1. Trump lied. People died. Trump is still lying. People are still dying.  How many American deaths will convince his ignorant base that Trump is an ineffective, selfish, pathological liar?

  2. The president United States basically covered all this information so why do we need this media hore in front of the cameras telling us the exact same things we already know?

  3. this is actually a bad video. I wanted to hear the whole thing in one sitting. Cali and NY are lucky to have governors like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo. Vote Blue!

  4. Trump actually thought that he could con the coronavirus into thinking that it wasn't real, so that maybe it would just disappear. Someone should have told Trump that unlike his cult followers, the coronavirus is immune to his lies and gaslighting.

  5. Listen to someone talking sense and preparing people for their situation in a realistic mannered way. You should get a president like that

  6. This is what stupid Trump should be doing NOT patting himself on the back every 5 minutes for the non accomplishments he does #pieceOfShitPresident

  7. Trump: "I take no responsibility for any of this. Taking responsibility is not my deal in life. I admit that I take many things, but responsibility isnt one of them."

  8. Hopefully, New York state officials can slow down the spread of Covid-19 so every sick person will have access to a hospital bed.

  9. Blame Donald Trump & Jared kushner! Putin and Russia will be coming next with a glowing gift for us. John 3:16

  10. He's all talk and no action, typical Italian people acting tough. His father was way better and progressive not a conservative Republican Andrew Cuomo. De Blasio should be governor of NY.

  11. Individual states are stepping up and taking care of their residents. Companies and businesses are stepping up, putting people over profit, in spite of the bloated tangerine. He's been useless, refusing test kits from WHO, eliminating the pandemic response team at the CDC, and telling the American people that the virus is a hoax.

  12. This is partly because like most nations, the US allows corporations like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter etc to pay little or no tax. Regardless of political stripes, we should all be able to agree that we need to do more to demand governments do more to ensure this does not continue. This is the result on many years of neglect, from all parties. There is no money for bailouts, the are greater priorities. The markets will fall MUCH FURTHER when testing starts and we see how far behind we are.

  13. I feel safe in new york city

    I feel safe in new york city

    New york, new york, new york

    I feel safe in a cage in new york city

  14. Whoever is reading this and going through trauma, depression, addictions and loss. You will overcome. Dont give up. You are so close to victory

  15. Don’t worry guys. Remember, it’s all a Democrat hoax! Your great leader of unmatched wisdom said so although I think he recently changed his mind. This is what happens to a nation that puts a soul-less liar in charge and elects leaders who despise God by breaking solemn oaths to do impartial justice. Well this may be God’s justice coming.

  16. Hey, MAGAtrash?

    Why would The OrangeAnus (R – Impeached) want to spend a ton of money on a vaccine for a "disease" that doesn't exist? And if it did exist — which it doesn't — wouldn't be any worse than a cold?


  17. Yet there are still MAGA nuts and Russian trolls swarming North American media putting out the propaganda that this is just a "hoax" or a "common flu". We all know what we need to do Nov 2020. #DumpTrump #DumpGOP

  18. California has always been a very corrupt it state, with no empathy for the people of lower class. By the state Authority making up for their state budgets deficits, by signing people falsely to be incompetent and selling the victimized people for use in human experiments for profit. Think about this it's very serious but it's been going on for centuries, the old saying is, if you follow the money the truth will be found. The money motivate is a part of the issue of why a person is chosen. Because the state need money and they also have men and women without conscience that will do with whatever they are ordered to do. Not like us civilians we have a conscience and we would never pick and choose. If you have a spiritual conscience, all of us would be one. Be safe be careful and do not trust the government.Read the Holy Scriptures, be Spiritual ,kind to one another, &help your neighbor if needed. Blessings🌷

  19. 44 million Americans are uninsured, and eight out of ten of these are workers or their dependants. About 44 million people in this country have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance. Australia, uninsured 0%, New Zealand uninsured 0%, UK uninsured 0%, France uninsured 0%, Germany uninsured 0%, Italy uninsured 0%, Spain uninsured 0%, Norway uninsured 0%, Denmark uninsured 0%, Sweden uninsured 0%, etc.etc.etc. Make America Great Again? Bahahahahahahahaha!!!

  20. Andrea chainsaw' Greenspan's MSNBCannibal MSNBCoronaVirus Zombies still at large , but Andrea ordered her scientsists to make these zombies spread corona virus and they misunderstood her and engineered the zombies to puke Corona Beer on their victims

  21. Why did that woman start talking over and cut off gov. Cuomo just as he was saying that they couldn't find ventilators to buy? Doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

  22. l sure appreciate you boob cutting up vital news into tiny, maximally monetizable units. way to go you greedy creeps. Sell yo granny!

  23. I like the part where t'rump announced a travel ban with Europe and forgot to clarify that it only applied to non-US travelers. Then his team neglected to think about the fact they should increase the border and immigration agents so Americans wouldn't be stuck in a confined space together for hours on end.
    Like a well oiled machine, of incompetence! 😄😆

  24. Vote on November 3, 2020 to restore honor and integrity to the Senate and the office of the President of the United States.

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  25. 3000 ICU is actually nothing.At least 10% patients need ICU.If you got 30000+ patiens,your hospitals will be overwhelmed……..JUST LOCKDOWN your city.If you don't do that,you will be sooooooooooo doomed.

  26. W learned all this one hundred years ago during the 1918/1919 pandemic. We handled the ebola and H1N1 (swine flu) epidemic and the SARS virus, so what has gone wrong this time? This time there was complacency and name calling and partisan criticism and blaming. The central crux of the problem was the right wing downplaying the impact of the virus calling it another attempt to bring down Trump. Well, it would seem an own goal has been won. By denial, by personal financial interest and the impact of a failing economy on his election chances, Trump and his lackeys downplayed the potential impact of the virus so that an epidemic became a pandemic. He outsourced unreliable test kits to private companies, possibly major donors to his campaign and refused the help of WHO test kits with a known reliability record. The final insult is that he public stated the he bears no responsibility for this crisis. He initially called it "the China virus", then a Democrat hoax and then a fake media hoax. His right wing state media outlet to this day still downplay the severity of the virus, still calling it anti-Trump. He then assembled a group of "yes" men to oversee the virus programme and stifled any potential criticism or truth by forbidding any public response other than that authorised by public lackey #1, vice-president Pence. We knew that this virus was coming over three months ago and yet it is only now when the market has collapsed and a decrease in his election chances that Trump has taken any real notice of the potential this virus has for his own wealth, health and re-electibility.

  27. I am a Democrat from St Lawrence county who has never voted for Mr.Coumo,but I really admire the way he has taken a lead on this situation nationally. Respect also to all the governors demanding the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to step up for all of the AMERICANs affected by this pandemic.

  28. Its Sunday & he's doing his duty being proactive with his state. Transparency we needed & people have a better understanding of how or what needs to be improved on. That's all we're asking for, no bs.

  29. Here's a PSA for those panic-buying toilet paper:
    1. The number of plys (i.e. 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply) should influence your usage. Be efficient.. based on the # of plys.
    2. The country isn't going to run out of toilet paper. smh
    C'mon people…we're smarter than this.

  30. We're going to need more local response like this to combat this outbreak. Its pretty clear that Trump and his lackeys are totally incompetent.

  31. This guy should be in the Oval Office because he knows how to tell the cold, hard truth. I want to point this out to the Trumpanzees of our nation and remind them they are partially responsible for this as they put a cretin into the WH and now we all pay. This is not a democratic "hoax"… people will die. The GOP must be held fully accountable for supporting a lying moron in office. Listen to them worry about cruise lines, about airlines about all sorts of business interests > while some of us will die. No question. STOP voting for people who do not care a FIG about you. Wise up, and now watch folks be left to fend for themselves or die due to this focus. American… its way past time to turn our tax dollars not to corporations and battleships… its time to make it work for us.

  32. I just had a neightbor tell me tyhat the democrats would not let trump do anything!======what planet did you say you were calling from???

  33. Hey we can Thank OBAMA for closing hundreds of hospitals in New York state alone with his Obamacare ! Heck back in the early 90's there were 4 hospitals with in 30 miles of where I live. Now you have to drive 30 miles just to the nearest hospital ! Vote REPUBLICAN !

  34. "Potentially build more" ???? CREATE MORE NOW. Requisition buildings from which you can create the equivalent of The state should go ahead and build its own ventilator-making factory NOW. You can't get one up and running in 10 days, inside one of the greatest concentrations of talent and money on this planet, get out of government. Leave it to someone who can.

  35. this is what our stupid evil president and vice president should have been telling us weeks ago … thank god there are still good people in charge

  36. The ivory tower of prince charming the pearly gates of every color under the high society rainbow, yes the fool crown of this colorful Ivory tower party. The black and white of the endless Knight rider's of the fool's storm warning. Yes you get old you start thinking about women asking you where you're going. The pearly gates of the devil's Ivory tower of every color under the party animal rainbow, hear is my all out teeth gnashing party of hostility invitation. The highly predictable peasant fever pitch is upon us Ivory tower dwellers. Perhaps the rider of the storm warning seem somehow surprising to some, shiny objects yes.

  37. Con man optimism is not nearly as bad as some adorable one's among the invited scene seem to Ivory tower drink and think. Panic button!! Grumpy ill tempered old dudes are dropping like nursing school flie's. I consider myself above all, a well spring of Commanding Officer black and white matter of factual advice. Take it our grumpy old dude leave it. The nature of military service as opposed to military glory in a special parade clown special outfit, sort of fruity don't you think?

  38. When trump gives a press conference on the run up to November, “Remember, I saved the economy and millions of American lives from the Chinese Wuhan Virus that was not our fault and was very unfair.”
    “What about the people who died?”
    “They knew what they signed up for when they caught the virus.”

  39. Ask a Retired Dr. To come back😳
    👉🏽You’re a riot, 🎉my late wife’s
    Dr. Retired at 94, that’s a few years ago.
    Exactly, what did you have in mind🦠
    The reason we have a Healthcare with too
    Few healthcare workers is our own AMA
    That Cabal came in right after WW2 🎶
    Paranoid of left wing Parties and protecting
    🤑Their Wealth, the rest, just went along💲
    Dixeycrats and wealthy insurers, joined ranks!
    They were said to be big fans of Roy Coen.
    🎵Feel free to look any of up
    You’ll be amazed at the
    Greed of AMA🎶.
    They were strangely Silent
    Until a few months ago.
    Again I ask,
    What Will happen to
    Reparations be damned!
    We simply cannot expect to control anything
    When this continued Environmental Racism
    Upon our American People
    And our American lands
    Appear to have no end!

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