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Ciao! Ni hao! Bonjour! Buenos dias! I’m a polyglot! Just kidding, I’m not a polyglot. I googled those. A polyglot is a person who speaks several
languages. Or it can describe something that uses several
languages. I remember it as “poly” which means many,
the root, and “glot” means tongue. So, many tongues, many languages. If I’m a businessperson traveling all over
the world and every country I go to I speak their language, I am a polyglot. Or you could describe me as a polyglot businessperson. I’m not a polyglot in real life, but I can
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  1. Polyglot – One who speaks different languages.
    Poly – many
    Glot- tongue

    Sentence : I cousin speaks 7 different languages so it is fair to call him Polyglot.
    A worldwide traveler need not to be a polyglot if he can have a google translator.

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