GRE Vocab Word of the Day: Pertinacious | Manhattan Prep

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Today’s word is pertinacious. And pertinacious means persistent in sticking
to your opinion or your goal. So think of a pertinacious car salesman. You walk in there and he is not letting you
leave until you buy something. He’s like “Hey! I could show you this deal you might like! Oh, what about this new model? Oh, you can add tires! Can I show you what I have around back? I think you’re gonna like that.” That salesman is being pertinacious. Just making sure you buy something. I remember this word, the “per” is like persistent
(just like in the definition), and the “tinacious”— if you know the word tenacious, it’s its own
word. Meaning you won’t back down you’re really
going for it. That’s pertinacious. You’re persistent at sticking
to your opinion or getting what you want. Subscribe for more Word of the Day videos
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