, I’d still buy a place in LA, but I don’t have the $25!

  5. $50m for one penthouse? I wonder how much the whole building is worth? Is it the hotel from home alone 2? Because I’m sure trump bought that a while ago. So if someone buys the whole hotel do they include the penthouses too?

  6. With all of his Leftist "friends" touting the benefits of Socialism, it'll be interesting to see how he likes redistributing his wealth among the poor …you know, so that no one lives better than the next and so that everyone is equal.

  7. Not trying to be rude at all but the ONLY thing I saw beautiful in his home was that plush cream white rug on the livingroom floor. The whole place looks like a staged haunted house to film movies. No life, no class and no excitement. It goes to show, just because someone is wealthy doesn't mean they have taste or decorating skills. " Tommy Hill, go figure"

  8. Город это не мое. Кому нужна консультация, содействие, сам за город приедет. Так было всегда. Зачем мне что то в жизни менять?

  9. I'll bet you years later they realize they may have made a mistake when they really start missing that apartment

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