Gold Sneakers- How to Make Your Own with Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

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(city sounds) Hi, this is Cheryl from Manhattan
Wardrobe Supply and today I’m going to show you to take white sneakers and bling them
out. We need several Angelus products. We need
Antique Gold Paint, we need white paint, we need gold glitterlites, and we need a finisher. You also need rags, you need q-tips, popsicle
sticks, brushes, a glove and my favorite, frog tape and a hairdryer. The first step we need to do is we need to
deglaze our shoe. So we take the Angelus Preparer/Deglazer, put a little on our rag, and then we apply
it to our shoe using a circular motion, thoroughly taking off the factory finish on our shoe,
allowing for the pores to open up and accept the paint. Okay, the next step we need to do is mask
off the rubber sole, which is the area I do not want to paint. Tape doesn’t stick to the
mesh areas, so we are going to just be very careful not to paint those areas. So to start
with, we’re just going to place the tape on the sole, and continue all the way around
the shoe. Now, as you go around curves, you’re going to be making a bend. The next thing we need to do is we need to
paint the grommets. So I have a little bit of the white paint, and I’m just going to
do some thin layers right over the grommets. So I’m ready for my first coat of gold paint.
So I already poured my paint into my little container, and using long strokes, I’m going
to paint my first coat. Now you can see that this is really thin. You’re probably thinking,
“this is going to take forever”, well, its going to take five coats. I’ve painted one coat, and on a hot setting,
I blowdry the shoe. It literally melts the leather paint into the shoe, helping you remove
any lines you may have created and you should do this after each coat of paint. Now we’re ready for coat 2 of paint. This
coat you’re going to paint in the opposite direction of the first. Use the same very
light strokes, but in the opposite direction. Use your q-tips and deglazer if you make any
boo boos. So now you’re ready to paint with the Angelus
Glitterlites. Don’t forget to stir them using your popsicle stick first, as the glitter
tends to settle. You paint this in the very long brush strokes, just like the paint. And
you do two coats of glitterlites. The last step is to add your finisher to just
the gold paint, not the Glitterlites. You dip your brush in and paint using the same
long strokes, all over the shoe. Let it dry, these are ready after 24 hours for wearing. You can paint your whole shoe, or just accents,
like in the sandal on the right. For tips, tricks and industry updates, follow Manhattan
Wardrobe Supply.


  1. would it be okay to apply the gold color to a soccer cleat and still be able to hold the color? Or would the color come off?

  2. Being Valentine's Day, I have to tell you: I JUST LOVE MANHATTAN WARDROBE SUPPLY! When I wanted to experiment with dying wedding shoes for my custom business, I turned to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, as one search on the internet will show you: They are THE go-to experts on…well: EVERYTHING! I purchased a few dyes there, plus the all important "cookbook" of International Dyes, and was off to the races! Twice, I had questions, called them, and they were awesome in talking me through my concerns. Now that I am expanding into more custom designs for shoes, NO QUESTION where I will purchase the HIGH QUALITY, INDUSTRY STANDARD paints and supplies that I need. And needless to say, I have learned SO MUCH from your instructional videos. It doesn't get any better than instruction given by Manhattan Wardrobe and their all star staff! Many thanks, and looking forward to many more amazing products and successes!

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