1. You know why the Democrats want illegals to have driver's license? So they can vote for them. But it's your family that will pay if some illegal hits them and kills them.

  2. NY is the only state who denies the federal government access to DMV records out of every other state who implemented the same licensing for non citizens. Cuomo needs to retire…

  3. i it is not extortion ticketing people everyday and they cannot win the court case is extortion putting toll on every bridge is extortionman supposed to pay child support for a child that he did not want is extortion because abortion is also extortion from robbing a child life tell him straight people that we all must be gay is Robbin nature natural from

  4. The global entry program needs to stop till Governor Cuomo stops his sanctuary city. KEEP AMERICA SAFE. Ilegales must come to America legally.

  5. Trump taking revenge on the democratic cities and punishing civilians for not voting for him. Guess what clown, you’re only throwing more fuel on the fire that is your entire illegitimate presidency. If this continues soon democratic cities will stop paying taxes to the feds and subsidizing well-fare red states. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. NYC and CA could bring this country to its knees if they felt so emboldened. Trump fled NYC because he knows the entire city including the wealthy despise him. He wanted to get as far away from the Southern District as he could and also hates paying taxes… (or simply doesn’t pay them at all). This is what happens when an unstable failure pos clown operates as president. Yup, believe it or not the guy who’s conned people… filed for bankruptcy multiple times… can’t keep a casino afloat… and lied about anything he’s ever done makes a crap president. He really just thought people would kiss his butt and lick his boots because he’s used to that in republicans… that’s why he panders to derelicts… they’re too dumb to know he’s lying to their faces. Vote blue America.

  6. Was the Cuomo family part of the Luchesse or Gambino crime family? I can't recall….


    I don't give a shit what the fool wants to propose to the President, but don't bring Fredo, ok?

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